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Price inflation in your City

1. How much does things cost before and how much do they cost now?

2. How are you coping with or managing inflation of prices?

Reply with just two threads and answer the questions above. Focus on engaging with comments on your threads and those of other participants. Its best to make each of your two threads 30 minutes apart.

This is our #talkingpoint #threadcast this week. Lets Talk.

Since the revolution civil war Arab Spring 12 years ago, the value of LYD kept getting decreasing in Libya. Nowadays everything here follow USD's price swings including its inflation.

One interesting fact is the Bread prices. Each year, either their prices increase just a little bit, or they get just a little bit smaller. The same money gets you less than half Bread than 6-8 years ago.

WOw are you saying that you too experience inflation? I thought is was just we over here, tell us how is energy supply over there and how much do you spend on energy supply.

Energy isn't very expensive here in Libya, compared to other countries and other goods/services. We're an Oil country... Sadly, though, it's getting more and more expensive each year. Not at the worst rates, but still bad rates.

The situation with bread prices is quite remarkable – getting less for the same money over the years. It must be challenging for everyone there. How are you managing through these changes?

Well... We just survive. A lot of people here started working on multiple jobs or do some hustles, and sometimes there are government supported goods that come cheaper at limited quantities, so that helps too.

Thats really a sad situation. But comparing the longer time 6-8 years, the rate of inflation is not as terrible as Nigeria. For example, many items especially bread has had a 100% inflation rate here in the last 2 months. Naira our local currency is loosing value and current exchanges 1800 to 1 USD

Wow, that's terrible... Hyperinflation is really sad. May God keep you guys strong.

If little things such as bread follow the USD price swings and it's inflation,then other major things might be worse. Raising a family now and comfortably feeding is a challenge for the middle class not to mention the poor masses.

Yes, I'm just using Bread as an example because it's an easy reference point. Some things are better, others are worse!!

Before this milk was sold for 50# but now is 150# and the content inside has totally reduced, this is becoming unbearable because you can't eat what you want anymore.

That is 3 times the original price. Waoooh

Am telling you and it might increase by tomorrow morning.

this is turning into something else ooo, from 50 to 150, is highly alarming

just check it out

e shock ooo

Its like the sellers sometimes add more money more than the normal inflation. Do you agree? 3 times is really something else

i think it's worse around here, the sellers want to make double their supposed profit

no they don't because the cartoon is now 3 times of the older price

This is serious. Did fuel increase in Lagos? Thats another thing that increases here ooo

Here media update want to kill people, me I have finally decided to stay indoors till thy kingdom come

They are selling a liter of fuel 800 here at the petrol station. Let me know about your City

I sometimes feel like the traders are using the inflation of a thing as an excuse to extort money from individuals, what do u think

I think so somehow

Seriously that's the saddest part of it all. Price will increase and the quality and quantity reduced even at the rate of 100% increase. Does it mean government can't do anything about this oo

Ndi Government are not available

Where is there network. I need to reach them before we finish here

hahahahah hahahahah try harder

Still not reachable. Abi the switch off their phone? Help me call them with your line please

Little kids will have this as accompaniment to their lunch at school. Now N150?

Am telling you, is no more for kids as usual

Price inflation in my city and country has been terrible in the last 1 month. Virtually everything has skyrocketed in price including things as cheap as water. But let me start from someone specifically.

The Image you see above is my soap. About 1 month ago, it was sold at the normal rate of NGN 800. Now, I bought this for NGN 1,600. That is 100% price inflation. So am basically paying for two soaps and getting 1. Its not just this soap, I will tell you about other things below.

tjis sounds scary,how do we intend to survive this

I couldnt believe it. I had to go to another store to check and confirm. Surprisingly, it was same price

you are not going to bath with your money na,you manage and buy na,

Hahahaha. Thats just the truth. If i try any other soap, I have pimples all over my face. Which other thing has increased in price in your area?

even ordinary satchet pure water that I once got 10 of them for 100 naira is now sold three for 100 naira

Oh my goodness, it's so disheartening. Hmmmm, that means, if nothing is done, it will increase more than this. What is the intake of Government of your country in this

The government is busy fighting Binance and other crypto exchanges. But thats just so wrong. They are doing nothing to address the issue. How much is the soap you use now?

