It's time to ADVERTISE HIVE! Show the people what Distributed Censorship Resistant means.

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This chit show is just the kind of advertising that we have all been waiting for so lets take advantage of it while it's hot and free!

Everyone can see RIGHT NOW that censorship is a BIG issue.
It doesn't matter what you think or who you are, you can be CENSORED!

If you say the wrong thing or even simply make a comment about someone who said something.... whatever, some A.I. somewhere can just shut you up, off, or down with a "You violated our policy. Your account has been deleted". end of line. beep. beep..

People are looking for alternatives to BIG TECH.
People know that big tech is NOT their friend.

The time has never been better to start directing people to censorship resistant platforms like HIVE, and Odysee.


So with that in mind I was thinking that a combination of old school and high tech was the best mix.

Something old school that "they" can't shut down, stop or censor, like flyers with tear-off tabs.


Merge that with high tech "Scan-n-Go" QR codes and an https://addresses.thats-Phone-Phriendly and you've got yourself a winner.


So, with my limited layout and technical skills I made up some flyers and hosted them on my lbry account.

Then I started putting them up in the various high traffic areas that I visit during the day.


I checked back in later to find that they ARE in fact working.

Several the tear-off tags at the bottom have been removed. I can't say if anyone has scanned the QR codes.


So for a few cents in printing costs and a bit of tape I have successfuly advertised Hive and LBRY to hundreds of people.

And the exciting thing is, more than one of these "viewers" was interested enough to take the tear-off tab.

I'd call that success!

Feel free to download and print the flyers to use yourself.

You can download the ready to print PDF files here:

PDF File for
PDF File for HIVE

Dont forget to cut slits for the tear-off tags at the bottom.

The time is NOW! "They" made it easy for us.

"They" showed everyone with their actions EXACTLY why ideas like HIVE and LBRY are important.

You just can't beat this chit show for pointing out exactly why "distributed" is important and why you need to have control over your own online "person" and content.

"They" are showing everyone why "distributed" "censorship resistant" "ownership" of YOUR data is an important feature. You no longer have to play that "but that would never happen to me" game when explaining why.

You don't have to explain why it's important.
Big Tech and the Media have made it VERY CLEAR that anyone and anything can be censored, removed or deplatformed at any time and they DON'T have to give you a real "reason".

Censorship is no longer just a "concept".

It should be easy to show anyone....

Why they NEED HIVE and now more than ever.


Don't forget to reply with a photo of the flyer posted somewhere cool.


Very cool idea!
That's why I always click on the links in posts by @dandays, you never know what you will find, and in this case, the link brought me to a real #gem.

Now I'll be returning to,

I don't post much. When I do I try to make it worthwhile.

This is awesome! Nice work!

Thank you. I will try to make some different ones too.
Let me know if you have any ideas.

Flyers with pull tabs—old as shit and genius. I'll give this post a reblog too, good luck @meanbees. Very nice. An article called Show Me Your Pull Tab... or not Thanks @intothewild.

Thanks for the reblog.

I hope a bunch of people pick up and run with it.
I made these with OpenOffice Draw.
I can share a .Zip file with all the contents if anyone wants it.
Just let me know.

I have been using LBRY for well over a year now and love the platform, you can also stake LBC to get more attention to your posts. And when that happens you get more LBC in general.

Had a question about bees: In early March, about a month from now I should be getting my packages of bees. I have the bee hive location all set up using cinder blocks and 4x4s. And I have my yellow bees wax pellets, ready to melt down and coat the trays and foundation. My question is when should I put coat the trays, and put the bee hives out? A couple days before I get the bees? Or can I coat the trays and put the hives out a month or so before I get them? I dont want attract unwanted pests before the bees move in so let me know.


Go LBRY go!
I think it's such a good idea and it's timing couldn't be better.

Yeah LBRY is great. I moved to it after dtube just kept letting me down.. glad I invested early on in LBRY

Me too, I bought about $50 worth of LBC before you could no longer use the app to purchase it "not available in the USA" go figure, the land of the "free". Do you know of any place in the US to get some? $50 was not enough, lbrys future looks awesome, I want more LBC!

I try to do all my video viewing on LBRY or Odysee now. I still do a bit of Did you know lbry will have live streaming soon?

Ah I bought my LBC on an exchange. I think I used Bittrex... If you need some help let me know.

Oh I did not know they are working on livestreaming, thats great. Id love Theta to have some competition finally.

Thanks for that. I dont use twatter.

Great idea!
Yes, this is the time for alternative media!
Great to see you, my friend. How are things?

Life has been good to me so far.

We pumped our septic tank pumped, wasn't the problem. The pipe from the tank to the drain field had an issue.
It's all fixed now but we have a front yard that's only mud.

