Crypto & The Outrageous Learning Curve: My Splinterlands Journey As A Case Study

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Inasmuch as I wouldn't really consider myself to be a smart person, I think most of the choices and decisions we make in Crypto, for example, should be proportional to a situation where a company finds a way to increase the price of their commodities, while still keeping their customer base, or even convincing them that the price raise was necessary in a country where inflation is eating deep and there are no jobs to cater for the common people without connections.

Nigeria is one of such places where people would need to be extra creative to make legitimate money, live well, grow their finances within having connections or being dependent on the government or private or go through inhumane hustles for the $100 a month offered by private sectors.

This is to say that, surviving in a bereft economy is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat

in other words we can call it a miracle and this is why we have many Nigerians, despite the odds, they've made smart moves and taken brilliant courses of actions regarding crypto, irrespective of the fact that the government is anti-crypto. For example, I know what I what to accomplish with Crypto and that's find favorable project, grow slowly, invest time and money, be a believer and hope the gods of long-term would favor me.

I know that many people are smarter than me in this regard, and as a result, they'll make more money either minting NFTs, going deep with staking DeFi, Cross-blockchaining, engaging in short term trades, that requires a lot of sophistication to master the charts and so many smart ways of making the mula This however isn't me. I am a slow learner and this is why it's difficult for me to make fast money, I am a guy who is smarter with growing slow money.

The Growth Mechanism

This is to say that I understand growth mechanism

.....the systemic scopes to survival and growth simultaneously, but it's difficult for me to turn $10 into $100 in one week, while this probably requires a simple trick, I'm sad to say that it's difficult for me. But does this make me a loser? Absolutely not. I have pulled some of the biggest moves of my life in crypto and I ended up surprising myself, while this might be nothing to people who are true crypto gurus, the fact that I am now a smarter person is that aspect of appreciation that I mostly tap into.

Crypto provides opportunity for all set of people and this means that everyone can grow differently, depending on their abilities and economic specialization or if they choose to actually do better. Recently I've decided to dabble into gaming, even if it hasn't been my passion or my strongest suit it hasn't been my passion, and it hasn't been what I intrinsically love, but does this mean I'll be bereft of the skills to go into it? No. Nine months down the line, I've played Splinterlands with limited resources and managed to reach leagues I didn't think I could reach.

On The Other Hand

9 months of growth, understanding strategies, in-game economics which led to investing, playing and garnering experiences while earning almost nothing in the process, now if you think this doesn't take scope then you're naive. For example, so many people on Hive lose their creativity when their contents are not getting encouraging figures, so if you think it doesn't take innate skills and vigor to keep learning and gaining experience and earning nearly nothing in the process for a really long period of time then I implore you to try it out for yourself.

This is to say that, it's difficult to grow assets for lengthy periods especially when the external motivations are not there to push one. People need monetary Incentivization if they're to be motivated to keep growing and finding the scope to grow without the small wins along the way is actually difficult and this is one place where a long-termer actually excels.


In Conclusion

It's just about three days to the end of the splinterlands season and this is where I'll need to spend at least 450 DEC to get me into bronze II.

I was talking with @joetunex the other day, asking him to see if spending 450 DEC would be worth the movement from silver III to II. In reality, to experience a movement in the silver leagues would be great, by providence, I earned 700 DEC from one of the two loots from one of my quest, which further encouraged me to want to stay in the silver leagues at all cost.

Economically, spending like 450 DEC for a day rental might not be worth it especially if all I have is the speculation that the reward would turn out to be favorable. But this isn't my fetish. My fetish is remaining in the silver leagues at all cost, but sadly, spending even 450 DEC would still have me drop to bronze I.

But wait a minute! I'm willing to give it a go. Some decisions might implode, sometimes it might explode, the bottom line is, I've learned from the experience, money is the long-term aim, but I don't mind failing in the quest to do so.

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Great Post!


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At times we don't want to seat with a situation of telling ourselves what if I made that move which didn't make and now wondering it's outcome.

Some moves are meant to be taken, go for it bro as you try to ensure life in Bronze league is not where you want to be playing in.

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Yeah, let me see how that move will go, im still in anticipation, then thinking or analysing the best move for me. I want to actually make my own mistake, im not scared of loss plus, it might just be a one-time thing. The fear of going back to the bronze leagues hahaha

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The importance of learning cannot still be stressed enough in crypto or outside of it. Basically any business venture requires some form of learning before commencing otherwise not doing so is a sure bet to failure.

Even if you are learning slowly. The important thing is that you are growing respectively.

Well, Money blinds people from aiming to grow slowly, this means many wants to earn while learning, while this is possible and favourable, it isn't always the case in every venture. Learning is bae, sometimes I think we don't emphasize it enough.

