Beaten, Harassed & Dehumanized By The Police As Crypto Still Remains Illegal In Nigeria.

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It was barely 24 hours after @belemo talked about his experience, and it happened to me, I've lived and schooled in virtually the most dangerous part of Lagos in Nigeria and due to its cultism and anti-crypto stances.

I've always kept a low profile. Basically being a young man alone, makes you a suspect, wearing an expensive wristwatch or shirt makes you a further suspect, having a tattoo, makes you another suspect and finally having a cash app or binance wallet or maybe trust wallet nails your coffin as a criminal, no investigation, no fair hearing, you're beaten, locked up, stripped naked until you can pay a fine for doing nothing.

It was just morning, I took my friends, colleagues, some friends too, to spend some cash for cakes and all since I didn't really have a birthday party, then I set out dressing moderately well, we had taken a public bus and on getting down, I felt two strong hands grip my neck, (earlier that day I had spent a lot of money buying amino acid supplements)

They said they'd beat me up if I resisted arrest, they threw me and my friends into the bus, and they hit me with their iron cuffs and bundled us all into the van, they drove straight to their station. This was a daylight arrest, mind you. They defended themselves with being anti-crypto and that they're trying to clean the country of people who has business to do online or had any financial dealings with a white person.

They took my phone, and they straight away went into my crypto wallets, but I had hidden the wallets, my binance wallet had about $400 worth of BTC and owning this alone mean they'd lock me up, or I could even pay a fine of $500 or more, that's after I must have been beaten. My friends had their phones at home and due to this they felt they were fraudsters and only kept their phones at come to evade arrest.

I kept my cool because I was feeling sick, they'd slightly manhandled me and kept me sitting on the bare floor. After they could not see any form of cash app, binance or trustwallet, they began to check the people I had monetary dealings with, this happened fast, However I gave them my ID card, (My press ID, I was a tiny journalist in the making) the previous week before then I'd be assigned investigative reporting, so I went with my ID everywhere)

The police hates the press, so they felt they would release me, but lock up my friends, they were about to strip me of my clothes when they saw the ID, they then told me to bail my friends and take them with me.

I offered almost all the money in my wallet, they said it was small that I had to pay a lot for bailing my criminal friends, after I pleaded, they barked at me, chased me away with their guns and asked me to go home, I was wounded on my knee, but I had to get help for the rest, I had to contact the college's student's union and after about 4 hours, the student union came to bail the remaining people.

Won't tell you how hurt I am, it's a crime to be financially stable in Nigeria, being poor is considered the normal thing, only politicians are meant to be legally rich. I get this people are trying to fight crime, but they have just twisted the purpose of crime fighting. The original fraudsters are on the streets driving expensive cars and some other people like us are suffering the consequences.

For an average guy like me, I could be beaten, hurt and maimed and nobody would do anything. I thought I'd survive here, but it's becoming dangerous on a daily, even for an amateur reporter as me. The fact that I manage to look clean and have a crypto wallet makes me a criminal, I'm currently home bruised and pained, and sincerely I just have to leave, Nigeria is finished.

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Wow that is outrageous. I am glad the badge did help you get out but it sucks that they are extorting you for money.

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It's crazy man. In the moment, it'll feel like you're being robbed or kidnapped or something. You just want to get out of the hostile environment

The iD you mean, that didn't prevent them from treating me like a criminal, I can't walk on the street without looking behind me.

I really hope you can find a better situation :( ... Am really glad you got out alive.

Reblogged. @kenechukwu97 please read this post, and be careful!


So this stuff really has nothing to do with the law and is just those with guns (the police) robbing the vulnerable (you and @belemo)?

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It's nothing to do with the law, it's just the police using their power to enact their own will and extort people all in the name of Crypto being illegal, crypto isn't Illegal it's only banned through the commercial banks, so these people are perverting and twisting the law to maim, kill and extort people.

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Yup. They're criminals.

Sorry to hear that mate, glad you're ok. Something has to change, this is unacceptable.

Thanks a million Dan, doesn't look like things are changing anytime soon, the attacks are continuous on a daily basis, it's just not safe anymore for people who are legitimately into Crypto.

A question is, will we the people organise ourselves properly so we can effect positive change on a large scale? Please see my comment reply here:

Sorry about this man. Fuck the police.

I thought I'd be able to avoid it, one cannot just avoid the police in this country.

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One day the police will get what's coming to them.

Nah bro. After my experience, I spoke with my friends that are lawyers.

Have a lawyer contact and always call immediately you get stopped. Like, call immediately, don't even wait for police to take you to station.

