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if you ever want endless entertainment, watch Extreme Cheapskates. I'm 100% sure it's all fabricated, but holy shit the level of cringe is unmatched.

Is it in the Honey Boo Boo genre?

I'm not trying to get brain rot, yet. Will save that for when I totally give up


So not quite at that level.

we're rapidly accelerating in that direction

I find the more things devolve mentally, the smarter I feel.

¿Are you an impeccable being?


Okay, then read this post below and check how much!

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It looks like Bitcoin will cross $69k in this week. There is no way it can be stopped. At the time when Bitcoin crosses this mark we will likely observe a big altcoin pump. This is when the real fun begins. Read more in the article linked below.

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Hive seems to be drawing its own pattern and not following bitcoin or altcoins makes but we could hope that it will catch up to that very soon. Patience is a key. We can only wait ,hopefully it will be good to go.

1/🧵 The Ones Who Live - E01 - RECAP
Looking to be better than the last 2consider #DarylDixon had a good season 1, does refer more to the OG series, ppl might feel lost but nothing critical if you didn't watch or finish #TheWalkingDead
#TheOnesWhoLive #MustWatch

2/🧵 For fans of #TheWalkingDead OG it tries to directly bring snippets of the series with some iconic scenes like Rick getting out of the hospital while the world was infested with Zombies or his long horse ride to the city

3/🧵 Episode one also gives context of why he is where he is at and not dead, organizations and new goverments are emerging trying to bring world order, I go into more details about the episode on the following post
#leofinance, #hive

Who is funding #xiaomi ? They are coming up with incredible products one after another. I heard they now have xiamo electric car.

the Chinese government

That's what I thought but i was not sure.

I believe if you say so :)

threads is better today.
Still some small issues of replies not posting but getting better.

Also our website is being rebuilt and will be ready for everyone to check out this weekend. I think it is live right now but still talks a lot about aliens.

Much Much better feels good to be using it again.

100 percent. I missed being on it.
Its were all the beautiful people hang out.

I wanted to ask.

What do you think of Google's Genie? I know it is in early stages but many are thinking this could revamp game development. Have you looked into it at all?

I have looked at it.
It is interesting.
A lot of game development work flow is changing right now.
TBH the bottleneck at a lot of firms right now AAA, AA, inde and now III (triple I or triple indie, which we are considered)
is art work and all the AI in the world right now will not speed that up.

We are waiting for dev kits and announcements from Game Engines this year.
A lot of the industry should be more clear (for future direction) by 3rd quarter this year.


So the gaming code is not the stumbling block but, rather, artwork. Who would have guessed.

oh for sure. it is 100% artwork that is the roadblock in the dev cycle.
yeah i guess from the outside looking in that does seem odd.
but put it this way. it takes less than 50 lines of code for our player characters but over 517 frames of artwork that have to be drawn/created.

for each character. So for 3 player characters it is over 1500 frames and still the same 50 lines of code.

Wow. You learn something new everyday.

I have a completely new framework of the gaming industry. Amazing.

If you notice that someone is having a bad day and instead of just letting it go, you feel like saying hi and asking how they are, then you are already more amazing than most people. #freecompliments #reflection

People don't understand the power of just being nice to someone else.

That's right, a simple hello can save lives, just caring a little about people and asking how they are.

On that note, how are you bud? LOL

lol now I'm better, it's always good to interact in the hive, write and share ideas, this improves me a lot. 👍 😂

Well there you go! LOL

Thank you very much for asking! 👊

Scooter made an amazing quote in of their 90's songs about that!
"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice!"

That's 100% correct.

Today I experienced a similar thing in my chamber. Just a good conversation made my patient party happy.



agreed it is a powerful thing.

Hi! How are you? I hope that you had a productive day today 🙂

Hello good evening, well, I had an average day, some very tense moments so I couldn't produce much, but that's it, good and bad days happen. Thanks for asking!

240 premium members.
If you are not premium. Comment below on why not.

Still familiarising and getting to know more about the platform but I intend to cgo premium soon.

Awesome! Premium is the future. Welcome to the platform.

I'm premium and need to continue being premium

I am also on the Premium over and over

accumulating money to buy the premium!

I don't see the point. One can still walk without shoes.

So you are saying there are no features that premium provides that you find useful?

I'm saying I could use them, of course. I see how they could be useful, but I don't need them. I'm the same human with or without an orange check mark. "Higher" earnings come at a cost so technically they're not higher. And so on.

interesting. I have found my earnings increase above the 10 hbd, plus the 10 hbd is used to purchase LEO so it drives up the value of the token that i earn on the platform.

thanks for your feedback

Also, those who spend money to earn more end up being the same people who sell more pushing the value down while thinking they're pushing it up. Cutting one end of the rope off, tying it to the other end, then thinking the rope is longer.

i agree that happens on Hive a lot but that is not how the LEO whitepaper works, thanks for stopping by

I don't post but when I do, it's for an audience. My audience doesn't really exist on this platform. Different market. I can still buy the tokens and let everyone else spend the money to push the value up. It's more efficient.