Hmmmm fighting Binance? They won't succeed. That's so heartless of them. My soap that I bought 600 is now 1,200 our government is a failure

Thats also 100% increase. This is terrible. Waoooh. Which other things have their price increased in your city

Everything. Soon students will be at home because parents won't afford fee's with feeding

and it doesn't even seem to be getting any better, that's the worst part of it

Its not at all. The price is going up. The soap you are using, did it increase in price?

omo na small pikin soap I de use oo,the increase no de much dat side na , school matter de pain me

And the funniest thing is that it won't last a week.

You know na. It has finished self. Maybe I will switch to Ncha green or ncha Lagos. Hahahahaha. You dont even know the price of my cream now, do you?

Ncha green kwa 😆
Where you wan see that one?

Did you say 1600 hmmm I started using this soap when it was 350 NGN , this is serious

My dear, i bought 1600 after checking 3 shops. Some shop owners are no longer selling because people are not buying at that exorbitant price. You own soap, how much is the current price now?

The liquid soap I use is now beyond human touch I move to this one, last week I bought it for 1500 NGN in Just two days it went up to 1800 NGN am sure by now it will be 2k

That's very much costly. But since the soap is good for bath you might consider keep up with the price.

Hahahaha. Its not easy oooo. E get where e go reach, i go switch to ncha green.

Don't be surprised when the demand in the green soap increase, the price would change immediately

Yes, thats true. Honestly once the soap gets to 2000, I will look for a cheaper alternative. Do you have any recommendation of new soap for me?

I use Siri, it's sold for 500naira. But as a big man wey you be nii, you've past that level. Hahaha

infact buy some and send to me, mine is finished, from 1400 to 3500 now,

That's double the original price, very outrageous. And funny enough, it won't last for a week.

Yes, it is double. I went today to price the Nivea cream. The price has gone up from NGN2,900 to NGN 4000

With the recent surge in inflation, it's not entirely unexpected to see prices on the rise. Do you have any alternative products that might be more budget-friendly?

tthe surge in inflation in Nigeria is getting out of hand as a student , I once bought an 80 leaves note book for 150 now I can't get it for 400 naira

Are you serious? There was a time we bought 80 leaves 40 naira. What is the current price?

for 40 naira!!, that looks practically impossible currently

currently I bought last week for 450 per note book

Hahahahaha, I et you it will increase to 700 before 3rd term. How do we survive this please? Do you think anything can be done about this

if the government can look into the source of the problem, they can solve it

Sure. At least they have power to control price of foods. Hope is true

yeah, they were able to reduce that of cement I think they can in other areas too

Seriously? The reduced it because it affected them. But left the poor masses to suffer hunger

I was discussing with my secondary school friend few days back and we recalled how we used to buy it N180. The current price is just alarming

omo d price de shock

the price currently is really alarming,how have you been managing with this

A cup of cheap ice cream selling 100 naira before is now 200 naira now what a magnificent country.

Imagine the nonsense. Small ice-cream wey we de use hold body for this hot weather.

I was very shocked

na person wey get money the lick ice cream nowadays ooo,

Hahaha seriously I was surprised everything is costly

surprise?, that wasn't so for me in a way

Meaning you can't afford it

how do I intend to kwanu

That is double the amount. But you still bought right? What if it goes to 300 by tomorrow, will you still buy?

No sir imagine buying cheap ice cream 300 naira, how much will I buy a plate of rice I will add 200 naira on it and eat that's for my breakfast. Ajay

YOu still enjoy yourself in this recession. Jisie Ike my brother.

Because no other option

I love that. We won't kill ourselves because of this economy. The economy go die first.

We survive in coronavirus also survive in cashless policy so we will survive in any situation men mount

Hahahaha, for ordinary ice cream? The worst part is nothing is cheap again even our dearest Garry

It's like to travel go to the village will be okay and also solve the situation maybe 🤔

That's what am thinking ooo. At least no more houses rent and free land for farming hahahaha

I have an idea there

Share with us please

You even dey lick ice cream, kudos to you, na big man you be.

