Another Drop in the Retirement Bucket: Crypto Gaming as an Investment

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The opportunity for Millennials to earn crypto by playing crypto games still exists.

While these crypto earnings are not large enough for a California Parent to pay even a phone bill, they are large enough to help the generation that is starting to push 40 build a retirement account.

How can spending 15 minutes a day today, help me in 30 years?

Blockchain games help you learn about the crypto investment world without having to invest your fiat (cash).

While you do earn crypto pennies to play, and you can use them as a part of a whole strategy, the learning curve of how crypto works is the real gift that keeps on giving.

Screenshot 20220505 8.19.21 PM.png

Rising Star is a simple blockchain based game. Anyone who has a hive account can play.

yes that's an affilliate link

It is free to get started, and while you really do earn crypto pennies, the game is still based in fun.

Someone like me, who already spends hours per day studying crypto can use it as a part of a retirement strategy

But every day people can simply learn the game, play, enjoy, and use it as a way to learn crypto strategies.

What crypto strategies can you learn on this game?

Screenshot 20220505 8.27.03 PM.png

In this game you "do missions" by clicking a button. Click the busking mission button, wait five minutes, and your avatar has "gone busking."

If you have the sound on, there is music playing consistently while you play, and when the busking mission is done, you hear coins clacking and a congratulations.

This is basically the same way everything on the blockchain HIVE works.

Listnerds for example, you read an email, you earn tokens. Leofinance, you write a blog post, you earn some LEO.

Its called mining, and all the blockchains in existence work based on some type of mining.

After you earn some crypto pennies, you get to invest them.

Sure, you can transfer the earnings out, and turn them into fiat but you can also re-invest the earnings in the game.

You can purchase instruments for your avatar or buy boosters and such.


You can invest in the "real" musicians who share their music on this space.

I choose to invest in the musicians

It is both a game strategy, but I also like to support, and investing crypto pennies seems like a simple way to tell a musician "keep going."

Screenshot 20220505 8.45.15 PM.png

You can invest in musicians by "staking" your crypto pennies (starbits).

Its the same way it works in many of the crypto projects. Staking basically means you lock up your earnings, to invest them in something else.

The earnings are still yours. They are just unusable (and can become usable again by unstaking).

Although I am building a long term crypto strategy that will fund my retirement

And although I do expect Rising Star to be a small part of that long term strategy, I am mostly playing for fun.

There are others who can use this game to really build some wealth. It is possible to buy and sell cards, to update avatars to make their earning potential the biggest ever, and to write about your journey, creating another income stream.

The opportunity to invest is also available. And there are so many components to the game that you can be lost in it for days.

Are you looking for an opportunity where you can invest your time, and learn how to build a retirement account?

The opportunity is real, exists, and available for anyone with an internet connection (and a hive account which can be gotten right on the website)

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You're welcome @metzli, that's a pleasure! Keep going like this and closer to the 10k 😊🌹👍

I suggest getting to like level 50 (or whatever level it is) and then investing into 1 million starbits so you can do the millionaire mission. Once a day, you can get 10k starbits for a 30-minute-long mission. You could always sell your starbits to recoup your investment.

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I'm thinking I'll have to look into starbits maybe a 100 or 150 hive investment.

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It could be a nice investment but I kind of don't think you should unless it's towards the millionaire mission. While there are STARBITS sinks, I still think it's a token with a decent amount of inflation.

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I am glad I made goals at the beggining of the month, cause starbits made me get stars in my eyes, and I was ready to sell other assets to buy more.

I will go slow and steady.

Are you playing yet?

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10 K starbits per day, then I can stake on every song that comes out.

I staked in accounts today,and was so excited every time a sale came through.

I know I was just earning bits (lol) but it was fun to watch.

Once you get the millionaire card, do you get to keep your million starbits or is it a card you are buying? \

And if you get to keep them, what happens if you sell them?

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The steps are the following:

  1. Get 1 million starbits in Hive Engine
  2. Go to Discord and ask for the card to be issued (may take a few days)
  3. Make sure to have 1 million starbits and run the mission every day

So you need to keep a balance of 1 million and you can sell the rest to recoup your investment. Please do not buy the card off the market because it won't let you run the mission.

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Thank you.

I really want to get to millionaire status now, cause I am really liking staking starbits against records.

I found out this morning though, that you have to stake more than 1000 per record to get an actual payout on something because if your stake is not big enough, then the dust won't pay you anything.

So... I am unstaking a bunch of things today so I can put more of my bits behinds fewer songs instead of too few bits in a lot of songs.

So... 10,000 a day would make me be able to stake and support artists in a much better fashion.

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The risingstar game is perfect to learn how blockchain games work. It's quite simple to play but it can also become profitable. I've been playing for more than 14 months and I can withdraw about 3$ every week. Taking into account that I reinvest the other 90% of my income in the game, it could be close to 30$ income per week! Not too bad for such a game :-)

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post! Comment Footer.jpg

so 14 months of consistent work, and then you can start seeing profits.

Thank you for this comment.

I wrote this post different than how I write my usual posts because I am looking to post more "outward facing content"

In reality I wanted my post to be more like: I am fangirling over rising star here and it is the best game and everyone should be playing it why didn't I start when it came out, I would be so cool!

Thanks for letting me know you will be highlighting my post, I will make sure that if it generates any traffic for me, to take care of all the commentors that come visit me.

Be well - and I like receiving your newsletter :)

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I wrote this post different than how I write my usual posts because I am looking to post more "outward facing content"

I quite liked the way you wrote it. I had the feeling that even a person that doesn't know anything about crypto and hive could actually get interested :-)

Thank you for the acknowledgement.

I know there is a lot of content on HIVE, so I really appreciate getting noticed.

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I wonder where all of this will be in 30 years, it would be something to have a retirement from these NFTs.

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So if this grows anywhere near the way Splinterlands grew then the NFT's won't matter as much, and the profits from owning the NFT's will be huge.

Whenever writing about these games, I wonder if I will ever be able to walk away from my account (sell all my cards). My splinterlands account is completely separate because I hope to sell the whole account one day.

Will anyone want to pay $30,000 for an account?

I sure hope so!

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welcome to rising star girl. this game can definitely be profitable long term. im withdrawing here and there but mostly reinvest in the game. staking in musicians is a good way to save but not very profitable. I suggest you stack for some packs or but nfts on the market. more cards more money and you can never have enough cards! welcome to the show, enjoy the ride!

Are the cards to booster your stats, or does having actual cards make a difference.

I think I remember reading somewhere that more instrument cards mean you can get more skills during music lessons.

I am liking it and can see how it can be profitable, but am mostly treating it like a fun game.

Yeah, it's lots of fun! for me, this is primarily why I play. But after playing for 2 years i obvs get some benefits. But 95% of my tokens are still reinvested in the game because I want to progress. Probably the only place I will really be a rockstar!

NFTs definitely help you earn more, rank better and help you level up. It's a game of balancing skills and fans and to progress to the next zone you need certain cards and achievements in place.


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