Hey Pet, earning $PoSH?

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I know there are quite a few people using Twitter for crypto content, but did you know that you could earn a little crypto from your Tweets? No? Well, if you haven't already, register at https://hiveposh.com/ and read on.


PoSH has been around for quite a while now and it has been quietly ticking away, playing in various areas, looking to see what it can do. So, what can it do?

Signed up yet?

Ok, good.

So now, if you Tweet a hive link from one of these 4 front-ends (Leo/Peakd/Ecency/Hive.blog) and add a #hive tag, depending on the performance of your tweet across Twitter, you will a share of 500 daily PoSH competing against everyone else doing the same. If your Tweet performs well, you will get more, if there aren't many people Tweeting that day, there will be less people in the competition and your share will be higher.

How to earn??

The idea of PoSH is to share Hive content outwardly, but on top of the share in the 500 daily POSH tokens, it is always good to have a little more incentive. @poshtoken reviews the qualifying Tweets and leaves a comment under the post that was shared:

For example using the the #Hive tag:


The account doesn't need to be registered on PoSH to trigger this comment, but it would be in their best interest to - if they want to earn on it.

You got vote.


This vote amount will be liquidated and go directly to the person who shared the tweet, if they have registered on PoSH with their Hive account. However, if they haven't registered, it will be sent to the @hive.fund account to support the DAO - I will look at that in another post :) Note: voting on your own shared posh comments, will likely be frowned by the community, as POSH will be earned on it already too. I tend to vote these POSH comments when I get them, to show my appreciation for the share.

Ok, so that is how to earn some POSH and some HIVE, anything else?

ummm... let me see...


Everyone loves staking for earnings, but the tokens earned don't necessarily have any real value, they are just well, tokens - fungible. That's why PoSH will be implementing NFT's called "Posh Pets" for a new form of staking, giving utility to both Posh and the NFT's in the same go.

Purchasing a Posh Pet NFT, depending on the traits it gets during the minting process and the amount of posh you already hold, will let you earn more Posh. However, this doesn't come out of the daily 500 that goes to the Twitter sharers, nor will more be issued, as that will increase the inflation rate. Instead, it will come out of $POSH bought off the market - This means that there will be liquidity on the market for those who are sharing, earning and wanting to sell, as well as for those who buy the NFTS to stake, and earn more PoSH. This allows for people to invest into a saleable NFT that can earn PoSH, without having to share at all.

However, before PoSH pets arrive, it will also be possible to earn some PoSH from the daily issuance through a delegation process. This will come out of the 500 available for sharing, but it will give a chance for price speculators to gather some tokens to play with once the feedback loops of the tokenomics kick in later. This is good for everyone. The delegation will be used to curate active sharers, so they will earn a bit more HIVE on their content too. And while currently, while it is undecided what the earnings from the delegations will be used for, it could go to buy $POSH from the market, creating demand that could be used in various ways, to either burn or airdrop onto Posh Pet holders.

What all of this does, is makes the Posh Pet NFTs a little more active than just a profile pic, as they can be bought and held for some earning, without having to sell for a profit. And it puts demand on PoSH through various mechanisms, pushing the value up. Remember, there was never a presale on $POSH, it has all been airdropped to those who registered and shared content.

Past this?

Well, the plan is for a DHF proposal to fund outward facing relationships with other platforms so that PoSH can be earned from other popular places too, as well as from more Hive-based front ends. In time, there can be many ways to earn some posh, but not a large amount of tokens out there, as there will only be 1M in total issued. This means for those who are holding, they might be seeing some price movement soon and those who buy Posh Pets, will be having more valuable amounts dropped to them from what is bought from the exchanges - as always, it is an early-bird market.

Right, I think that is enough shill for now, but I am hoping that if I have missed anything, someone will add it in the comments below. If you have questions, ask in the comments and perhaps you and I will get some answers =)

BTW: I am looking forward to minting a Posh Pet!

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Hey thanks for the writeup and hanging on with all the potential future additions coming up to posh! I'm quite excited of where it could go and what it could do for Hive! :)

No worries. Going through the post, it sounds like a bit of fun, especially with the NFTs coming.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I already registered. It's really amazing that earn little crypto by sharing by Tweeter. Good initiative

Good to hear!