I use my last card on it

A carton of noodles (super pack) now is around ₦18,000+

Are you serious? I avoided noodles a long time now. I just realized that decision would have been by divine inspiration.

hahahahahah, this is something else ooo

You know na. Live and let live. Somethings are better avoided

hahahahah, ur pattern dope, if I could use that

Hahahaha. Am telling you. When you cant afford something, its better you leave it na

Likewise myself. I can't remember the last time I ate noodles.

wetin concern me and noodles oo, it's for the rich

No go there, I no dey even reach that side, have you seen baby food, there is no cheap food for the poor again.

hahahahahah, that's the truth oo, we all have to find a way to survive cos our leaders don't seem to care

Wahala for who de give birth now. Unless they go take pap till their teeth come out. Even the pap sef, the price follow rise

If you see pap 100 NGN you go shout

I wonder how they families will manage to feed these new babies. But you know, God has a way of providing

Gid will make a way, surely

Jesus 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊, is time to return to my village ooooooooo. So that hunger fit kill me there instead of person house in the city

Stay where you are oo because village isn't any better

am nit eating again

Wow, ₦18,000+ for a carton of noodles? That's quite a jump. I remember when my dad and big bro used to buy it for us at around ₦3,000. Times have really changed.

I guess that was in the 1990's

Hell no, that was during the Goodluck Jonathan regime.

it really has, but we are coping and we will tell this stories someday

Previously, with N500 I used to comfortably get a full bottle of ground soyabeans just like this one.

Few days ago, I got soyabeans for the same price but it just half of the same bottle

Oh my goodness 😲😲😲, that's hundred percent increase? Is the government doing anything about

They are not doing anything about it, not that I'm aware of.

same question ❓ I've been asking

this is getting better indeed

Did you say better?
It must be a mistake.

hahahahahah, what do u expect, it is getting better indeed

Omo, the same bottle but half the content. Now thats the same way of making pay in full for half. This is terrible. What of foodstuffs? Did their price increase? Tell me about them

the food stuff is entirely on another level oo

My surprise was really surprised that day. A tuber of yam that is usually sold at N450 or N500 highest is now sold at N900

I noticed that too. The big ones that use to be sold 1500 are now 3000. I went the other day to photocopy a sheet of document. They told me its 50 naira. Before it was 5 naira

Will schools be able to photocopy exam questions or will they now be writing it on the board?

Hahahahaha. That is something else oooo. Writing materials are climbing in price. Parents would bleed through the nose this time around. Some schools might ask teachers to reduce questions and make them small

away soyabean is now a big man food

Do you guys still make it?
How are you dealing with the inflation?

my dear , we still do it because we cant help it.

Anytime they change the price of the little one I buy for 50naira, there will be problem in the city.

That little one for N50 used to be N20 before.

I had the shock of my life when I went to buy large loaves of bread and saw that they were now selling for 1,700 instead of 1,200 nad medium loaves, which I usually bought for 600, are now being sold for 900.

bread is now a food for the rich and well to do currently

Am telling you. Anyone drinking tea has kidnapping value. Hahahaha

tea I could take to my fill with ordinary 200 before

What??? Seriously hunger will soon strike this country. May the Almighty come for our refugee

Omo, this things are just becoming unbearable for the masses. Bread and tea used to be the cheapest breakfast idea. Now where you go even see the bread buy?

That is true. That day you bought the small one 500 i was shocked, but that is the price. Do you know how much they sell Satchet water now?

It is sold at 50 naira per sachet. I purchased a bag containing 20 sachets for 400 naira, and the vendor mentioned that I shouldn't be surprised if the price increases to 500 naira the next time I come.

You can imagine this. Do you know that some people will go thirsty because they cannot afford a drink. This is serious. I think the increase in prices of things will lead to more stealing as youths will resort to that. What do you think?

It's indeed a challenging situation. The rising prices affect even the most basic needs. I can't believe it's come to a point where some can't afford a drink.

