MAPX Report - The End - 11 May 2020

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A final communication to current MAPX members.


The final deadline has been and gone; I still see under 400 MAPX tokens in the possession of members. After six weeks of posts and numerous messages via comments, any members wondering about their tokens will be directed to this post.

Anyway, all the bonus tokens and special buyback prices have now lapsed - voting stopped some time ago.

The last offer is for MAPX members to sell their tokens on the market at whatever price is there. I shall add some buybacks at 0.99 STEEM, but will only keep this going so long as there are funds in Steem-Engine. If you do not see such a price, then just create your own sell order and I shall honour it as soon as I can. Eventually, the market will be shut down and the remaining tokens become null and void.

Thanks for your support and custom, but I cannot keep this open for ever.

We are not going away, we are merely rationalising our tokens. Both MAPR and MAXUV will remain on Steem.

Don't Panic!

(Too late for that.)

We have opened up a former MAP channel on Discord for anyone seeking advice or more information regarding any MAP FinTech program. You can find us here.

Building Steem's Fintech



Plus Some Serious Funtech

ONECENT: The First Strategic Token Investment Game (STIG)



This is the first and last time that I shall tag everyone who needs to pay attention:

@akomoajong @anasuleidy @ange.nkuru @bex-dk @bitcoingodmode @blueeyes8960 @bluerobo @botefarm @bxlaphabet @clayboyn @cryptopie @darthgexe @dimarss @dreemsteem @eirik @eugelys (I am aware that @fitinfun sadly passed away but someone may have her keys) @forykw @gentleshaid @hertz300 @holger80 @jordangerder @juliakponsford @justinashby @kgakakillerg @kubbyelizabeth @lidiasteem @mariannewest @mariluna @mistakili @mobi72 @parkname @pcourtnier @rechotels @rentmoney @roger5120 @romiferns @rosatravels @sammosk @soundwavesphoton @stitchybitch @sustainit @tanbay @torico @victoriabsb @zipporah

The End


Interesting, were you perhaps trying to reach us on STEEM? Either way I could have just missed it on HIVE, but it's all good anyway, I'll go take a look. I completely abandoned STEEM when the fork happened and I check absolutely nothing over there anymore.

I've been posting on Hive too. Glad the nuclear option of tagging the remaining members seems to be working.

I've not been on chain nor Discord since the world went in to lockdown – too preoccupied with figuring out how to survive, financially – no bandwidth for things that aren't immediately related to that. I've never even heard of this coin, so I checked; I have 3 MAPX, which I'd apparently staked without paying attention. I've now 'unstaked', but who knows how long that'll take. I'll check back in later to see where things are at. • Thanks for the heads up.

I understand; unstaking only takes 2 days, then please put them on sale - will be an extra 3 steem for you!

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