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We are getting to the finish of the #MyHiveGoals year and it is time to push to get there in time, but also, it's time to begin thinking the next year's goals! I know that many of you struggle with defining these goals to suit yourselves as we are different... My goals are not the same as yours... Someone likes one thing, others like another, etc...

Many times people comment on my posts about how they don't know where to start, how to define their goal, or what to follow here on HIVE... When I shared my Hive rankings the question that I got was where do I follow this ranking... So, I have decided to share part of this post to HiveBuzz website where you can follow many different activities on HIVE, simply by entering your username! The website is created by one of the Hive legends, @arcange who has created many different useful tools for Hivians!

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So, the things that I like to check on HiveBuzz are some general stats that you can see on top of the website when you enter your username... It looks like this:

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As you can see, just on this screenshot you can pick some of the ideas for your future Hive goals... Maybe you want to be more consistent with publishing posts, then you should follow the number of created POSTS... Or if you want to comment more then do that...

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Every time you reach some milestone, you will get a badge for doing it... The number of posts, comments, upvotes, rewards, replies to your posts, etc...

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Maybe you need one BIG goal next year... Attending a live HiveFest event could be a nice motivator...

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Or you would like to attend ALL #HivePUD events... Then your goal should be to collect all badges next year for this event! HivePUM is something that needs a lot of consistency as you have to power up every single day of the month... I have failed to do that couple of times as I have simply forgotten to do it... But, it could be a nice goal...

So, I hope that you will find some goals that fit you from these ideas from the HiveBuzz website... As more you search, the more will you find... :) Good luck!

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Let's get back to the #MyHiveGoals and numbers for the last week...

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The last week was a combination of my regular 500 HP weekly power-up and the 1K HivePUD, so the total growth was almost exactly 1500 HP... It looks great on that chart and it would be great to see that until the end of the year... But, doing things step by step, as walking is the best way to get to the goal!

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No more monthly goals as we are in the last month of the year... So, this month's goals are the yearly goals for 2022! This means that I have to stake almost 200 LEO tokens to reach my LEO Power goal for this year... As I was doing my staking weekly, maybe I will do it differently this month and keep some liquid tokens to participate in the LEOPUD day... I didn't do it until now and maybe it's fun like the HivePUD!

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Regarding my WORKERBEE, I have staked 50 tokens more this week, and I need 100 more to reach my 10K goal for this year... This goal was a rollercoaster as the price of the token was very volatile... I'm happy that I have used the opportunity and bought most of my tokens while it was cheap... Lately, I don't see people willing to sell the token under 2.5 HIVE...

As for the BEE token, I have accumulated over 3K of them on one account, but I do have more on the other one... So, in some way, I consider this goal reached...

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A new month in the RISING STAR game means new cards, which means more fun and more new NFT to collect... :) Currently, I have over 8000 cards which are 2K more than my previously revised goal for this year! I can't believe that I have begun this year with a bit over 3K cards... So, this amount is more than doubled!

Regarding my SPS tokens* goal, I have changed my strategy... again... lol... But, not that drastically, just a small tweaking... I have continued with the accumulation of tokens and I'm not unstaking them, but I have decided to exchange my liquid SPS earnings for the GLX tokens and stake them... I know that some people are doing vice versa, but I think that the current APR on GLX staking is too good to not be used... I will probably change this strategy during December, or in January... Anyways, I have added 345 SPS tokens to my stake, which isn't bad at all...

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It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on December 4th, 2022 are:


Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here.

Thank you for your time,


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The link to my initial 2022 Goals Edition is here...

These are my initial goals for 2022 created on January 2nd, 2022:


Update 06.02.2022.
BEE POWER 2500 --> 3500
RISING STAR NFTs 5555 --> 6000
Update 04.09.2022.
HIVE POWER 54000 --> 55000 (ORCA rank minimum went up)

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If you want to support my witness, you can do it by voting for @ph1102.ctp here, or just scan the QR code down below...


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Great work towards your goals, just a few weeks to go. Those GLX tokens are hard to resist with this APY!

Yes, they are... I'm aware that the price will drop, but I think that the amount of mined tokens and hopefully, future use cases will pay back in the end... This time, it is more a gamble than an investment, but I will take it... :)


What's your estimation? Will you achieve all 4 remaining goals? From the sidelines, it looks like you should.

Similar to you, I do have some "half-liquid" HIVE and I should get to my ORCA rank (probably at NewYear powerup)... I still need some WORKERBEE to arrange, the rest is achievable...
My main obstacle at the moment is the GLX token... lol... I'm buying and staking most of them in a hope that the next year, it should bring me some returns... It is a kind of gambling as there is no game, nor a product, but I'm taking that risk...


I took a moderate approach to GLX. Yes, the APR is huge, so I keep and stake part of it, but I also sell part of it to use for other purposes.

In a week and a half staking rewards for GLG packs will start. Another source of inflation that may bring the price as well as the APR further down.

The price of GLX tokens will go down and there is no doubt about that, but I think that with this APR (until a certain moment), the price drop is compensated with it... I mean, you mine more tokens, that in total will value more even with a lower price... But, nobody knows what price it will drop, and in what timeframe...

Now that you have opened a discussion about GLG packs staking, I have checked it out... But, if I have understood well (please correct me), pack stakers should get (at the current amount of sold packs) around 27 GLX tokens per pack... but in total, not daily... It is like $2.43 at the current GLX price, but I doubt that it will hold that price... This leads that the APR on staking could max 45%, but in reality, it will be much less...

I know that you will have packs as an asset that has its own value, but still, I think I will skip that part... Maybe when packs come to the end of the $5 price, I will buy some... But, until then, I will stick to GLX tokens staking...

You really going leap and bounds in accumulating Hive.
Good proress.

Thanks! Trying to do my best and to show others that they can do it, too! :)


Wow, that is amazing progress and that is a lot of Hive you powered up. It looks like you can still reach your goals but it might be tough.

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I hope I will get there by the end of the year... If not, I will at the beginning of the next one... ;)
Thanks for your kind words!


Wow, the orca is close! 😜💪🔥

It is! One ORCA more in the ocean soon... 😂


Great job! You are going to achieve all your goals or stay very close. It can be said that you have had a great year.

Thanks! Surprisingly, it is like that... This year was awful in crypto with all this bad stuff going on, but we were lucky that we didn't have that much fuss here on HIVE... So, we had time to accumulate peacefully... ;)



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Supported! HiveSQL is probably the most important part for developers on HIVE! Keep doing your great job!

Thank you for your support @ph1102, really appreciate it! 👍
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