I think I'll immediately do that soonest, it's crazy, yesterday I would have been beaten to pulp if I didn't go with them to the station. That's just the fact.

Sorry man. Don't worry about going to the station. Sometimes it's safer. Don't resist or explain yourself. In fact, speak few words and just allow the fools say anything.

Just call lawyer and hope there's no traffic because that's also a factor in lagos.

We have suffered in this our country.They don't want to use eyes to see Young guys that dress well. Once they see you, they will tag you Yahoo guy.
Nigeria is getting tough.
The criminals are driving big cars and the average guys are now criminal.
Thanks for the information.

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I live in one of the most dangerous places in Lagos, this thing is rampant, I've avoided it for like 3 years, now I'm finally a victim.

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That's what we are facing in Nigeria. Even in every state in Nigeria.
Harassment is too much. They want to treat us like slave but it will not happen

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I have read it already

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And will you consider joing us

Joining on. Please explain

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It's not easy to understand at a glance. it requires time, focus and interaction i think.

i wish you perseverance and courage to dig deep and help bring this solution into being with your attention, questions, comment and more.

Sat Nam

Please I'm still new in this platform. How can I create this hive community I will find more post

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This is a link to the New Age DApps community:
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It´s the fking worldwide racism. I call it WORLD WAR ONE and it has never ended.

I lost my flat because of a racist judge in Germany,
The government took my motorcycle from private ground and fined me for parking on public ground. They sold it before I could pick it up.
A doctor said I would have threatened him and went to the police. I was judged although I have proven him wrong. I started recording all my meetings on voice with my phone some day because people would never believe me what happened.

I am a cannabis patient and the police stopped me in the car once. While "checking my papers" they tried to prove that my med documents are fraud and stole lots of my time on my way to work in the morning. I wanted to complain and was told it would not be possible to complain about policemen - what is a lie. I was threatened to not continue 3 times.

There is a public law consultation from the governement where I went to fix my problems. They harassed me for not wearing a mask although I have a med document. Ok it was a copy.
They then declined me access the 3rd !!! time to my appointment without the original med document. As I showed up without the original and asked for acces they restricted my access for the next 6 months although I showed them a new doctors statement for not being able to wear a mask.

And so on and so forth. I made some IG videos about racism

It's often one way or another of having to vilify and justify their actions. The police are the worst. In Nigeria here, it's more of abusing the basic human rights of people which Makes it even unbearable to live by.

So sorry about the bitter experience you had. I don't really know why these policemen still behave and met out cruelty to anybody suspected to have committed a crime. It is sad that after several promises of reforms they still behave unprofessionally. Thank God that you didn't die in their hands. We all look forward to a better Nigeria, OK. Nigeria is not finished yet. Take care.

I think it's finished, it's only a matter of time if you ask me, where on earth is a regular person paraded as a criminal without evidence?

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I can feel your pain we are always harassed in one way or the other here. This country is not moving in the right direction, the security issues is there they don't do after that but to harass innocent young Nigerians.

The worse is how these people raise millions from people who has absolutely done nothing.

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They lack human feelings and don't care

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No, it still doesnt work in ecency app, but in browser it works. I must update android app, maybele thats the issue. Where can i directly download apk please (as i dont wish to use playstore therefore supporting the mass-murder machine)?

Hmm somehow I thought we have fixed it in this release. Let us work on it and next week we can share with you APK file link.

A while back you insist on moving out
now I see why you should consider it
more than ever.
This is not safe at all.


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It's probably because I've experienced the most brutal of all and now I can no longer take it. The expense of moving is another thing, it's why I'm taking my time and putting these plans in place. Thanks a whole lot

I just heard about @belemo from his wife. I thought this was happening less than before.

I feel for you. Please be safe.

You can stay or you can leave but I have faith that these thugs will lose power soon. And If you go overseas I will introduce you to anyone I can.

They're criminals and it has been going on for a long time. We protested against it and were treated like terrorists. Yet, the government negotiates and allies with terrorists.

I think hope lies in the fact that this kind of criminal has no loyalty and so eventually they end up fighting amongst themselves and sometimes even taking each other out. Something has to change, especially the way crypto is developing. Stay safe until it does!

Yeah mate, fingers crossed.

Yeah, I actually read a comment above saying we can protest it. Nigeria has passed the state of protesting, it's a country where the citizen's right are recognised that one can think of protesting and not in Nigeria. Due process is not followed, the police has the right to kill without fear of opposition or fear of retribution by all means. The Lekki toll gate killing in Lagos happened because people protested. It's a waste to throwaway one's life all in the name of protesting.

