Why does Leofinance have so many tokens and how do they create value for investors?

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I read a post by @bala41288 today asking some very good questions about the project. In the post he questioned why the increasing number of tokens, expressed concern for the current coin values, and asked what is the plan to create value for the Leo token, Cub token, and why is Khal doing all these many projects, instead of focusing only on Leo token.

So I wrote a comment, in reply, but it made me think and I decided he is probably not the only one with these questions. We all should research our investments with a objective mindset. And those of us who have been here from the beginning, should have a good idea of what the big picture is here. So we can help newer members of our growing community. Plus I realize that I try read all Khal’s posts, but perhaps not everyone has the time to find, read and process all his posts, and read the Cubfinance documents.

I would propose these answers to those questions:

If you read the so called experts on cryptocurrency valuation they usually say cryptocurrency tokens are valued based on three things:

  • Community
  • Developer Activity
  • Utility



  • Khal is dedicated to building the Leofinance community tall and wide.
  • This includes investors on Ethereum, Hive, Binance Smart Chain, and in the future Avalanche and Thorchain.
  • I think Khal has successfully built a large and loyal community here on Hive.
  • ‘I think the success of the wLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool on Ethereum suggests a Successful first off Hive community. Several special features allowed investors not on Hive to earn Ether, and Leo, which was paid to them through their MetaMask wallet in Ether, thus enlarging the Leofinance Community to include investors only interested in Ether, but introducing them to Leofinance, Hive and the vibrant ecosystem being built on Hive, Hive-Engine and the other projects like the NFT stores.
  • I think that the Total Value Locked on Cubfinance of 13 million at its height and around 4 million today suggest a growing Leofinance community on Binance Smart Chain DeFi ecosystem. This gave investors from Leofinance, Hive, and Ethereum a chance to invest on Binance Smart Chain in a new DeFi ecosystem with large APRs and smaller transaction fees then the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.
  • I think the Total Value Locked on PolyCub on Polygon suggests a growing community of investors on Polygon. And in a continuing theme this gave investors from Leofinance, Hive, Ethereum and now Binance a chance in a new DeFi ecosystem with large APRs and smaller transaction fees then the Binance Smart Chain.

Developer Activity:

  • Leofinance started with a small developer team, and has grown to be a big team of around 12 developers.
  • This has resulted in a large amount of activity with several new projects; onboarding webpages, onboarding tools, web page functionality revisions, and several new projects.
  • I think an outside observer will see the Leofinance developer team is very busy both improving existing projects on the Hive Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and developing both new projects on the Polygon blockchain and also Avalanche and Thorchain. Plus the team is busy developing a short form content blogging site, more like Twitter, but decentralized and driven by token rewards instead of advertising and selling data.
  • This is an amazingly large amount of activity, and a unique and fascinating aspect of it is it’s based on the idea that the future is in cross-blockchain connectivity.
  • The world famous Ethereum blockchain was built on a proud heritage of decentralization and smart contracts. For many that meant one blockchain to rule them all. But that idea has faded and now the founder states loud and clear that the future is two big for one blockchain. The future is blockchain inter connectivity and he started the developer groups for second layer solutions, one of his groups was Polygon.


Leo token

The amount of utility of Leo token is amazing.

  • A Reward Token on Leofinance: Leo began life as a social media project reward token on the community called Steemleo, on Steemit, and later, a reward token on Hive after the fork.

Leo then became so much more…

  • Leo became wLEO, a defi token on Ethereum.
  • Leo became bLEO, a DeFi token on Binance smart chain
  • Leo became pLEO, a defi token on polygon
  • Leo in the future will be a DeFi token on Avalanche
  • Leo in the future will be a DeFi token on Thorchain
  • All these Leo tokens are an integral component of Leobridge.


LeoBridge is worthy of a post by itself!

I think that the Leofinance project has all three of these important factors: community, developer activity and utility, which are used to measure value.

But the utility of Leo as a vehicle for investors to move the value of their investment capitol between blockchains safely and cheaply is a big utility, and a big value.

I think it deserves more detailed explanation as it goes to the heart of the answer to your question.

The future of DeFi is said by many to be dependent on inter blockchain connectivity. DeFi is to big for one blockchain. The proliferation of DeFi to multiple

I think the three tokens are part of Khals vision for Leofinance to reach out beyond the Hive blockchain, and create a big community on multiple blockchains, using a a token with a unique utility, that utility is to provide trustless transfers of value between blockchains.

I think it’s fair to ask why that’s important?

I think DeFi has taken the financial technical nexus by storm. There are many people making generous amounts of money in DeFi, but DeFi has a fundamental problem of transferring value across blockchains to allow investors to move their capitol safely from one blockchain to another where the financial opportunities are better.

Khal is proposing to provide a solution to this very prevalent problem. It is one of the complexities of cryptocurrency. The solutions are bridges, and bridges are complex, prone to manipulation, hack and expensive.

Khal proposes a trustless, solution to moving capitol between Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Hive. This is a big project, and in time it will also include Thorchain, Avalanche, and other EVM blockchains with DeFi investment opportunities.