I have premium and will most likely not purchase another one. It's not worth the ten bucks.

Any reason why you feel that?

By the way, it seems that some other people feel the same, Leo has lost 4 premium subscribers since publishing the parent thread:

I think there was almost 250 subscribers earlier this week. Maybe the question should be why don't people continue with their premium. It could bring a bit more valuable feedback.

So you have not seen an increase in your earnings with premium?
or your engagement from other users?

Nope, 95% of my engagement comes from other platforms, if not more. And no, the earnings don't cover the cost.

So regarding the engagement. I experience almost zero level of engagement. My last post generated 48 comments. None of them was published in Inleo. None of them are spambot commands. The only posts published in Inelo community that have similar engagament are various card giveaways and posts in which there's no discusion at all, just chittering bots. Like this:

Regarding the earnings, I got three major upvotes of say $17 when combined. However, at least one of them was from the stake-based curation progam, which does not depend on the Premium. So there's no incentive either.

Regarding the front-end. It's painful to use Inleo for long posts with many photos. And when you want to write in two languages, it gets even worse. Put simply, my user experience sucks. I tried different browsers, erasing cookie and cache, but right now, it is not ready to let people create content. It may be ready to allow people wish good morning in Threads and share YT links. But that's not really what I'd like to do around here.

Regarding Threads, the flagship. I feel like people just share random things they don't really relate to. All the news for instance - I've met several pointing out events from my country or region. At least one third of them were not accurate, some even completely misleading. Just like if I started copying news from say Thailand or Chad - I have no relation to those countries and know basically nothing about them.

Regarding Threads II. I have engaged quite a lot, I'd say. My vote may not be interesting due to my Leo Power, but when it comes to HP, people definitely appreciate. So I've threaded, engaged, voted...

In Ecency Waves, I only publish a ad to promote my posts time to time. However, when I share something else, it does better than the very same content on Inleo, regardless my Premium. Same post, almost double earnings in Ecency:

In fact, my Premium subscription expires in a few days and this discussion inspired me to write a long review. With the numbers and facts I looked for to present my arguments :)

I guess it is great for people who want to focus on threads and enjoy the current content published there. It does not make sense for me, though.

Are you also using to recive or send #hive or #hbd? Through the lightning network? It is how I can buy Giftcards for groceries haha for example, or pay for #netflix or my phone bill. #reallifeimpact

So basicly you can buy me food by voting for this exact content, epic!

And reply so I can vote you some food as well haha

But wait, there is so mich more one can do with post rewards in #crypto !?!
Whats youre way?

because of the InLeo back-end rebuild and other issues. I have not been on threads as much as i want to be.
If things calm down by Friday then this weekend I will be doing a ton of updates about our projects.

Yeah. We all were kicked off for a couple days. Seems to be progressing but still likely another couple days of issues.

100 percent.

A lot of good things happening.

I saw a video where the speaker said that eBay was down for most of its first year of operation.

So Leo is doing very well in comparison. LOL

oh 100 percent. A lot of the mainstream sites had issues in the early years building. I am super bullish but it made more sense to work on our game and wait for the week to end before doing a lot of posting.

come play on #waves

is that the eceny one ?
how many people are on there?

Yeah, it's the one on Ecency. It's not quite as active as Threads, but a WAY better UI on mobile. It's been pretty good for me recently though.

Not buying Bitcoin early was the ‘biggest mistake I’ve ever made’ — Trevor Noah #crypto #newsonleo

Don't forget to visit the #partytime threadcast with @caleb-marvel

Listen to some music during your day.

I am finally able to get on here again. One thing or another was keeping me away.

But you are here with us ❣️🙏🏽❣️🙏🏽

Yeah, that is so frustrating.

How is the UI feeling now?

very responsive

I dont like it. Make it go bad. I miss the error messages.

They became like friends I could count on.

so much better

Did you follow my threadcast on FA cup? :P

Looks and feels way better!

Some glitches, but will be fixed soon. Nice work

$GODS has been performing well since my call from 2 days ago. I expect a +20/30% move if it indeed is launched tomorrow. Crossing fingers!

#crypto #newsonleo #inleo #gaming #investing

What chain are they on these days?

ImmutableX (#ETH Layer2) - They were originally the game they spun out the game from

Their twitter account is keeping the hype about the launch of their app tomorrow?