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They'll not lose power, it's a cyclical type of governance where people like them get into power as well. The lawlessness is why we cannot enact the rule of law and have it functional, the police are a real treat to humanity in Nigeria.

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Yet as i said in my comment before There is another way: We can choose do di something and return the power to the people using an anonymous (so they cannot target us)/governance system
Please see my comment: and investigate and report (anonymously if you wish - create another anon account on Hive and write about it there and share it on anonymous twitter account). You said you are a reporter, right?

Time to move bro. Malta, I hear is nice! BTC is basically legal in USA but everything else eh just risk taxes or not being able to withdraw but no shakes downs like this. Glad you are still safe but now a target. Weird that this happened after I just read Belemo's post yesterday, are you two in same part of Nigeria? Is it possible someone in the community is not happy with your earnings from crypto?

He's in the north, I'm in the west, these are the two most targeted part. Generally it's a place where people are enlightened, more crypto activities are going on and of course you have fraudsters as well. So people who have honest jobs are taken for fraudsters, dehumanized and extorted as well. I'd have left but I was trying to do a better research. Malta seems really good to be honest, but I'm considering an African country where it might be cheaper. It takes a lot of money and planning to migrate

Thats not Moses said... jk😅

Tell me over WhatsApp this morning and reading your more detailed post now still keeps me stuck of words.

Being abused in one's country by the police that's supposed to protect is the highest crime against man.

Take care of yourself bro

Before now, I was always wary of this, it's why I hide my binance wallets sincerly I'm so glad I did, what would I have explained that would have made sense to them? It'll only give them enough reason to detain and do the worst to me. I can still remember their dastardly faces.

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So sorry about this experience.

It's very amusing how the dumbest of the dumbest are the ones given guns to protect us in this country. They think out of their asses and would stop at nothing to steal from whoever they think has a better life than them.

It's particularly in the North and in Lagos that these experiences have become rampant, probably these areas are now more targeted. It's a crime to look good and be young

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This is one thing that has held me from entering Lagos for so long now even though I have stuff to do there. Thankfully you had your id on you, if not e fit be another story like this. Omo! No be small tin o. I thank God you’re well bro. Sorry about it.

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Well it's actually one thing that makes me want to move away from Lagos, the brutality is not justifiable, I mean, there's nothing that makes sense with it. Imagine having to defend yourself for owning a wallet and looking good.

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This is very annoying.. I hate the police. They say the police is your friend but where is the friendship in this…

Sorry for the experience. I really need to hide my Binance application on my phone in case.

Take your identification card always with you too and always tell a friend or family where you're going. You're based in Ikorodu as well, you know that area is hot, this is where it happened to me, at shagam police station. Ikorodu garage.

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I am very sorry to hear about this. Back in the 70’s I went to college with many Nigerians who were very proud of their country, as good example. I am saddened to hear of what has befallen your country.

Sorry about that Bro. It's well. The police are somehow unfriendly.

Thank you sir, it's what it is, it's impossible to tell a police man without having them wanting to harm you. They're more than unfriendly

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OMG!!!, I'm so so sorry about this. So this is the main reason you weren't active on WhatsApp.

It so sad, very sad. I don't even know what to say about this country.

The police are meant to protect us from criminals, and the case is reversal as they are the criminal here.

We aren't safe anymore even the ladies aren't safe. So far you are wearing designers or using an iPhone you are automatically a criminal... The harassments are too much, in my street they beat up young boys so far they are using an iPhone...

Like you stated, the best thing is to leave this country, there's no hope at all, the government has no plan for us, I just pity the coming generation 😥😥. The chances of surviving in Nigeria is very low.

I hope you are good now, I'm sorry once again.

Take care of yourself please, mistural cares ♥️.

Thank you for taking the time, I totally appreciate your gesture, there is no other choice but to leave the country. I'm currently in shock still of what could and what didn't happen to me.

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This so frustrating sorry about that bro, I hope things get better in this country.

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This is really scary. I don't think there is anything left in this country.

I just dey pray to commit from this country and go start a life somewhere even if its Ghana.

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Ghana feels miles better, I'm not sure any country has Nigeria's level of insecurity and police brutality

This is exactly what i and momma were discussing among other things today. I'm fed up of this country.

It's probably more of the male folks in Lagos, the females too are scared of rape and other societal issues. Leaving th house feels scary

Ah. I wouldn't leave if it were me.

They are the very thing they claim they are protecting us from. The level of redundancy in the police and armed forces system in Nigeria is just on a whole different level. I sympathize with you @josediccus.

