The Bizarre Case of The Disappearing SPS Tokens on Hive Engine

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If you are selling Splinterlands SPS tokens on Hive Engine, be careful! I decided to sell some SPS tokens a few days ago, and Hive Engine seems to have lost them. I put in my sell order for something like 70 SPS, clicked on the Hive Keychain popup to authorize the transaction, and then back on Hive Engine I get a notification in red lettering saying:

Order Cannot Be Filled

You would think that if an order cannot be filled, the funds for that order would be instantly returned to the buyer or seller. But I checked my wallet, and the SPS tokens weren't there. I also checked the "Open Orders" tab. Not there either. Hmm...

I figured it was just some random glitch and I would eventually see the SPS back in my wallet where they belong. But after a few days, still nothing.

I also noticed something weird in the order book. The top buy order is to buy 0 SPS for 0 Hive at a cost of 0.112344 Hive per SPS. That seems kind of odd. Is there a bug in Hive Engine where such a buy order somehow blocks sell orders?


Hopefully, my order is still on the blockchain and this is just a bug in how tokens in limbo are displayed or something. Not a big deal, it wasn't that much. But if you are selling bigger amounts of SPS, I'd wait until this issue is resolved.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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