This means that the utility of your coins is providing a medium of exchange, moving value between these blockchains. This utility and some scarcity of a small market cap coin, should increase the value.


Why wLEO, Cub and PolyCub ?


It’s somewhat reductive to simply state those coins are about earnings, but that’s one of the reasons we are here. I am here to build a future of financial independence. Cryptocurrency is one of my streams of income to set me free from the cycle of trading time, the units we use to measure life, for money. Additionally, it is about creating an income producing job or career dependent mostly, mostly, on my efforts and work output, quality

Second, I look at Cub and PolyCub and notice that the Cub Air drop, free money, was based on investors holding Leo. And the air drop of PolyCub, once again free money, was based on holding Cub.

Third, Khal has stated that future tokens on Avalanche and other blockchains will also provide air drops, or free money, to Cub holders.

Fourth, Cubfinance and now PolyCub has given All Leofinance community members, on all four blockchains; Hive, Ethereum, Binance and now Polygon, the opportunity to make money due to early access to high APR DeFi investments.

Building the community

Every DeFi project on another blockchain attracts investors from that blockchain to Leo, Leofinance, Hive-Engine and Hive.

Every DeFi project builds the community wider and includes people from blockchains who have never heard of Hive or Leofinance, and now that they see everything the community has to offer some will stay and build their dreams here.

Unique Tokens

I have observed the evolution of Cubfinance and the Tokenomics of Cub, as Khal tries to find a sweet spot in the hybridization of the successful coins or coin projects in existence. As my parents would say, take the good things from older successful cryptocurrency DeFi projects, and attempt to breed out or software code out the bad things.

This has brought us to PolyCub, a token which is created to accumulate intrinsic value as it ages, making it resistent to market whims and the inevitable ebb and flow of yield farming capitol; most yield farms experience a huge influx of capitol during the early days of high APRs and then experience an outflow of capitol, as those investors just seeking yield for yields sake leave the project once APRs drop down to earth and sell or dump large amounts of tokens.

Khal is attempting to support the value of the token by having the token protocol buy up its own liquidity, through protocol owned liquidity. This reduces token dumping with downward price pressure, along with creating scarcity by tying up tokens for the long term, as in permanently, in liquidity pairs. As we know scarcity increases token prices, and buying pressure increases token prices, so this is an active and new way to increase token price, the final objective measure of value.

The opportunity

I think we have had a wonderful opportunity to create multiple streams of income by being active here on Leofinance and Hive.

I hope this answers the questions that many investors may have about the project. I am sure that I left out some things about the project, but I think this summary is brief and hits the high points. Please feel free to add to it, or react to it below.



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I think all the tokens such as CUB and PolyCUB do a great thing to build a community outside of Hive and it can bring more people into this ecosystem. I like it because I was able to experience Defi just by using time on the platform.

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I am glad you have had a good experience here.

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I was talking to a friend who wants to make money with crypto, but he thinks that investing in shits coins is the solution, I told him about cub, polycub and Leo and I mentioned to him that I have made good profits but with patience and well he continued with shits coins. Leofinance is the real future of the crypto economy.

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Hi @fabian98
I experience this same thing, as people I know buy Doge, Shiba Inu and others. It’s heart breaking to see them loose their money, and even worse if they bought Ethereum dog coins because the transaction fees are more then their profits, and sometimes more then the remaining value when they buy the top.

But some listen, and while DeFi tokens still fall in price, the daily income makes them feel they can ride out the dips.

Good Luck, it’s hard being ahead of the crowd.

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Thank you much to take time and write a big reply to my article. I was also very positive about what the team was doing and the updates Khal was giving. Even today the updates Khal is giving is still good. My doubt was on the direction in which all these are going.

I understand that the Bridge can be a positive thing for connecting with multiple chains but I'm not sure if that alone would be very helpful in increasing the value of all these tokens that we are creating.

During the initial days i was very happy to see some burn data from the team with the ads revenue and all. I don't know if we are even burning LEO tokens or CUB tokens with the ad revenue.

I would be happy to see more usecases on the existing tokens instead of introducing more new tokens and complicated DeFi not understandable for common users. I don't know but maybe using the same LEO token or just the same CUB token for the DeFi stuff on multiple chains would have been better?

Also, my intention is to not go against Leofinance team or their ideas. But just from a layman's perspective as a investor. Also I did not want to change my thoughts on Polycub just because I trust or like Khal.

Hi @bala41288
I absolutely agree that your post was very supportive of Leofinance 100%
I also think you are asking questions and seeking clarity that we all need to know.
I never thought you were going against Leofinance.
We all should ask questions because it makes us stronger as a community. 👍

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Expansion of the core sometimes means creating value connected to the core. Ultimately, as other projects become valuable and offer solutions and earning potential, they simultaneously redirect value back to LEO.

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Good point.

Expansion of the core sometimes means creating value connected to the core. Ultimately, as other projects become valuable and offer solutions and earning potential, they simultaneously redirect value back to LEO.

The beauty of comment interactions is we get a different perspective, which helps us unpack information and content.