Exactly, even the way they dress forestall indiscipline, they're claiming to clean the society of corruption, meanwhile they're corrupt

The system is confused and counter productive, it's a great example of why there's been no significant progress for the past decade. The system is working against its citizens, and by proxy it's working against itself.

This is so fucked up! I'm sorry to hear aboit your experience. What are your options for emigration? Can you move neighbouring countries? Are these safer and more crypro friendly?

There are neighbouring African countries that are cheap to migrate to, I was thinking that leaving Nigeria would be a long-term thing for me but sincerly, it's looking like it would be quicker than I think. Moving Freely and having a crypto wallet as well as being a young man increases one's chances of being caught as a criminal.

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For an average guy like me, I could be beaten, hurt and maimed and nobody would do anything. I thought I'd survive here, but it's becoming dangerous on a daily, even for an amateur reporter as me.

It's so sad to hear about this - for no reason, they are attacking the wrong people. Law and order situation at it's worst - I think, you should plan to move out from now itself and execute ASAP.

They're attacking the people they should be protecting, while the main criminals are still on the lose. They're using th masses to line their pocket with wealth

I get angry when I get to read of experiences lol this, it's painful, it's uncalled for and against our very own rights as citizens, but they don't freaking care!.. they're blinded by their own greed and stupidity.
Just Yesterday after going with my guy to go run a dance class in another university and on our way back we got pulled over by Anti-crime police or whatever they called themselves. They opted to search our bags(mind you if it were in places like Lagos they'll not be this calm and considerate), they searched our bags and found nothing fishy then asked to see our phones, I brought mine out and immediately they saw my guy was holding an iphone 7 they took us straight into their van for further scrutiny. They asked me to open my phone, I did and they searched rigorously through it but found nothing because I had hidden most of my apps so they couldn't see it. They were even shocked to see that they was nothing on my guy's phone for them to use to implicate us, so after almost 2hours of long talk they eventually let us go. We were very lucky.

I'm really sorry about what you had to go through my friend, it is painful and it's psychologically draining.
I hope you get back on your feet soon. Y

Thanks a million, I intend to brush it off and move on, the most traumatic for me was being paraded as a criminal and the dehumanization that ensued inside the police station. I can relate to your experience. Imagine asking a person to pay to bail themselves, when they've absolutely done nothing.
Hopefully one day we can all be rid of Nigeria, it's actually not habitable by any means.

I'm shaken to read this, man. I'm very sorry that you had to experience this. Do whatever's in your power to leave, if you can't be free with your money there's no point in staying there. So glad that you could keep your hard-earned crypto, though.

I don't know what your plans are regarding leaving. If I could host you in my country, I would. Everyone uses crypto here. Blessings be upon you that you don't ever have to deal with this horror again!

My plans regarding leaving are still there, I plan to move to a more cheaper African country. Venezuela is great too, but it might certainty be expensive to live in, me and a lot of people are considering other choices, but then, it's not longer suitable to live here anymore. Thank you for your offer, I'm totally grateful. I'll keep updating how it's going when the time comes

WHat country are you from mate?

Venezuela. Infrastructurally speaking, not in the best shape, but it's resurging strongly now a far less violent than this description. We left that in the past.

That's what we are facing in Nigeria. Tagging Crypto currency as a bad thing in Nigeria. Police arrest us as if we are Yahoo guys but the big boys that's stealing are driving their car without harassment.
But is well. Nobody will stop Crypto currency.

Nobody will stop crypto, hopefully the current government will leave because it's totally getting out of hands.

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Yes. Crypto is spreading all the whole world and big boys are investing on it.
I don't think the government will succeed.

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This is just so wrong, I'm truly sorry you had to go through all these. Love and light bro

Thanks a million sir, lagos is gradually becoming haunted, I wonder if this would continue or subside. The fear of the police is the beginning of wisdom.

Very true bro, a lil hack from my experiences: I don't go out unless it's extremely important. Also, I dress cooperate if need be that I get out of my house. This takes a lot of prying eyes off me. Stay strong brother.

Nigeria is fking insane oO

It's a jungle.

Its more than a Jungle, its fucked xD

A lot of people in otje the country can't believe what's been said about Nigerian online. It's a mockery of an independent state.

A lot of people in otje the country can't believe what's been said about Nigerian online. It's a mockery of an independent state.

I am so sorry to hear this. This is not right, I don't get why they should arrest you with no charges. It's not a sin to be clean and presentable.
Nigeria is getting weirder by the day.

Thank you for your kind words. It's virtually a crime to own crypto, it passes you off as a criminal and this is how they unjustly and unlawfully treat people.