Mud and rain with 4 dogs, did I say life was good..?
We have had over an inch of rain in the last 6 hours!
2.5 inches inches in the last 18 hours.

That's a lot of rain in a rainy climate!

I heard that there was a slide near Tongue Point. My cousin had to get to Astoria via the ferry. It took her two hours!

Ya, Highway 30 was closed because of it.

We will have a 7 foot high tide today, that is not unheard of. 12+ foot tides are big.
But combine a 7 foot tide with 3+ inches of rain in the last 24 hours and we have a problem.

Yep, that could make for a real problem. Stay safe!


Excellent work! TY for sharing.

I thought this was going to be a Snarky piece because I read the title wrong...
I was looking for the "Distributed Censorship" Which is what I really think is going on.

HIVE Regards!

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 10.46.52 AM.png

We certainly have a bunch of "Distributed Censorship" going on, that's for sure.
And the "self censorship" is more than just a bit concerning.

Great post, great idea! I'll be heading over and giving you a follow on LBRY as well.

I think a big part of the impediment we're having bringing people over is the difficulty of setting up a Hive account. People, generally, are lazy, and not to keen on being responsible for their own stuff. They'll happily jump from mainstream, centralized censorship to mainstream, centralized censorship just because it's easier and more familiar. Americans, especially, despite all their yelling about their freedoms, will happily click okay on any EULA they don't have to think too hard about. It'll take some time yet to break that mindset, but I think it will happen, and when it does, I'm sure Hive will still be here for everybody.

In the meantime, I've got some flyers to print, thank you!

Great! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I agree on the "lazy". In fact that's one of the reasons I did it this way.
It's a .PDF, all you have do is print, cut and post.

As far as hive and easy sign up. Ya, it needs more work before onboarding is "Grandma friendly". But it is getting better..

The wave of new users will come when the masses finely wake up and understand what (for lack of better words is) "digital ownership of yourself" is...

Remember, unless the internet shuts down or we have a mass dieoff, that's 5 to 7 billion people.. Hive only needs a small percentage of that to MOON something fierce.

I think we've got some cool shit going on here and Joe Public demands "fast and free" so we have more than basics covered.

When/if the masses have that "oh, duah! Of course I own myself and that carries over into the digital world". Thats when the big migration will happen.

EULA fun: The Captive Portal for the open guest Wi-Fi at my house (captive portal is a "Click "I agree to terms"" before using the Wi-Fi) it says "I own you, your immediate family all their combined assetts and output for 15 years from last use".

Hopefully that can hold up in court.

I'm pretty sure there are laws against signing away things for your immediate family, but I wish you the best of luck.

Thousands have gone over to ... gab. Instead of learning to do Hive, they just go from one centralized platform to another.

Because everyone has herd about Gab.
It's "Brand Name Awareness" and we (HIVE) don't have much.

Lets tell everyone about HIVE.

Using HIVE may still be a bit to technical for Joe Blow but Joe NEEDS to know that things like HIVE and LBRY exist. And MOST IMPORTANTLY why and how they can give him back control.

So when they are ready, they know where to go.

Hive Keychain, and/or Hive Signer, and some kind of password manager make things easy.

Isn't that the most frustrating thing ever. Here we have the solution and folks aren't realizing it. Its really up to us to make it happen.

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I have been saying that since I started this ride back in 2017.
This is A SOLUTION to some of the current problems we just need to let peoplle know about it.

The "internet" is learning some hard lessons right now.
They don't understand that there ARE SOLUTIONS to these problems.
When they wake up and realize what HIVE has to offer... Moon shot for sure.

The HIVE users need to understand that THEY ARE the Advertising department, the Research and Development department, the Programmers and all the other Departments and things that are needed to make this run.

It is NOT CENTRALIZED so there is no "Department Head" to complain to about the lack of advertising.

You need to do it YOURSELF if you want it done.

So if Everyone just put up one flyer per day, just think of how many eyeballs we would capture.

If anyone has any suggestions for Flyer Content let me know and I'll make some more.

Do you have a place to organize and such? We have a Discord channel to use if you want -

We need to show people why Decentralized is better than Centralized.

Right now the "media" has made that point for us. It's OBVIOUS why.

So you no longer have to explain why it's important, you just have to point it out and let them know about the options.

This is an incredible idea!
I am glad you figured it out for all of us. Now its my turn to find areas where I can go sticking them!

Be sure to post back here with a potot or two.

I do not believe that everybody gets censored for things they've commented on two other people at those other places so I don't know what you're talking about there if you're causing damage and destruction yeah okay now this is good post like the way you're advertising with the flyers. like the other comment said yes this is a great way to do it and yes this is a great post and and you have a successful life

Great initiative and original, that's how we advertise stuff we want to sell not so;)

Forgive me if I talked weird and it works come out of my mouth wrong I really feel bad about that anyways

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