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Personally, I don't see the value, it just seems like laying on of more complexity and diluting capital into coins that are ultimately trying to solve something that exchanges already do, most people opt for convenience so they'd rather use Binance to swap between chain assets for example.

I just don't see there being a real TAM for bridges and with liquidity tokens, eventually the game of chicken off seeing who can hold value locked in fades and people move their capital somewhere else.

Also with each token, comes a new attack vector that isn't being priced in by most people

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I understand your position. Centralized systems are wonderful for convenience of achieving an endpoint. I certainly use Binance to get capitol into the Binance system.

I think Binance is less useful when moving capitol into Polygon projects, and I have no experience moving capitol into Avalanche, but my friends used Coinbase.

I think you may have pointed out a use case however in that you need multiple exchanges to reach these different ecosystems, but Leobridge would be one place to go to all those places.

I also understand your point of dilution of capitol. If Leofinance kept creating new projects on Hive-Engine I think you would be exactly right. New project, same audience, same investment capitol pool equals capitol dilution, just as you have said.

I think what’s different here is Khal reaches out to new investors with each project, so his thinking and yours are actually aligned. He moves the projects to different blockchains, in order to reach a different pool of investors.

I think an important point is… While some of us can figure out how to move capitol around, a certain percentage is going to be new investors with new capitol. I think there is a bell shaped curve of expertise amongst investors, and the majority stay on one blockchain. I think this is the target group for Leofinance, they are blockchain specific, so I think we pick up some recruits with each new project on a new blockchain.

I certain remember picking up blockchain specific investors who strictly used Ethereum when we launched wLEO on Uniswap, and I recall meeting blockchain specific investors when we launched on Binance Smart Chain, who felt Ethereum had turned their back on the masses, by allowing high transaction fees to push the little guy investors off Ethereum based projects. They had never heard of Hive, but they had heard of CertiK and they were yield farmers, who came to Cubfinance for the high APRs and the CertiK audit.

Now there will be investors from Hive who brought capitol to Ethereum, then Binance and now Polygon. So you are correct about such investors, I am one of them, and there are many of us.
But the ones from Hive who follow the projects to the next blockchain benefit from high initial APRs and a relatively safe investment environment.
Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing these information !

Khal proposes a trustless, solution to moving capitol between Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Hive. This is a big project, and in time it will also include Thorchain, Avalanche, and other EVM blockchains with DeFi investment opportunities.

It's LeoBridge - a very useful tool to transfer the tokens between network with low fee. I enjoyed a lot https://wleo.io/ to transfer Hive to BSC and versa in last year. Now, I'm enjoying low fee on Polygon with fast speed, thanks for PolyCUB project. Without PolyCUB project, I don't think I will make any transaction on Polygon until now.

I am glad you had a good experience with bridge. I agree with you that without Khal expanding to Polygon many of us wouldn’t have the opportunity to profit from defi projects their.

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A well-detailed post I must say. You did hit the nail on the head.

One of the major reasons I am bullish on the Leofinance ecosystem (not just coin) is for the passion for growth and development and they are expanding the Leo ecosystem/hive as they do so.

The leofinance community can't achieve real growth by just being a blogging community alone. The crypto sphere is vast and we should explore it and expand our community. Of course, there are risks but I think trying out new things is worth it.

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I agree , this is a feature;

One of the major reasons I am bullish on the Leofinance ecosystem (not just coin) is for the passion for growth and development and they are expanding the Leo ecosystem/hive as they do so.

Some call it a bug. LOL


Thanks for sharing the reasons, the scale of the LeoFinance project is huge! It's great to be a part of it.

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Hi @mypathtofire
Your welcome, I am happy you enjoyed the post.
You are absolutely right that the scale of the project is very big. And the opportunities for multiple streams of income here are great! The future here looks so bright, that I gotta wear shades 😎

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You're absolutely right when you say that we are able to create multiple streams of income right here on LeoFinance. You're already creating 2 by posting from the LeoFinance frontend. You're earning HIVE/HBD and LEO tokens. Then you are able to curate and compound all your earnings. If only it were easier to get people to grasp the power of blogging on this platform.

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Yes, it is amazing. I once did a post listing all the ways to earn here and it was a long post, and many of them are passive, which is the best kind of income stream!

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Thanks for this concise analysis on the many tokens on Leofinance and how they feed into each other. It is very easy for an outsider to get confused, but for o.g users like myself who is already familiar with every term associated with the systems build up, there’s no iota of confusion.

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One thing about leo finance, the community is trying plus other new development.

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Thank you

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Well done explaining it all in a short post! I have been around on steem and them hive for a while... unfortunately never got into the defi side of it until just recently. I like he projects that are going on with Khal, they're slowly making sense to me and I love al lthe crazy potential to make tons of coin through the drops and then defi 2.0.

That's genious math!

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Your welcome, thanks for the com-lament and your comment.

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You're welcome... what's a com-lament?

My spell checker loves to auto fill compliment into two words. My apologies!

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Bingo, this is the intrinsic value of $CUB & polyCUB

"This means that the utility of your coins is providing a medium of exchange, moving value between these blockchains."

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Yes, that’s a great observation, intrinsic value!

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