Budgeting: Paying Yourself First With Crypto.

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Budgeting is having a plan to simply spend money, it's the proper, planned, deliberate and systematic approach to spending, through which some strategic goals are accomplished. Since the main aim of budgeting is to simply utilize money carefully, another reason for budgeting is an attempt at frugality.

This seems strange. Frugality is being intentional and minimal when it comes to spending. For example, In a situation where one is beginning to weigh different products considering their prices, the best value for money, utility, longevity, or even durability, it means that the end goal is to save more while buying well.

This might look normal on the surface, but not many people do these when spending. Since of the reasons why people budget is to actually save more, spend less, and still attain the expenses goals.

One important aspect of budgeting is firstly having money. Every type of budgeting revolves around initially having money and how do you have enough money to budget? This is simple. Work. Of course, everyone intending to the budget would have a job or a means of income or streams of income.

When people begin to get paid from whatever venture they're vested in, the next plan is to create intentions for this money, give the money purposes as things such as necessities, need, or wants suffices.

Humans will always be needy, expenditures are accumulated along the way, especially when people put themselves in the position to spend after making money. However, saving become one of the most important reasons why people budget. However, take a look at this.

Saving is one of the most dreaded things in life at the same time, it's one of the goals that are more procrastinated

........in the sense that people talk about saving all the time, but some end up mostly postponing it or end up not achieving it after a stipulated period. Let's talk about how this becomes tricky with crypto.

Firstly we all know that a lot of people in the world are beginning to see crypto as the real deal. In 2020 alone, bitcoin got a lot of traction, especially in developing countries like Nigeria. So many people I know took a chunk of their money (gotten from their savings) and vested it into crypto, choosing to live off the gains in fact, this period, saw people make some cool money.

Not life-changing, but enough to take care of some basic needs. However, there's still so much about crypto, and this made some Initially lose their money in ways they didn't plan.

Taking Gains, Stable Coins.

A person who is putting money into crypto for the first time from their savings which they have accrued from working a real-time job would be wary of volatility. So the aim should be to make a little profit, save it, again and again, then repeat. The initial capital can tank due to the movements in price.

But one thing I usually tell people who are buying into crypto and aiming for the long-term is not to focus on the initial capital, but to focus on paying themselves firstly with the gains they are making. These gains can be channeled into saving further into stable coins or stable assets.

For people who want to save in their banks, this is fine. It's fine to me because initially, they got the capital from the savings in their bank account, so it's logical for them to want to see their gains in their bank account, rather than further attempting to compound these gains.

The Hive Blockchain

When People Get their Gains In Crypto, Do They Budget? The Hive Blockchain remains one place where people can't get to compound if they wish. from holding stable assets like HBD, earning 12% back on their money is a real deal and this is one of the ways to pay oneself firstly, rather than directly channeling this money into spending.

When people pay themselves first, they're prioritizing saving overspending. This amount of money will be directed to taking care of emergencies in the future. With crypto, it becomes even more sophisticated. This means people can decide to be counter-productive, with money, this means choosing to limit their creative tendencies towards spending while compounding their savings.

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Money is something most people think about and I think it's kind of unavoidable. When I am making tradings, at some point, I always get back my initial capital. The rest is essentially a free trade and it has worked out quite well because some investments didn't work out in the long run.

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Hahah in my case, my aim is to get back my capital at some point, any profit I make from there is totally fine by me.

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like me... I invest, I take the earnings of what I invested, I see if it is logical to reinvest (perhaps compound interest), but first I make sure I recover. I didn't think like that before but I got tired of losing haha!!.

Greetings!! your posts are very interesting

That's classic compounding, I think this is how one can start early and grow to be very big.

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We are in a world where what we want to spend the money on is there and no matter how wealthy you are ,you can finish your money if proper budget is place.

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This is actually very true. Without proper budgeting the illusion that money is endless is laughable. Infact we might need to even have even have serious budgeting. Any type of budgeting is totally fine.

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Especially in crypto, serious budgeting is needed because some projects are just there to suck you and not to help in anyway

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Thanks.It’s very interested information

Which information was interesting?

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