Hahahaha. You wont know that sone dont have 50 naira but thats a fact. So if they dont have it, how can they drink?

Last month, a painter of garri was sold between ₦1700 - ₦1800, today I bought at ₦2400.

A painter of local rice is now between ₦5,000

A cup of beans akara is now ₦300 as against ₦250

so cool 😎

Are you for real

Yes now😃

I sold two paints of foreign rice for 10000naira few days ago, now I'm regretting it.

You shouldn't because it was almost same price then.

If that's the case, no problems.

what an amazing country we live in, it is only getting worse

And these are commodities that we need on a daily. We don't even have enough alternatives and they aren't cheaper either.

Getting good garri these days is something else. You buy costly yet they're just good.

Because everybody just want to produce and make money without caring about the quality

Can you imagine the overnight increase. Here in my city is 2,500 for a painter of garry. Hmmmm glad I have just a child. Is there anything to be done about this please

So far as the prices of goods have gone up, there's no coming down except deflation happens.

Is becoming ridiculous oooo honestly

Everything is now tied to dollar increase.

they use gum gum everything with dollar ooo

The first time I bought this, it was at the rate of 2500naira, I was forced to buy it for 10000naira few days ago. What is this country turning into?

The increase just left me speechless honestly. Imagine what you could use N10000 for then.

The country is getting worse every passing day.

Hahahaha, this country no good to born picking again ooo. #pidgin. You don't just have a child anyhow now

I'm telling you. But we must born o. Anyhow na God dey training pikin

Hmmmm I already have one. Am not thinking having another one either

You could make it two. Since you could feed the one, it won't be too difficult to feed the other.

the country is turning into an estate, but seriously this is not funny ooo, at all

Make fun out of it my brother. Since we are practicing a PAYE system, if you're selling anything, add your own money.

that seems to be the one way to survive this

Surely. I can't buy something at a high rate and sell sell at a high rate too

how do mean

haaaaa who born, baby food don cost oooo

Even as people die in fights, there is still war. We are not afraid.

sure we will survive

A set like this is 100k? Am postponing the proposal I want to do to a girl by 3 years with immediate effect.

Nope, it's 10k. Hahahahaha. Please do and propose the proposal, my dancing shoes are ready.

That's outrageous, but I'm wondering if the items were for somebody else, You got married and had a child secretly.

hahahahahah, seems he got it for someone else

Hahahahaha.... It was a wedding gift for a relative. I'm not ready for marriage yet, not in this economy.

t all the same , i ve being managing it by making increment in the service i render to my clients because cost of sewing materials are very high. Imagine buying a bag of pure water at the cost of #400.

we are only starting 😭😢😭, God help us ooo

They are selling one for 50 NGN over here.

This one choke ooo. Who sachet water help? I go dey carry water for rubber commot hahahaha

boldli had to buy a water can oo

That is true. As the inflation goes higher, we continue to increase the cost of our own services. So how.much take to make a simple gown?

Which one is si.mple gown again? Even small amendment that I wanted to do few weeks back. The woman insisted I pay twice the price I used to know

Are you serious? So there is nothing simple. Anything you bring, the price is usually complex hahahaha. Maybe picking up some skills might also help us cope. What do you think?

hahahhahahahhaah, materials are now expensive

Gains instead of #3500 ,i now make simple gown at the cost of #4000

Waooh. Some people will.not afford it ooo, but its never your fault. Tailoring materials increased in price right?

aYes, materials increased, a yard of linen is now #300 instead of #200 or #2300 , a thread bought at the cost of #50 is now #70

You really have to,else u get to see your expenses overshadowing your income, and that doesn't seem so good to me

That's the only way out

how are you coping with or managing information of prices?

With the situation of the country,everything is costly day by day we have no other option than to buy our needs even though the price is higher but in everythingwe will survive

Definitely we will survive, is just to take one day at a time , that's the only solution

What we are praying for is our daily bread for today not tomorrow

exactly that's the point,


My dear we have no options than to take things the way it is because things keeps increasing on daily basis. So, no need of being afraid