Gibt es hier auch eine Unterhaltung auf Deutsch?
Jetzt schon! Los schreib einen Kommentar und lass Alle wissen wer DU bist und was DU hier machst!
#deutsch #leo #threadaufdeutsch #faden

#newsonleo #politics #france #ukraine #war French foreign minister Stephane Sejournet claims that Western troops could be sent in Ukraine in "roles other than combat" and "with clear rules that prohibit combat activities". 1/

2/ Sejournet's clarification comes after Macron's statement that "NATO troops in Ukraine shouldn't be ruled out" was greeted by chorus of disapproval among his European allies.

Watching the Ireland ladies playing soccer.

Have to say that women's sports in general have improved massively over the past few years.

Much better to watch now.

#sports #ireland

#newsonleo #business #technology Apple is cancelling its electric car project after 16 years of development.

Really? That is huge.

And we were told that #apple was going to destroy #tesla.

A big waste of time

Dreams are just dreams, it's not necessary that all dreams will come true.

I've realistic one, not many dreams but a single one and I'm going to make sure it will become true!

Doesn't hurt to dream. Some dreams are bigger and more compelling than others.

Naval Ravikant talks about having one desire at a time. Perhaps, having one realistic dream is a surefire way to achieve it rather than having many dreams, some of which are unrealistic.

Ready for the FA cup match between Manchester City and Luton Town at 3PM EST? Let's share the fun in this #threadcast. Where are all the #football fans?

We need #football fans.

Where are they all hiding.

I don't know. Not sure when the tags will display properly so that others know #football is trending.

Gotta get it to the top of the page. That tends to help things.

Yes, that helps.

There have to be football fans on Leo.

This is Ball Fans :)

LOL I could post another image but that would take us into the NSFW realm.

That is what American Football is all about. Ball Games.

It is actually about everyone but the fans.

Business, alright.

HAaland and De bruyne were phenomenal...

They were amazing. KDB is the real MVP. #facup

Luton did wonderfully well too...
Outclassed though they were, they made their shots count..

Their only misstep is not injuring haaland 😂😂😂😂 #facup

ha ha for sure. Haaland did all the damage early on. Those two goals from Luton were masterclass on their own rights. #facup

I will be sharing my thoughts and highlights of the game. Not ball by ball but I will be on my own I guess :P #fa

Here is a link to the livestream if you need one to figure out where to watch #fa #football

The beast is playing today #haaland #facup

Ready for the match. Keniworth Road #facup

I love Krul. Can he make a history here by beating the defending champions? #facup

It is fun how these one off FA cup matches tend to impact the ongoing #epl title competition. English football is tough.

This is the first FA cup match up between Luton Town and Manchester City. Fun Facts. #facup #football

19 mins

it is already 2-0 for City. Not sure how many they will score today. #facup #football

Two attempts on goal. Two on target. Two Goals. How about that stat for you?

#facup #football

It is a tough task in hand for Luton Town at Home. Looks like they are not going to the #facup QF.

Luton Town supporters are pretty vocal right now. Pumping their time. They need more than that. #facup

Tim Krull saved LT. That was beast of a pass from KDB. Haaland denied a hat-trick. #facup City is coming in waves. #football

Haaland should have scored that #facup

24 mins

Walker was solid in the defense. A corner kick for LT. Well defended. #facup

26 mins

Two stops for Krul. One from KDB and One from Haaland. Denied the third goal again but for how long? #facup #football

39 mins

Grealish is OUT and Doku is IN. LT also made a substitution. #facup #football

39 mins

2-0 Manchester City #facup

Is that a Hattrick for #haaland? 3-0 #facup

The GOAL stays. It is 3-0 for City. Haaland with a hattrick. #facup #football

41 mins

Luton pulled one back. It is 3-1

This is a goal feast. Haaland made it 4. Krull could not save it. It went between his legs. 4-2 to City. #facup #football

Haaland is enjoying this game a lot. 4 goals. Can LT come back?

Sorry, 5 goals. There is no way they are coming back now. #facup

6 goals to City

The game ended 6-2. What a crazy game it was. There is no doubt that City are still the hot fav to win the league and every other cup out there. #football #facup

I feel bad for Luton Town but there is no denying that City are one of the best in the business. There is no shame in losing but they conceded just too many goals too early in the game. #facup #football

They were on fire. They sealed the deal for the game early on.

Watched a Michael Saylor interview for the first time. Previously I'd only encountered sound-bites and commentary. Very interesting guy with some good stuff to say.

It's interesting to know that he went from skeptic to absolute believer in bitcoin and crypto.

I didn't know that! Starting with a healthy skepticism is good 👍

Definitely! It helps in creating a balance between two sides of a coin.

Very much so. Gud to be a constructive skeptic. !BBH

@takhar! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (9/50)

Only caught bits too. Sure to catch moar of him sumtime and sure he haz sum interesting stuff to say considering his "bitcoin" actions.