I read through and you deserve a full upvote just for writing.
I must take a nap after this essay, hehe.
Some good advice for newbies. I learned my lesson the hard way like you but learned a lot on the way down and up again.

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You give very good recommendations friend, as you mention, lessons in this world of cryptocurrencies are often costly, you have to prepare for what may happen based on past information and thus avoid mistakes.

Long time no read a long post from you, @rok-sivante. Good that we can know your experience, because although in the end everyone crashes with the stone they want, it is good to know the amount of stones that can be found in this universe of cryptocurrencies. A big hug

Some good advise there delivered from experience. Most of us lived thru the 2017/2018 escapade and can relate to at least part of this.

Over-diversifying... That's what killed me during the last run

I thought of you this morning when I saw the price of XRP was back up a bit. I know it is a longer term hold for you, but I hope you were able to get a little bit of peace out of that :)

Nope. I ain’t selling any until price is at least at its ATH - and very little. Then $10.

Oh wait... you said “peace, “ not piece. Haha! Either way, I’m ok on waiting it out, in it for the long haul, and would actually be pleased if it’s rise delays while a hive catches up so can swap more at a decent rate.

Makes a lot of sense!

@rok-sivante, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Next Hive Power Up Day is February 1st 2021

Sorry to me, course im a newbie on Last time ago, i know you on another place. Now, i on hive. How poeple change their work to hive?

probably would've been Steemit...

same login info for both.

all your content from Steemit before the Hive fork should be on the same Hive account.

Yah, you know what i say, thats about steemit.

Now, im Learning hive

@rok-sivante, I have a 1,000 steem delegated to TipU and I make between .80 to 1 steem a day, I am trying to find someone like Tipu I can delegate my HP too on Hive, my goal is to get enough HP to start delegating and make 1 Hive a day in residual income as a start, any suggestions

no idea. I've been pretty inactive here and not sure who's doing what in regards to these types of things at this point.

do let me know if you find a better return, though. I might just go ahead and try that delegation to Tipu for now as well...

@rok-sivante, I just delegated a 1,000 Hive to @tipu, I have a 1,000 steem delegated and Tipu pays daily .80 to 1 steem daily, Im curious to see what a 1,000 hive can do, it's a good tip for people who dont have enough hive or steem to vote or curate and make that much, the delegation is a high rate of return for a couple hundred dollar investment imo, let me know what you think, maybe its worth a blog post😉 here is the message I got from tipu for the Hive delegation I setup through my wallet.

Thank you, your delegation of 1000.0 HIVE POWER has been confirmed. You can monitor your new investment at | You now have 0.079866% share in @tipU profits :) Payouts are done daily if your profit is at least 0.001 HBD/HIVE.