HPUD~ Hive Power-Up Day ~ Sept. 1st 2020~ 6,500 Hive Power-Up

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My initial plan was to go ahead and finally dump all my Steem and power it all up. Then I got to liking how close I was to hitting that 40K Hive Power mark!! I better scrape a little something together to get me to that milestone!! Oh ya, did I mention today is Hive Power-Up Day?? You know, the first of every month, us weirdo Hive folks gather up all our change and cash it in on Hive, then...

Power it Up


I remember back in the Steem days when this whole power-up day started. @streetstyle took the helm to the Power-up day. Gathering people together and getting some awesome donations for prizes for the biggest percentage of power-ups. Is that still going on these days on Hive?? Anybody know?

Well I had to up my game from last month. Last month I powered up 5,000 Hive, but that power up would have put me about 1,500 Hive short of 40k. Soo close, I just had to scrape and scrounge and get me over that 40K HP mark.


Great now I suddenly have the urge to get to that 50k mark!!! Lord Help me!! I think I have a problem... A Hive Problem... Hey, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?? Well that is what they tell me anyway. 😉😉

Well I have to get back at it, just had to stop in and get my Hive Power-Up Day on!! I have ball joints and I-joints to replace on my truck... this should be fun...


Until Next Time...

Hive On
Hive Power-Up Day


Congratulations on the huge 6500 Hive power up & ginormous 40,000 HP!👏
Well done!


How corney is that one. HAHAHAHA Borderline creepy...

Hahaha! Pretty darn creepy, I agree! @jlsplatts



Reminded me of this bad selfie of me wearing a banana necklace I entered to a contest @papa-pepper hosted in 2017. Seems like a lifetime ago!

Yep, as a matter of fact, SPUD HivePUD is still a thing! After @streetstyle went AFK in June, I took up the Power Up Day baton & have been running it in his absence. Here's the announcement post for September -

ANNOUNCEMENT POST - Hive Power Up Day, September 1st 2020

Also I checked, and your mega power up last month made the list of "Participants Who Don't Qualify For Prizes (but qualify as amazeballs because they participated anyway!❤️)" in this post -


And for the past couple months, @HiveBuzz has been adding to the fun with badges & stuff - looks like us Hive weirdo folks are going "mainstream"... 🤣

Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

Happy to see you're still honoring the power up day, @jlsplatts - when Street gets back, I think he's going to be very happy we've all continued on while he was busy offline. 😊

I wanna grow up to power up with your ferocity!

I may need an exorcism to rid me of this Hive Power-up Demon muahahahaha

Wow!! What a fantastic powerup!! :)