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23.6% of all US dollars were created in the last year. This is a recipe for an economic collapse. You are losing the value of your money at a higher rate than you ever have before. So, what’s the solution?

This affects everyone regardless if you live in the US or not. The only way to counteract this is your fiat currency into something that is appreciating in value or at least not losing value.
This is one article that looks at US money supply over the last year: https://www.thestreet.com/mishtalk/economics/23-6-of-all-us-dollars-were-created-in-the-last-year

Consider this. You work for 40 hours a week for $1000. Then when you get your paycheck, you see that you only received $764. You question what happened, but you are told this is how it has to be. You look at other jobs and realize that this has happened to everyone. You are given a raise of 5% for all your hard work and yet somehow you are still only making 81.40% of what you were supposed to earn. This isn’t even taking into account taxes, but this is one way to visualize what’s happening to your income, wealth, and everything you own due to hyperinflation. This hasn’t been fully realized yet, but about 10% has. This will continue to get worse and the only defense is investing in assets.

This chart lets you see how the USD has performed over a given period of time. I look at the 1 year chart: https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/currency.
This is a visualization of the loss of buying power for the USD over the past 100 years: https://howmuch.net/articles/rise-and-fall-dollar.

Whether you decide to invest in real estate, gold, bitcoin, stocks or otherwise. You need to action into securing your finance before it’s too late. Now I will say that the stock market may also collapse with the economy, but gold and bitcoin are solid assets. Real estate may be volatile too, but it will always have value.

What are your thoughts on all of this? What are you investing in? Do you think the economy is sustainable? Are we headed for an economic collapse? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe as well!

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Thank you, good text! I believe that the world will never be the same again. We are living in a time of change, a time of great opportunities to be able to use. Unfortunately, not everyone can make even the 1,000 dollars a month that you wrote about, the depreciation of national currencies has become the norm.
I advise you to look at the digital economy, and that is the future. Banks will also be dying quietly, so think, but think carefully, don't invest your money in various benches, there are plenty of them, unfortunately ...
Good health and good mood, everyone! Hello from Ukraine! And you should know that Ukraine is not Russia. We have been at war with Russia since 2014.

Nicely summarised - with a nice example via the pay cheque.

Probably a better way of explaining the advantages of BTC over the dollar compared to me - I just tend to to cynically tell people 'a bunch of old rich white men in suits who you've never heard of can't suddenly decide to print more BTC overnight and devalue it'

I'd be a bit more 'pro land' - in fact land and crypto (actual land, not NFT crypto land) - so many of the new rich in the last decade have bought land in the UK. It's a real go-to in times of crises!

I'm a big believer in the eco-peasant crypto lifestyle - DIY/ off grid-ish and crypto combined to be as fiat-free as possible.

P.S. @jeffjagoe - send this man a free Hive goodie so he can put in his backdrop! He needs something to cover up that Steem logo!

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Haha yeah I will accept all Hive merch and display it. I'm a big believer in that too, when Bitcoin moons I'll get land/property

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