Resisting the Urge to Stake Everything

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I am on HIVE for the long run

50,000 HP here I come. My dear friend, @khimgoh once told me that once you reached 10,000 Power, things just kind of started moving faster and faster.

She was right.

Still it is going to take a while before I reach that magical 50,000

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And one thing I learned during last bull, is that if you don't sell, you don't make a profit.

Many of the oldies here on the platform tell you, take the profits even if you don't need to.

Well, how am I going to make a profit, If I don't have anything liquid?

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Also, what if I see a great sale on a Hive-Engine token? CTP recently had a crash down, which helped me get closer to my Listnerds Goal. I recognize that if I would have had just 25 HIVE liquid, my goal would be met and done and I would be able to concentrate on the next goal.

You need liquidity to buy it.

Hear of a new opportunity?

You need liquidity to invest in it.

It is not rocket science, but you still have to take the action to meet the goal.

I am preparing for the next bull run

Next time "the koreans" pump Hive, I'm gonna be cool like @spinvest, and buy some stable HBD, and earn 20% on it.

No transactions. No money leaving the blockchain.

Hive goes back down again?

Easy, sell some HBD.

Or just HODL it.

Cause. 20% APR is Magical.

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But also, if HIVE really gets to the magical 2.50 USD I think it will be

Then I want to be able to sell enough hive to at least buy myself a steak dinner.

(or pay an electric bill for the month)

Point is, I used to think that to show that you were here for "the long run" you had to stake everything.

Show that you believe in the project, put your money where your mouth is.

Now I want to put my money where my mouth is AND have enough to buy some groceries when the price gets to a worthy place.

How much HIVE and HBD do you keep liquid?

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I also think that Liquidity is certainly an important aspect when investing in crypto (or anything for that matter). In terms of taking advantage of uptrends and downtrends in the markets, we need to have a portion of our Hive holdings in liquid so that we can buy when market is bearish and sell when market is bullish.

By the way, I am also preparing to take advantage of the next Bull run. I like the optimism that you show with your post, because I am also optimistic about it.

Good post. Thanks for sharing. Greetings.

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I feel prepared this time.

I was a little stuck last bull run, I didn't quite know how to capitalize on it. Next time... With the stakes I already have, I will not be afraid to sell a little.

It's right that after 10k things move faster.
I keep few 100 as liquid and mostly I keep as HP because liquid doesn't earn any reward

A few hundred sounds like a good number. I remember when a few hundred was all I had, so of course, it all had to be staked.

After 10k, got it. Goal #1

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These make sense. Keeping something liquid and easy to pull out when opportunities arise is a good thing. Thank you for sharing :) Have to keep that in mind.

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You are very welcome. I appreciate your visit and comment.

Pleasure is mine :) Cheers

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It makes sense to have some liquid Hive for opportunities. This post and the comments are very valuable as it shows people sharing ideas on how to profit short term and long term. :)

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The "problem" is that I keep seeing great opportunities, so my liquid keeps getting staked and moved.

like all the liquid leo I sold to buy "cheap" LBI...

I can't say I alwys know what the best investment is, and H-E tokens make it hard to focus on just a few.
I think there is something gained when moving between two teeter todder cryptos;

  • Leo goes up, Hive down, sell Leo buy Hive,
  • Hive goes up, Leo down, sell Hive buy Leo.

Over time you should be able to stack both.

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I think so too. Especially when you add LBI which has the "buy back" option, and is usually "on sale."

I was taught early on to "check the ratios" instead of comparing your trades to USD to ensure that your bag is always getting bigger, even if the USD value is faltering.

The less pairs you watch, the easier it is to see.

I guess, I could write it down, but I don't need to add yet another journal to my mountain of journals.

BTW, that comment about edicted starting his project now. HAHAHAH. Yeah dude, where's the CUB fork lololol

Really interesting point - I'm also usually tempted to stake everything but more recently started keeping some Hive liquid. Right now I have 8.8K HP and 600 Hive liquid for example. You are right you never know when an opportunity will come!

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.

I am starting to see that part of the beauty of staking is that you can't just spend your crypto. I keep saving up some liquid funds and then since they are liquid I keep syphoning right into the Hive-Engine.

Still. Keeping liquid is helping me make moves I am proud of, like buying "cheap" income tokens.

Yeah exactly - there are so many different opportunities - it's good to be able to take advantage of some of them with liquid funds. But we can't do everything and be in every token/project.

Have a great day!

I'm not selling any of my on-chain HIVE/HBD, but any Hive.SWAP and HBD.SWAP will be played with for LTC and some DOGE. I'm also betting on BCH too. Things are getting pretty interesting economically. Now that the EURO is collapsing against the USD, that's going to leave the western world with inflation woes.

There is a huge shift in currency dominance. Europe is losing its footing while Asian/Eurasian currencies are rising.