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You're spot on.. learning is bae! 🥰

For the past days I've been doing a lot of math, why? Because of blockchain games, not splinterlands, not Axie, but hashkings. I saw it as underrated, which means there are limited people involved, which in turn means one stands a chance of earning pretty decently.

The reverse was the case, because regardless of it being underrated, it has such a broad economy that only takes time and money to master for a profit.

Slow money works good, creativity is what pushes fast money however, while it takes time to master both art, either is fine, just depends on what one loves...

Most P2E game have a broad economy and this is because they need this for sustainability, a simple economy might provide just a narrow means of earning, this is why axie was almost inaaccesible at some point when it recently launched.

Slow money works good, creativity is what pushes fast money however, while it takes time to master both art, either is fine, just depends on what one loves...

I will agree with this. I don't even have that resources to make fast money. Many people Investmented thousands of money into PolyCub in the first few days and farmed a lot, thats using making to make more money. Im glad crypto gives chances to everyone.

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Economically, spending like 450 DEC for a day rental might not be worth it especially if all I have is the speculation that the reward would turn out to be favorable

Yes, not profitable, only luck can justify these costs, it's like roulette with a bet on the zero)

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You're absolutely correct.

I think it's fine to experiment but I probably wouldn't have made that decision to rent cards. Being in Silver II only gives you a slight DEC boost and a few season reward chests. That itself doesn't seem worth the extra costs you bear near the end of the season.

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Well, I would check how many of that DEC would get me into Silver I then. Majorly the main aim is to stay in the Silver league and not go back to the rat race of the bronze leagues. Its not primarily about the rewards per say. I know if that was the case then it isn't a profitable move

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Just six months on Hive has brought me to the point where I see it all as long term. These days, I don't make as much back in my noob days but I'm like so what? I just need to show up, make a post and keep investing my time which would eventually pay in the long run. I also put my hands in projects and try not to remain at a place.

Tbvh, it's exhausting but it's always worth it.

P.S uncle, i go need your help for that business plan. I started drafting but i am at a loss right now between the introduction & executive summary. Help a sister. I will pay you a visit on Telegram by 7pm. 😩🙏❤️💕

Well you're right, I do think that when there's life, the right project plus long-term is supposed to yield dividends. It just requires constancy I guess.

P.S uncle, i go need your help for that business plan. I started drafting but i am at a loss right now between the introduction & executive summary. Help a sister. I will pay you a visit on Telegram by 7pm. 😩🙏❤️💕

No wahala, it's all good,I was expecting you'd get stuck at one point. 7pm it is, I'll be there.

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Aye aye captain

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Splinterlands is unfriendly to players who doesn't pay more than $10 to start, moreso now than before. It's rather different from the more mainstream gamefi out there at the moment, so what you learnt there in terms of the pace and method might be different from other games. My personal suggestion is to dabble into more than one gamefi just to broaden your view on the whole landscape.

Also, rental is negative ROI in the current landscape. I wouldn't suggest you to do it unless you find other gains than money on those rentals. I was a veteran in Splinterlands and their former rental was very cheap because it takes time and work to rent all the cards. I profit hard as a full-level rental (like I rent everything at silver level for like just $0.36 a day) and tournament grinder. That strategy didn't work for me no more after they upgraded their rental into v2 and everything gets easy. It's been negative ROI for me since then and the total cost to rent things just skyrocketed, so I didn't rent anymore. Just grind what you can everyday with what you have, asset acquisition (daily quest) and holding is the way to play Splinterlands long term. It's not a game for the impatient and I think you have the right mindset for it.

This is to say that, surviving in a bereft economy is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat — you’re actually spot on as regards this . In this country of ours you literally have to remove the money out of the lion’s mouth if you really want to be financially free .

Hey mate, really suggest buying the cards that are really cheap CP/$. You can also use the cards to win more, or rent them if you don't want them later or sell them (hopefully at a profit).

Currently if you just bought the lowest cost per collection power it would only take $48 USD to get the 15,000 CP needed for Silver 3 where the rewards are much better. This difference in rewards will be widened in the new rewards revamp too.


Use and go to the compare tab and sort by best CP/Cost ratio to find these stats.

Spending 450 DEC currently about $0.71 USD at the end of each season is $18.46 dollars per year just wasted and you don't get to enjoy the game as much without cards to play with. Plus you will get better daily rewards in silver 3, which is and extra $0.10 USD per day compared to bronze 2 which will pay for more than the rest of the cost. You also will get air drops of SPS because of the cards you own. All of these factors make the choice very simple in my eyes. Along with getting more enjoyment of the game in silver 3 instead of fighting the boring bot armies in bronze.

You can check the average rewards of each league here.

Just a my perspective that I think could be helpful.

Cheers for your great content



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Your post and my comment inspired me to do a deep dive on the math of the comparison please check it out I think for you and many others it lays out the true opportunity of owning vs renting. :)