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I have commissioned to create a Hive informational video last month and this is the result.

I have written the script and had it approved and adjusted by a number of other people. @guiltyparties, @acidyo, @blocktrades, etc.... I want to thank them for their feedback.

The video itself was made outside the community. I have asked in half a dozen Hive discords and on Twitter if someone was interested in doing this with me before going outside the community.

Custom created videos like this are in excess of 3000 USD+. I could not justify such expenditure so this cost many times less than that. It took multiple changes and revisions but I feel that time spent is worth saving the money that will serve for the video promotion.

What I will be doing with this video is the following:

  1. Payed ads on Reddit. I dont use Reddit myself but some community members have recommended in trying out reddit for ads. They have a video promotion option..
  2. Im in contact with a number of twitter crypto accounts that will share this.
  3. Same goes for Instagram.

You will be able to find the video on @hiveblocks twitter very soon. Same goes for Facebook.
If you know any large accounts on twitter and Instagram that you follow, that do promotions, let me know and ill contact them.

Its going to take some time to coordinate this with so many people involved so be patient.

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That's really awesome, well done. It explains a lot using terminology most people should be able understand very quickly. It's also under 2 minutes, which is important as people have short attention spans.

Thx. I tried to make it as easily understood as possible and keep the terms and explanations as basic as I could.

very interesting and complete video. Well done.

Thank you! I know I'm going to use this when explaining Hive.

Why not let the Hive community to help with spreading the video? Like a call to action type of thing on twitter and other platforms where as many hivers share the video and use it to promote Hive? Or that is not something you would consider and it is only for those selected big accounts?

We will be doing that as well. Every possible thing that can be done to promote this will be done.
That is why im asking for patience. It takes time to organize all the people and accounts.

Bro this video is amazing i wanna make another hive account after of see this video :D

Thanks for doing this. Just a couple of little improvements for the post:

  • Paid, not payed
  • I'll or I will, not Ill
  • It's or It is, not its (in the last line). The rule I have heard is that is needs the apostrophe when abbreviating 'it is'.


I dont really pay much attention to the grammar honestly. Expect more errors in the future. 😉

Yeah, but others will :)

Well, I cant help them.

Sigh, can't!

But given you are not a native English speaker you do pretty well. I was just trying to help. Presentation matters if we want to be taken seriously.

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the cringeworthy ukulele jingles and hollow smiling avatars in business suits... do not resonate with me at all.

that said, anything helps and i applaud your efforts because i know this will resonate with many others out there so it's a win! if we all promote hive in a way we see fit it will become everything we know it can become and that is all we are aiming for right?

Theyre not supposed to resonate with you. 🙂 Youre a Hive user already. It is supposed to resonate with new potential users that know nothing about Hive.

Yes but I'm so obsessed and biased about the kinds of people we are attracting because I am a radical like that ;)

Anyway, it's a good point. Carry on sir

Freaking awesome! I love how she says "Hive"

Thanks a lot for your very helpful video.

Wow great video that is straight to the point. Nicely explained.

Most excellent, my friend.


That's really awesome

nice perfect one for influencer to share it :)

That is what im working on right now behind the scenes. Itl take a couple days.


That's great. Would have removed the part about dpos and information sharing network blockchain. "Social media blockchain" while technically wrong sounds much simpler.

"Social media blockchain" excludes Splinterlands. This definition is most inclusive.

Really nicely done! I know there was some talk in the past. Have we considered an add on Brave?

Ill put a "maybe" on this at this time. Im juggling a bunch of stuff right now, so im hoping to get to it as soon as i can.

Well done. I normally don't really like "these kinds" of videos, but this one is very nice. Goob job! 👍

Very nice. This was needed.
Probably we can add it to

Go for it. Let me know how you want me to send you the video.

Get it uploaded on the hive youtube channel. I think crimsonclad and gandlanf have access.

Nice video, kinda reminds me of Coinbase promotional videos that pays you for answering some questions.

Cool and on point!

That was what i was going for. :)

This is awesome!!!

Great video, love the 0 fee, stablecoin, and friendly username mentions, would have called it just social media blockchain in the intro instead of vast information sharing network. Nice animations. Maybe the video can also be included somewhere on the frontpage.

"Vast Information sharing network" is more precise and is in line with the white paper.

It's a decent infograpic informational video. Nicely done!

I've found it quite hard to explain hive simply, and not spin off into the minutia of communities, dpos and what that means, delegations... yada yada yada. I'm sure I've put people off in the past by trying to explain how things work.

This type of simple promotional resource is great for bringing people in from centralized soc media 🙂

I found myself in that position many times as well. You find yourself talking in circles about 100s of things to those that ask about Hive.
Thats one of the reasons I sat down and put the most important basics on paper and turned it into a video.
Hive is not easy to explain. Hopefully this video will help.

I found myself in that position many times as well. You find yourself talking in circles about 100s of things to those that ask about Hive.

Ha ha, yeah I reckon at least half of people on hive has been in that position.

Gr8 work putting together something that can gently introduce people to hive without that information overload 👍

Thank you for this information. Nice and wonderful innovation from y'all.