When these govt. will understand!! I know it is matter of deep knowledge about the system. Those who are not involved in it deeply cannot make the policy of it suitably. Those who are willing to say it illegal or the policy makers, hopefully are not completely aware about this technology. That's the problem.

Wow! This is shocking, I hope that you are ok right now. Are you planning to get away from this country?, it sounds like crypto and personal security stand no chance. I would leave if I would have went through such ordeal

I am so sorry about this. It's a good thing you hides your wallets... This would have been a different story. I am grateful for the students union for coming to your aid.

That is very bad situation. I think you should secure your crypto asset with a certain phrase so if you leave your country you can get back your crypto assets.

The funniest part of this is that, the people working in the Nigeria police force and anti crime force are formal bullies from secondary schools who have been sent to force schools by their parents because of their thuggish nature. Now we have National licensed bullies.

Nigeria is like a pit of poverty surrounded by fortune, where law enforcement agencies stands at the edge stopping everyone from getting out to acquire their cut of the national cake. Leaving only the politicians to eat them all.

I am deeply sorry for the experience you had brother, keep pushing. What those not kill you would only make you stronger. These are one of the scars that would end up making you a star.

Heal faster my brother.

This what what we protested on the streets of Nigeria against, approximately a year's sad to see that despite everything , issues like these are still ongoing and even worse than before still 😤.
I'm sorry you had to go through all these. I'm sorry you are a young man in Nigeria.

It would perhaps make sense to own a second, cheap phone you carry with you to be able to make phone calls and be reachable and keep your real phone at home. Also, maintaining a disheveled appearance for the purposes of evading the police would perhaps be in order.

The police truly deserve to be called pigs where you live.

This country is fucked already, police arresting citizen who doesn't have any hand in crime instead facing the real criminal

Ok no problems

i intend you find passion and courage to research Matrix-8 to help those in Nigeria and around the world break free from the slavery if The Powers that Shouldn't Be.


wtf! this is just terrible and awful! I didn't know that it was this bad there 😠😱 Hope you are better and have a big upvote!

@tipu curate

This is just terrible. Two very similar reports of police violence in a very short interval. And that's only the cases we know about. I'm sure there are much more.

I'm glad nothing too serious happened to you and I can't imagine how it feels to be in a situation like that. I hope you can find safety somewhere else if that's what you desire.

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There are definitely much more happening, I've been trying to avoid this people for a very long time, but it's inevitable, they're all over the society causing mayhem, maiming, Intimidating and beating people up, then finally lock people in prison where they'll sodomize them.

There are definitely much more happening, I've been trying to avoid this people for a very long time, but it's inevitable, they're all over the society causing mayhem, maiming, Intimidating and beating people up, then finally lock people in prison where they'll sodomize them.


I have heard stories of high crime, theft and dangers in lagos but never knew that the local police could be that harsh to the citizens.
Then again, the poverty, lack of resources, and lack of knowledge increases the crime rate, and gives more power to the police.

It was a bad day for you, but now you know the reality of what's going on there. Any opportunity to get out of the poverty cycle is not welcome there. They have created their systems, it's working well for them. And they don't want to give power back to the normal people.

You are right, look for options, and get out of there. I heard Algeria is not that harsh. One of my friend worked in network and security for his company for a few months there. Maybe you could move there if you have enough money and feel the opportunity is right for you over there. Or maybe somewhere else.
I feel sorry for what happened with you.

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This is very frightening. I had heard mixed accounts of whether or not cryptocurrency is legal in Nigeria. Meeting so many Nigerians hereon Hive, I wondered how the legal situation is affecting average people. It is very scary. I am glad you were able to get away and to help your friends, and I hope you stay safe. It was really smart foresight that you hid the cryptocurrency that was on your phone. What you're going through sounds unbelievably difficult.

This continuous act by the police is outrageous and the down side is that the law cannot help us in anyway to curtail this.
Thank goodness you were released and I hope you and your friends are now ok?
Stay well my man

"Won't tell you how hurt I am, it's a crime to be financially stable in Nigeria, being poor is considered the normal thing, only politicians are meant to be legally rich"...

So sorry you went through all these.
And how this is all twisted is still a mystery to me, the real criminals arresting innocent citizens.

Most of those employed police have no knowledge of crypto and their poverty inclined self that has been married to the miniature salary they get will make them act like drunken pigs.

If only their eyes will open to the true light and criminals they would also want to seek better lives with this option.

Hope you are better now.

Pls stay safe ❤

The feeling is mutual, they even said that I was a yahoo boy because of my involvement in crypto trade. I thank God I escaped from the police. Nice one just saw this post through a friend's reblog.

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