@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #88: guess the price of Hive and win 5 Hive

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to the 88th round of my Monday tipping contest where you can guess the price of Hive in seven days and win 5 Hive from me.


If you want to join this round of the contest, submit your guess on what the price of Hive will be next Monday (July 18) at exactly 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET).

  • Please round your guess to 3 decimal digits (for example: $0.456 or $0.800).

  • You can submit your guesses until Friday (July 15), 11:00 A.M. CET.

  • Only one guess per person, no editing.

The ending Hive price for the contest will be taken from coingecko.com and proved with a screenshot taken from their website next Monday at 11:00 A.M. CET.

The winner (fastest correct or closest tip) will win 5 Hive from me.

I am looking forward to checking out your entries :) Good luck everyone!

Check out the ranking of the most successful participants of the contest!

Rank Name Number of wins
2. - 6.@eii4
2. - 6.@krakonos4
2. - 6.@jjprac4
2. - 6.@rebe.torres124
2. - 6.@yova4
7. - 8.@onlavu3
7. - 8.@deepresearch3
9. - 20.@borran 2
9. - 20.@shashiprabha 2
9. - 20.@maxili632
9. - 20.@gingbabida2
9. - 20.@crazy-andy2
9. - 20.@necho412
9. - 20.@jorgebgt2
9. - 20.@faithetim2
9. - 20.@miriammarga2
9. - 20.@maylenasland2
9. - 20.@dswigle2
9. - 20.@rosauradels2
21. - 49.@liltammy 1
21. - 49.@dronegraphica 1
21. - 49.@mastersa 1
21. - 49.@tulio77 1
21. - 49.@lavanyalakshman 1
21. - 49.@minhaz007 1
21. - 49.@oresteg1
21. - 49.@rokhani1
21. - 49.@bntcamelo1
21. - 49.@coingecko1
21. - 49.@katrin-lux1
21. - 49.@trangbaby1
21. - 49.@firstcoast1
21. - 49.@jhonnygo1
21. - 49.@jfang0031
21. - 49.@oldmans1
21. - 49.@fronttowardenemy1
21. - 49.@tazi1
21. - 49.@jedenjenda1
21. - 49.@aleksandra.mart1
21. - 49.@taliakerch1
21. - 49.@a-alice1
21. - 49.@crazy-bee1
21. - 49.@yeckingo11
21. - 49.@femcy-willcy1
21. - 49.@nenio1
21. - 49.@worldstories1
21. - 49.@vaipraonde1
21. - 49.@olympicdragon1

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Haha! We wish! I would pay extra for you to be right!!!! 😁

Hahaha exactly! :D Thanks for your support, participation and engagement with other participants as usually Denise! Always a pleasure to have you here :)

Hope your guess value would come to reality!!!

I do believe definitely YES!!!🔥

Shoutouts to @sisterhood2, @olivia08, @me2selah @cindee08 @gremayo, @otom @caydenshan @dizzyapple

Cast your entries here please... thank you!

Thanks for inviting all these people here, this round must have one of the highest participations in the history of this contest :D With so many guesses, I´m pretty sure someone will hit the exact number hehe :)

You are welcome... glad they are part of the contest now.

Thank you Ate @mers for tagging me.

My guess is .437. Thank you @mers for inviting us to this fun challenge.

You're welcome dear.

O.442 for my guess thanks @mers for inviting me here

Good luck to us. Hehehe..



My guess had been 0.451

Woo-hoo! You made it @mers! ❤️

Hahaha... hurraaay!I was waiting for @phortun's announcement because it was 11:00 AM already EU time.. but I didn't see any post about it..panicking I looked at his older post last week and there I commented my guess value...Lololols, later he replied to my question I should give my guess to the just posted announcement..quite fun today for my first time....

Sorry about that 11 AM confusion. I used to roll out the new rounds at about that time in the past but my schedule has changed a bit and now I usually post the new round a bit later but I didn´t want to change that time in the contest, participants don´t like changes in rules and it always takes forever before they get used to them and accept them :D Glad you found the new round post and submitted your guess though ;) Good to have you here.

Lol... because it was my first time to join here, I was really confused about the schedule of the announcement, but that was no big deal... Now I know! Thanks, I´ll surely ask my Hive friends to join your fun contests. Many thanks and have a good one.

That would be awesome, thanks :) Btw the submission window for the guesses is always open from Monday to Friday so your friends can still join even this round. But I already got a lot of guesses in this round so it´s better to tell them to check out if the guesses that they want to submit haven´t already been submitted by someone else before. This actually happens quite often, people don´t check out the other guesses but it´s always only the fastest correct or closest guess that wins.

Ok noted...I´ll have them informed, many thanks for the info.

$ 0,445

I guess 0.503


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I am with @liltammy !! We must remain optimistic although not nearly as crazy as her. :) I will guess $ 0.590

Good luck everyone!

Heart On A Course (L).png

My guess is $0.485


3 decimal digits next time please ;)

para mi seria $ 0,411 suerte para todos nos vemos la próxima semana

Hmmm, let me think 🤔 , ok, 0.666 good luck to all of us 😈

I guess 0.458

Thank you @phortun

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