HIVE to be added to the largest Crypto Exchange in Indonesia

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The Indodax Exchange in Indonesia announced they will be listing HIVE on June 25th

It's been a few weeks since HIVE has seen a new exchange listing, but it appears we have another one on the way.

This time from the largest exchange in Indonesia...

Check it out:


According to the announcement...

HIVE will be open for deposit and withdraw as of June 24th at 2 PM (local time?) and then HIVE will open for trading on June 25th at 2 PM (local time?).

I personally don't know much about this exchange, but they proclaim on their Twitter page that they are the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia.

Their official twitter announcement listing HIVE can be seen here:

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It's always nice to see HIVE get new exchange listings.

It had been a few weeks since HIVE has seen one and hopefully this is the start of another onslaught of new listings.

It sure would be great to see HIVE listed on Coinbase and Bitfinex at some point here!

Stay informed my friends.


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The more, the merrier.

It just keeps building, little by little. We are starting to branch out on many different levels.

Exchange listings help to promote more listings.

It is great to see the grassroots movement start to spread wider and farther.

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Exchange listings help to promote more listings.

Yep, exactly. Nobody wants to be left behind or miss out.

Maybe Coinbase is watching.

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We can only hope!

Hell yeah! Was looking forward to this, thanks for the heads up!

You got it!

I’m so happy with news and it will makes my my trading activity with HIVE more easier :)

Good deal, the more inclusive HIVE is for different regions, the better!

HIVE and THETA are two little things that I like.. Go HIVE

I am Indonesian. Indodax is the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia. There are thousands traders. I used to trade there but now I prefer dex trade. I have experience that trading in Indodax few years ago. The admin is fast response if I submit tickets.

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Nice, thanks for the information! Glad to hear it is indeed one of the largest! Sounds like a nice get for HIVE.