NERISSA TRIDAWN - The true Saviour of Ocean

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What’s up my fellow splinter Warriors!

I guess all of you are well and also enjoying your life. The time seems passing bye faster as we have passed another season. I hope most of you have collected your season reward chests by now. The new season also started and we have again 15 days in our hand to rebuilt the trophy count.


After a whole night of playing, I finally achieved what I desired. I reached the leaderboard with red-dog and secured the 24th rank with 4,173 trophies and won a total of 20,000 DEC as rewards. I started from 3845 trophies and played approx 60 matches to reach that position. The real battle started after crossing the 4000 trophies because the I was facing Champion level players as my opponent, my I kept a calm mind and put my all into it and turned the waves towards my side.


With the recent update, from this season on, to get rewards from leaderboard positions, you have to maintain enough CP or you will be getting excluded from the leaderboard prizes even if you rank anywhere in top 40.



Now, Let us first get updated with the current crypto scenario by taking a look at the current market. The main dominator BTC is still holding its position strong over 45k but after a quick correction from 47k, it is currently being traded for 46,421.20$ per unit with a +8.02% growth in last 7 days. The other giant ETH is also following the uptrend deeply and currently it is being sold for 3,372.79$ per unit with a +10.24% growth in last 7 days. HIVE is still doing strong over 1$ and currently being traded for 1.16$ per unit with a +18.32% growth in last 7 days. LEO on the other hand is selling for 0.2161$ per unit currently with +2.65% price change in last 24 hours.


Now, taking a quick look at the splinterlands token market, the main in game token DEC is currently being traded for 0.002$ per unit with a +0.35% growth in last 24 hours. The SPS aka splintershards has gained some value in last days and currently being sold for 0.1176$ per unit with a +4.36% price change in last 24 hours. Vouchers however got a sharp downtrend from 1$ and currently it is being sold for 0.8395$ per unit with a `12.16% price growth in last 24 hours.


Now let is move towards our main theme of this post as today, I will be showcasing another sizzling Chaos character with you all, NERISSA TRIDAWN.


If the land world has Wonder Woman, the Water has NERISSA with them. NARISSA is one of the prettiest faces in while splinterlands and if her look doesn’t kill you, just remember that she is a proud warrior of the water and with her mighty Trident, she is almost invincible against most entities of splinterlands. She defends the ocean, rivers and lakes from enemies and also help human sailors from hurricans. Her bravery and brilliance in battles have earned her the Hurricane title.


NERISSA TRIDAWN is an epic edition chaos card that belongs to the Water realm. It costs a massive amount of 9 mana to use in the battlefield and and it’s attack type is magic. Below, I will be discussing more about Nerissa’s overall stats tier wise.


At level 2, this card possesses Three magic attack at two speed with 10 Health it’s hi magic attack will help you even when you use it in its initial levels.


At level 3, this card gets three magic attack at three speed with 10 health the increased speed will help her to launch attacks more quickly.


At level five, this card gets four magic attack at three speed with 11 on Health. Getting four magic attack at Gol devil can be devastating if you apply it rightfully.


At level six, this card gets a massive amount of five magic attack at three speed with 11 health at max level this card canteen some serious damage each time she attacks.

Important Points about NERISSA TRIDAWN

  • First of all, this card doesn’t carry an abilities throughout all her levels. But, in return she gets increased attack, speed and health. So you have to use her when more firepower requires rather than abilities.
  • The 9 mana cost is pretty large for a monster and thus its possible only to use her in big or medium mana limit ruleset matches.
  • In Back to Basics ruleset matches, this card can perform really well considering her decent speed deadly magic attacks and also the large amount of health will help you in defence.
  • Last but not least, she carries only 2 speed at bronze level and 3 speed from silver onwards so you have to think if your opponent will be coming with faster cards or not. You may keep this card at middle positions so that it stay alive for a long time.

Market Stat


NERISSA TRIDAWN is currently being sold for 1.58$ per BCX and onwards and will cost you about 766.675 dec. However, there are also a couple of high level cards for cheap at market right now if you are interested.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 60

Splinters allowed: Fire, Water, Earth and Death.


