The Importance of Goals and Re-Balancing

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After a long HIVE pause of about 9 months, I came back ready to empty my accounts and move to "traditional" investments

I saw that I could not tend to my accounts, and felt like my money would be better used where I could tend to it.

I quickly changed my mind as the truly passive income I had earned was well over anything my fiat could have done.

I decided to re-commit, and pay attention to the growth.

I decided I would grow my HBD by $50 USD plus the 20% interest rate.

I would make sure my HivePower grew by 10% with postings and curations, and if it didn't I would re-balance my accounts (aka take from tokens or other earnings to make sure it grew by 10%)

I would grow my Leo Stack by 10%

I would grow my CTP in Tribes AND in Listnerds by 10%

And I would HODL SIM and its 40% APR.

I have other crypto's of course, but those were the ones I would concentrate on.

It was easy to see early on that my delegations would take CTP and LEO to their 10% growth FAST

And I was already thinking of the best way to transfer the money to my HIVE POWER.

Would it be better to sell off slowly and trickle it into the account? Or should I sell off closer to the due date?

Which would be better for MY accounts? Which would be better for the health of the tribe.

What I hadn't accounted for was the CTP "Richlist"

Screenshot 20220430 9.44.55 AM.png

Because I had left my account basically dormant for 9 months, but there was a delegation to CTP I had left, I had enough CTP tokens to transfer into listnerds and get me into the richlist.

I was #40 and was very proud of it.

This was "proof" that my pizza money investments and my extreme time investments from the prior years were paying off.

I was a somebody on the CTP richlist.

I was proud of myself.

I was steadily at #40 until this morning.

When I hit #41, I forgot all about my goals

It didn't matter that I might need that CTP to help my HivePower reach its 10% growth!

What mattered what that I was lower on the RichList and did not want that to happen.

So I transferred just enough CTP into my account.

So let's continue to make goals

And remember them.

The truth is that the richlist is simply a vanity list. It makes people see how much time and money they need to invest to "be a whale" or whatever richlisters are called.

It helps you build your goals.

But it really doesn't "do" anything for you.

Still, I thwarted my goals to stay on there and number 40, and am now #39.

How many times am I going to have to pump my CTP bag to stay on the ListNerds richlist?

Hopefully, just enough to keep me interested in investing.

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😍 - Very interesting! I saw someone else post this weekend that they had an ambition to be in a richlist, I think it was for LEO. It's quite a good goal to have or to maintain, helps to keep you focused.

How are you finding Listnerds? I've seen a lot of people posting about it.

I responded earlier and my comment was somehow lost...

So happy to see you here on my post!

I like listnerds because it exposes me to new authors, and also because the listnerds tokens are not attached to my HIVEPOWER

So I can give, I think 20 "upvotes" or verifications on their mail, and it will not affect my Hive Power.

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Ah, that's helpful. I started reading the white paper last night, but I was too tired to concentrate 😂.

How are you and your family?

We are doing great!

I don't know when we last spoke but my youngest will be two at the end of the month - I have four in total now, the oldest started high school, we bought a home, and the three oldest can read.

We tend to a small garden, and are extremely blessed.

Thank you for asking <3

Two already! Time passes so quickly!

So glad all is well, it's been a tough time for everyone.

Times have been tough. We have been holding up.

I took them to the mall for kids day yesterday, I like to celebrate by buying them books and lemonade and the "baby" was soooooo happy. She kept saying "hello" to everyone and was extra excited to see other kids.

I was still nervous to be out in public and I wonder if that nervousness will ever go away.

It is cheesy to say, but the kids are such joys, they really have been making these times easy to get through.

I truly hope you fulfill your goals. Things are going to get really expensive with inflation getting crazy and the uncertainty in the markets. Good luck with CTP too, I've just started accumulating CTP. Haven't been selling any of em.

Inflation is just NUTS right now.

Not only am I paying 5+ per gallon to fill my minivan, I'm also paying $4.99 per pound per tomatoes.

Thanks for the well wishes, hope to see you here in a few years saying "oh yeah, I started staking CTP when it was still cheap"

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Thank you! I recently started using the ecency platform (mostly through links sent via listnerds) and I really like it.

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Wow, I'm like super cool.

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Yes, cool you are. We can't wait to see you reach your new target @metzli! 😉

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Thank you!

supported :)

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Thank you for your support @metzli, much appreciated!

Thank you for your support @metzli, much appreciated!

Welcome back, @metzli!
It gets easier to focus when you have specific goals. You can see how far you have come, what you need to do to achieve your goals in time, and take the necessary steps.

Wish you all the best!

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Thanks for the welcome!

I am so happy to be here.

It is so interesting to me that some of the goals I set for June 1, were met by May 1rst.

I need to go bigger, or rebalance more...

That Hive Power doesn't grow by 10% passively at all, you got a work it.

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Wow nice. I came back 8 months ago. I left steem a long time ago with rep of "46".

Yesterday I achieved my long term goal of "70".
Goals are indeed nice to set.

I stopped actively working on my reputation when I got to the high 60's.

It just kind of stays there now.

Hehehehe... eventually everyone that's active gets there.

Could you teach me how you connect ctp to listenerds

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you go to the site:

There is one with my referral link ;)

Then you log in using your HIVE keys.

You will get a free staked listnerd, and a bunch of tutorials to get it going.

If you have more questions, I have been working the system for like 10 days, I read the whitepaper. If I don't know the answer I know how to find it.