"How I Found Hive & Why I'm Still Here" | An Entry For the #WhyAmIHere Challenge

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Greetings Hivers, I discovered the #WhyAmIHere Challenge via a submission post from the lovely @riverflows. The aim of the challenge is a simple one - tell us how you found Hive and why you are still here today.

     The original #WhyAmIHere post by @themarkymark can be found at How Did You Get Here & Why Are You Still Here? In this post we are asked the following questions:

  • Do you remember how you found your way to Hive?
  • Was it your first interaction with crypto?
  • If not, what was?
  • Why are you here today?

     I felt inspired to take part in this challenge because I saw a bit of my own Hive journey within the stories of the two Hivers I've already mentioned. It has been a long and curvy road that both brought me to Hive and has kept me here.

     Whether it be the novelty of getting into cryptocurrency risk-free by earning HIVE via blogging or the fact that my judgmental Facebook friends and family aren't on Hive, there are many reasons I share with you in this video. If you want to know more, have a watch.


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After a long time, I visited your blog again. Its been busy, but that is not an excuse.

I just wanted to say, that I dig this video. I have been off and on about your methods over the years, but it is never about 'not liking', but mostly about etiquette. I am so happy that you have matured into what you have become. Kudos to you!

Oh! You can mentioned Steem. There is nothing wrong with that.

Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.... as Albus Dumbledore said.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the video. I've been dabbling in 3Speak a bit more lately, and I'm surprised to find success there. I didn't mention Steemit a bit out of humor, but maybe 10% worries. I've put serious efforts into this platform for over 2+ years, so it's nice to start seeing the rewards, especially in the last 3 months.

It was a huge learning curve at first, but not the whole family is onboard and carved out their own Hive niches too. Thanks for all your efforts here and that delegation you gave early on which I am still thankful for. !ENGAGE 50

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I personally spend several hours each day on hive related work for which I neither have time nor anyone pays me :). The price rally you experienced last few months and the impact you saw on your bottomline is my reward.

Some of us always take this little corner of blockchain as our home and a social experiment so that maybe, in success case scenario, we can change lives of a few people. I hope we are successful

Give thanks for your behind-the-scenes efforts. I hope this upward trend continues and it reaches more people. We are now starting to onboard Cambodians, a group so far excluded from Hive. !ENGAGE 40

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Your story just inspired me and makes me wanna write mine.
Haha, you got a quite charming voice with a little echo.
I believe you won't forget that restaurant in Cambodia. How about other fellers and the dude that introduced you to the blockchain? Are they still around?

Thanks for the kind words, I would love to see you on video and/or learn more about what brought you to Hive. The guy that introduced me to Hive passed away more than a year ago. He was the father of @pung.senat, whom recently joined Hive. This man's wife is responsible for introducing @sreypov and I. Hopning we have a cafe again one day. !ENGAGE 25

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Haha, I'm not a video freak but I believe I could try to explain what brought me here. I also hope some day I will show you guys my "behind the scene life." Things that are around me and how my studio looks like.

So sad the dude that brought you here passed away. But it's nice his son has joined.
Stay blessed buddy...

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My reason for staying here is people like you 🤗...and the stories seem to be similar a lot. From the blockchain I named in my post to Hive. Even though my journey just started 5 months ago. Was nice listening to you and the chickens 😄.

Haha, funny I don't realize a lot of the background noise we have here. It's only when I call friends that they ask me about all the strange noises. I guess that's life near the Amazon. !ENGAGE 25

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I love background noises like that, chicken are fun lol.

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Very informative @justinparke. I enjoyed listening to your story.

Give thanks, bless up yaad man. !ENGAGE 10

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