What does the Euro collapsing against the dollar do for us here in the US.

It seems like it could be written the other way.

The USD is gaining over the Euro.

A weaker Euro means a weaker West which, in turn, means a weaker dollar.

A weakening Euro means a weakening NATO (for the people who care about it). It leaves all our allies in bad positions economically, thus decreasing their influence over other nations. With a weaker Europe and US that means China and Russia can fill in the gaps in developing countries. Not a good thing for long term peace between ideologically different factions.

Now that is just political matters. A weakening Euro doesn't necessarily mean a growing dollar because both the Dollar and Euro are down against the Russian Ruble (the sanctions backfired and boosted the Russian currency). Weaker currencies means it will exponentially grow inflation. Our inflation is not going to get better just because of temporary stabilized fuel prices. China doesn't matter too much on this because China typically over inflates their currency to keep it around 0.15$ USD per Yuan.

As I've said before, things are going to get worse. As an analogy, we're not even inside the cave yet. We're on the boat looking right at the cave, as we're just now starting to pass through choppy and treacherous waters.

What do you see happening with crypto? Is it time to start investing in blockchains that are more Asian based, because that is where the economic growth is?

Which Hive-Engine token markets to where the money is headed?

Hate to say it but maybe STEEM because of Sun?

That is a great call when Hive jumps past that threshold.
The best move in Hive has to do with the diversification between Hive and HBD.
I am counting on that next bull as well.
Liquid Hive always saves the day.


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Please explain more.

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I think @pouchon is referring to the ratio between HIVE and HBD, paying attention to it and trading the assets back and forth.

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Everyone at one point in time needs a strategy because this is exactly what enables you to take advantage of the bull and bear market at the same time. I think Higher hive price means more HBD goals. Keep working, you'll get there.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I think so too.

My strategy is to keep a base amount of HP staked.

Even though it might not earn as much yield as if I put it elsewhere, the fact that it gives me influence here on Hive is more valuable in the long run.

But anything I'm earning on top of that base, I want to use to take a few more risks and go for higher yields.

If the strategy pays off, I double my money and can form a new, higher base stake of HP :)

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I've just been moving the Liquid Hive over to Hive Engine tokens (neoxian, leofinance, CTP) i've invested in others in the past but these are the ones I go with.

Then I also collect Hive Engine Income tokens SPI LBI SIM etc etc etc.

I also like to set small buy orders for tipping tokens that I use. For example, if I give out three !LUV, I set up a buy order for three LUV tokens.

I also like to put my SBD into savings.

Gosh - I guess I do a lot more than I give myself credit for.

I've even been delegating for APR.

Maybe its time for me to try going off chain again. The times I have, I haven't really liked it. I really dislike ETH gas fees and the unknown of the. Bitcoin is boring cause it just sits there, Litcoin is just too much of a second place coin, I don't want to invest in a token that's based off a dog (losing battle I see now), and cardano was shilled to me when it was 0.06 (or maybe even 0.006) but I just don't see a use case for it.

Well, guess I just talked myself out of it again. hahahahahah

Nice chat, you're really getting me thinking over here.

Influence is priceless.

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I have started doing a continual power down as well as powering-up so that I always have some liquid to play with. I am also in for the long haul but many times I have just had to look on as opportunities passed me by and I had no liquid to take advantage of it.

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That's something to think about. I am sort of a purist when it comes to powering down. I don't like like doing it! But I can see how it is a good strategy.

I look forward to reading about your moves next bull.

Good to have both and get credit for both.

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I had a few hundred... but I turned around and staked it all to start having that bigger stake. I like the idea of 10k, that looks like it's going to be a new goal of mine!

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My very first goal was 60SP (back on the steem blockchain) from there I really wanted 500 - seemed insurmountable. Now I am aiming for 50,000.

Stay here long enough and your goal just keeps getting pushed further and further out.

Now that I'm actually thinking about finally making goals for myself, I can see them getting pushed to bigger places!!! Tha KS for the words of encouragement.

Although this was my first bear season, it taught me the essence of taking profits during the bull season.

Just like you I am prepared to take utmost advantage of that season when it comes.

I'm I allowed to say congratulations on your path to 50k HP yet? Maybe? So you can key into it and get there faster.... Smiles

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Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I am putting it on my dream boards!

You are welcome ma'am.

I know you'll do great. I wish you the best of luck. ❤️

This is great advice! i am reblogging it. :)

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Thank you for the re-blog!

A balance is good, one foot staked and the other liquid. That 10k HP threshold sounds interesting, I should consider that.
Many thanks

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Yes. I was all about stake stake stake when my numbers were smaller. Now I feel like I have more leverage.

Good strategy there.

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Very interesting 👌.
Would love to see some facility for a monthly payout, so one could DCA with confidence.
Hope a dev reads this 🙏 untitled.gif