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Kudos to you sir! I really like the video. I salute you for your advertising/marketing efforts. You are golden!

Great Job Schitts Creek

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Is this also available on YouTube ? Lots of people use YouTube these days.

It should be available soon.

Excellent … I will share with my 11,000 Followers on Twitter

Thank you for the well made video and useful information.

I am new to this community. Since this promotion is aimed at people like me, I have a couple of comments.

  1. You spent too much time on the wallet description. Just make it simpler, shorther, that "Hive.Blog Account Name = Wallet Name" and the flow of cryptocurrency (HIVE and HIVE DOLLAR) is free. This is important information to anyone who has transferred cryptocurrency through exchanges, blockchain games and other blockchain projects. The part of the video about the difference between BitCoin and Etherium etc. is interesting for people who are already interested in cryptocurrencies. And they probably already know the difference. For others this information is meaningless.

  2. On the video you say HIVE is a community and an independent platform, run by the community, not subject to governments or authorization.
    For people in the cryptocurrency community, this is obvious. How many cryptocurrencies is subject to governments or banks? For the community outside the cryptocurrency world - this information is inaccurate. You can add the most important: no one has a power to ban your account, delete your content or your comments. Even if you criticize the HIVE project.

  3. You say that HIVE is a social media platform. In my opinion, this is a bit too little. You can add, that HIVE is actually Facebook+Instagram+Twitter+YouTube in one package. We can write articles, post images (photo blog), videos (vlog), post short messages, discuss articles, images, comments and videos posted by others.

  4. On this video you don't mention one more thing - On the HIVE platform, you can earn money for "like"(UpVote) sent by other users under your posts/comments. (briefly without unnecessary details that we earn Crypto HIve or Hive Dollar etc. - this information would be meaningless in such an informative material)

Thank you for your input. For future videos we will definitely consider some of those points.

The point here was not to overburden the video with information but rather share the most basic features. It was an informational video for complete laymen just entering the crypto space.


That's what I have been saying, it would be nice to find a way to pay people or at least credit them the same whenever they share hive content on their social media account, Facebook, Twitter, I am the credits could be tracked with oncoming traffic or special tags. and if they signup for an account even better. This will make hive community grow exponentially.

Awesome video, explains the basics of Hive in 2 short minutes. I hope it gets viral.

Ill do my best to get it shared around.

Great. Where can i download it? I want to share on WhatsApp with my colleagues.

Never mind just found the button on 3Speak

I really liked this video, it's fabulous. Thank you @lordbutterfly!

Well, something i can watch finally about Hive on other social media platform . it great step taken by the community and hopefully it helps explaining newbie or someone who interested to join hive.

Very good job ! It looks professional and is easy to understand for any newcomer.

That was the goal.

excellent work squire! You are making fine progress : )

Dont call me a squire! Im a peasant.😅

I accept your humble retraction of status x
as you were, peasant!

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Boring 1/10 LQ video, cringe like from YouTube ads.

For reference, game trailers and movie trailers aside, I have never watched a video ad and likely would leave the room the second I heard the voice start talking assuming it was a shill or a product that wouldn't "sell itself" which is what quality products do, sell themselves.

Hive doesn't need this kind of attention, but thanks for the thought.

P.S. I am on Hive, and yes this is my opinion... Before I get the arm chair reaction like others did.

Boring 1/10 LQ video, cringe like from YouTube ads.

lol. The video is supposed to be new user friendly and extremely simple. Mimic "Coinbase Earn" videos. Kind of videos that are standard in the space.

But, to each his own. Not everyone will like everything.

Although, looking at your blog it seems like you enjoy yelling at things a lot. 😅

Duality has 2 sides and I am not a slave loyalty to any significant feat of mankind. I will let you know clearly what I think, that you can count on.

haha. Have fun man. 😉

I will let you know when i am having fun, I did not at any point have fun watching your video aside from the delusions of grandeur provided by the FUD that is layered behind the video you have produce.

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Thanks so much @lordbutterfly i will surly use this information to my advantage in educating my friends

If the video platform you published on.. attached to Hive?

Yes. 3speak

Hello @lordbutterfly,

lately I'm pretty active on Twitter:

I could really use your video in this. However, I'm more active on German Twitter. Would it be O.K. to download your video and add a German voice-over? I have the voice and the equipment to do this, all I need is permission.

Do I also need to contact @acidyo, @blocktrades et al? Are there copyright issues involved?


P.S. It occurs to me I will also need the original music track. Where is that from, what's its name? Or I could just use something similar. I have access to Epidemic Sound.

I'm not involved.

O.K., duly noted. Thanks for responding so quickly.

You can use the video freely.

Gotcha. Thanks for the quick response. I'll see what I can cook up.


so far, I have made 2 foreign soundtracks for your video. People are catching on and are asking ME whether they can make a version for their language. May I simply give them the go-ahead, so they don't have to bother you?

Cheers and have a nice WE!


P.S. In case you're interested, this is what the vids sound like:



This video is very simple and short which can be used easier to explain to a learner. The video is very amazing.

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