  • Equal Opportunity - the monsters will get the opportunity ability.
  • Holy Protection - Each and every monster ib this match will get the DSivine Shield ability.



I used the kraken at the first place of my line-up mainly because of its Taunt, Retaliate and demoralise ability. I am using a level four here and it has 4 melee attack at four speed with four armour and 14 health along with - taunt, demoralise, enrage and retaliate ability. The Taunt ability will attract all the enemy attacks upon the kraken and hence the enemy cards will ignore their opportunity attacks.



I used the prismatic energy at the second place of my line-up mainly because of its magic reflect plus void ability combo. I am using a level eight here and it has three magic attack at 5 speed with 11 Health along with those two abilities that I mentioned above. In case my opponent uses multiple magic cards against me, the prismatic energy will help me defence against them for a bit.



I chose the Djinn Oshannus at the third position of my line-up mainly because of its forcefield + void ability combo. I am using a level four here and it has three magic attack at five speed with 11 health along with - void, Phase and forcefield ability. Its my next defence against 5 or more powered high attacks. The phase ability also works really well when it comes to evading magic attacks.



I chose the sand worm at the fourth place of my line-up mainly because of its high powered sneak attack. I am using a level 10 here and it has seven Melee attack at four speed with seven health along with three abilities Sneak, Snare and Piercing. This monster alone can damage the opponent badly if he is using weak cards at rear. But it’s low health doesn’t allow it to endure much damage.



At the fifth position of my line up I choose one of my favourite water card ruler of the seas, Mainly because of its silence and blast ability I am using a level four here hand it has four magic attack at three speed with five health along with three abilities blast sweet and silence. The silence ability will decrease all the enemy magic monsters attack by one whether the swift ability will give all my friendly monsters increased speed.



I chose the Nerissa Tridawn at the last place of my lineup mainly because of her large attack + health stat. I am using a level 6 in here and it has 5 magic attack at 3 speed with 11 health but no abilities. The high health will consume multiple attacks before going down and on the other hand, the high 5 magic attack will do destruction in the battlefield each time she launches an attack.

Match Result


As you can see from the intel above, it was a massive 60 mana limit ruleset match and I guessed my opponent will use either Zaku or a Water summoner against me. So I acted accordingly and made a anti magic line-up as you can guess seeing my lineup above. However, unlike I guessed, my opponent used Earth summoner Llama Mage against me and he used a combo of all 3 types of attacks against me. At front, he used an awesome defence, Mycelic Slipspawn, followed by Prismatic Energy, Oaken Behemoth, Cornealus, Sand Worm and Javelin Thrower at the rear end. The opponent lineup is indeed strong and as it’s mycelic slipspawn also has the Taunt ability, all my minsters will directly attack this monsters ignoring their abilities. On top of that, the slipspawn’s forcefield will take only 1 damage from attacks of 5 or more power, so 3 of my monsters will get their attacks wasted unless it dies.


As the match started, My oshannus and prismatic attacked back to back and damaged down the mycelic’s health to 10. Afterwards, the enemy javelin thrower and Prismatic attacked my kraken and decreased its health down to 13. Next both my Kraken and sand worm attacked the enemy mycelic but due to both of them having more than five attack, the mycelic only received one damage for each of their attack and remained with 8 health. My ruler of the seas attacked next and targeted both mycelic and prismatic and took away the divine shield upon the enemy prismatic, leaving 1 damage only to the mycelic again but also lost it’s divine shield die to the magic reflect damage. My Marissa attacked next and damaged down the mycelic’s health to 6. next the enemy Sand Worm attacked my Kraken but missed its target. The enemy behemoth and mycelic slipspawn attack next back to back and brought down my kraken’s health to 9. At last, the enemy Cornelius attacked my Kraken and broke down its shield.


As the second round started, my kraken, prismatic and oshannus attacks one after another snd finally killed down the mycelic slipspawn. The javelin throw our end my sand warm missed their attacks afterwards followed by my ruler’s attack which took away define shield from both the javelin and enemy sand worm. The TRIDAWN attacked next and brought down the javelin’s health to 2. The enemy prismatic attacked next and damaged my kraken’s health down to 7. The enemy sand worm attacked afterwards but missed its target upon my kraken. The enemy behemoth and Cornealus attacked one after another just after that and made my kraken’s health just 2. But gotta admit this Kraken is so powerful that he alone is taking damage from all the enemy monsters till now and still is alive.


As the third round started, the oshannus killed down the enemy javelin while my kraken and prisma both attacked the enemy prisma and made its health down to 5. My sand worm attacked the enemy sand worm next and brought down it’s health to 2. The ruler attacked next and finally killed down the enemy sand worm. The TRIDAWN attacked then and brought down the enemy prisma’s health to 2. The wounded enemy prisma attacked next and killed my kraken finally, followed by the behemoth’s attack which killed my poor ruler of the seas, the behemoth attacked again due to the trample ability and damaged the TRIDAWN’s health down to 9.


As the round 4 started, my oshannus attacked first and killed down the wounded enemy prismatic energy finally. My prisma attacked next and targeted the behemoth, following by my sand worm’s attack which. Brought down the Cornealus’s health to 7. My TRIDAWN attacked next and damage it’s health further down to 1. The behemoth attacked afterwards and damaged down my prisma’s health to 8. The Cornealus then healed it up to 5 health and targeted my tridawn, decreasing her health down to 2.


At round 5, both my oshannus and sand worm attacked the Cornealus and killed it finally. The behemoth, being the last monster, got the last stand ability and it went after my prisma and brought down it’s health to 1. My tridawn attacked at last and decreased the behemoth’s health to 14.


As the round 6 started, both my Djinn oshannus and prismatic energy attacked the behemoth and brought down it’s health to 6, but then the behemoth attacked my prisma and it died finally and also gave back the behemoth one last magic reflect damage before dying. The behemoth then launches it’s melee attack upon my oshannus but missed its target. My sand worm attacked next but it also missed the target on the enemy behemoth. Lastly, the Tridawn launched her massive magic attack again and finally killed down the behemoth and hence, I scored another a sweet victory.

My Thoughts

This was indeed am excellent and extraordinary match as both the lineup had their own distinct approach to take down the opponent. However, all magic attack is proven more beneficial in my style against mixed attack strategy. I didn't have any shields on my monsters so received direct damaged from the enemy melee and range monsters a lot, but I focus on an offensive approach in this match over a defensive lineup and that went well in this particular match.

I hope most of you have already played with this beautiful Nerissa by now. Let me know you feelings about this awesome Chaos magic attacker in the comments below and I will be meeting you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

Want to start playing splinterlands? Click here

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What a battle! Winning against The Llama is quite an accomplishment. Of course I play at a much lower level (Gold) so when I see the Llama in a battle I panic! I have had battles where I have, to my chagrin, won battles against Llama. Guess I get lucky now and again.

With the recent update, from this season on, to get rewards from leaderboard positions, you have to maintain enough CP or you will be getting excluded from the leaderboard prizes even if you rank anywhere in top 40.

I am glad that the above decision was made. I am not sure how it will affect the rental market, but it makes sense. I personally have never made it to the top 40 in Gold League, but gives me and others a better opportunity to get there without renting cards every season.

Sending you a tip of some Splinterlands Battle Tokens (SBT) on behalf of the Hive Revolution Guild. This is a project by @itzninjafool (co-leader of the HIVE Revolution Guild). You can read about the tokens on his blog.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable weekend. Blessings and groovy vibes!

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First of all, I never noticed how buff she was.

I keep her at level 1, as getting her to level 3 doesnt change enough and I only pay in silver (+ better in Reverse Speed). Because her magic attack is so high by default, I love to use her in mixed attack teams too - like with Kelya, Axemaster, Hellondale and some Melee monsters. Awesome card in general, and also so cheap!


yes indeed, she seems to have a physics better than bodybuilders. Right now she is very cheap but it may price up in future! Thanks for the support :)


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Amazing, keep the good work

Thanks for reading my friend.. plz visit again.

This is nice work ,keep it up

I am glad that you enjoyed it, please visit again my friend.

Great post..Been using that card even at level 1, high magic attack with high amount of is big help during high mana battles

Yes she is very beneficial and a must have card in big mana limit matches.. thanks for visiting.