Cool, cool. I don't think too many understand that and how #posh is actively working.

Nah, most don't - there ar so many things going on and very few pay much attention :)

None can keep up nowadays, it's not possible anymore. Either it's in your face or it makes you money or it's white noise.

Yep. I like the "makes me money" in the background, ticking away continuously.

There is no way I can come close to keeping up with everything now -I would need to spend 24/7 here straight.

Only to realize that it's not enough, it's never enough. People are just people, the more you invest in them the more you can get back.

I do forget that from time to time, but reality kicks in always, eventually.

Too bad I deleted my twitter account lol. I did make a few hundred posh tokens though! Keeping them bad Larry’s in my wallet for future assets. Hopefully can turn that into an NFT or two!

I love that people share though, I think a friend of mine here shares his stuff on LinkedIn too! Now that’s a good market if you ask me.

I barely use Twitter, unless there is some initiative. Though, I have it just in case. Will be interesting to see what the NFTs attract!




More fun gamifying the system further. If only I were a really social dude who would tweet and all...I feel quite out of place with my almost no activity 5-10-year or so old account. The push for change needs to come with a solid plan and such is not yet in place. Or I might start taking the small steps with no binding intentions...

Buying a pet might be a plan, though. We shall see how cute they prove.

I have been on Twitter since the early days. I have hardly used it! :D

We shall see how cute they prove.

I have seen one - pretty cool :)

Ah, so there be spoilers! Excellent :)

I have searched PoSH before, but we have to use Twitter to get rewarded. Unfortunately, I don't use Twitter. What do you think? Should we use it? 🤔

That is up to you :)

I deleted Twitter, because it sends stupid tweets as notification.

A cool thing to have when on one side you are promoting Hive and on the other side you get paid with Posh tokens.
It's like a win-win situation.
This seems pretty much interesting.

one of the things I like about crypto is, a lot of win-win :)

#Posh token is directly contributing the promotional value for hive and indirectly to poshtoken. That is good mechanism on hive platforn . The strategy behind of this project to promote the hive blockchain and their contents through community which is one of the unique point to boost the growth of the blockchain.

Hopefully it will encourage more people to share

Great to know about the future gamification of PoSH. Thanks for the post.

No worries - Hope it gets more people to take part :)

Yes I think it will.

I think I’m registered on posh🤔

You can go to the site and see.

Yes, will do so.

If you tweet, you might as well get rewarded for it. Thanks for surfacing the PoSH system, I'll have to give it a try!

Have fun with it. Remember to build some engagement :)

So the posh token is being distributed already? I think I don't have one even though I'm active in sharing content on Twitter.

Also, yes, the proof of sharing is a nice tool to let the Twitter users learn about hive.

Have you registered?

yes, quite long I think because I noticed posh account being shown in the comment section everytime I shared my content in Twitter. Also, I made sure when I encountered acidyos post,


I think @acidyo will have a look at this.

Did u authorize it just now or in the past?

and yes it's distributing tokens daily; https://hive-engine.rocks/transactions?symbol=POSH

but if you don't get any traction on twitter then it won't give you any. If you have been getting tagged in the daily posts, though, let me know and I'll look into it!

It's in the past, I thought this one was good enough to consider that I'm registered already.


@tarazkp mentioned this in the post as well:

depending on the performance of your tweet across Twitter, you will a share of 500 daily PoSH competing against everyone else doing the same. If your Tweet performs well, you will get more

Yeah, I forgot about that, sorry. I was focused on having tokens just by being registered. lol, sorry sorry

Only the #hive tag and link is required but if you don't have a following that likes or retweets your shares then it's not really something we give posh out for as it's not really bringing in any potential new users to our front-ends if no one sees them.

Ah, now that makes sense but now that you're here acid answering my questions.

Why is it when I shared someone's content on Twitter, the poshtoken didn't share on that someone's post to notify that I shared it on Twitter?

It will just shows up when it's mine, I mean if it's my content that I shared on Twitter it commented on my post that I shared on Twitter.

It does, it may be a bit delayed some times but it should eventually, like it just did in this post.

Greetings. I recently signed up and followed the steps to share on Twitter. However, I am not receiving a notification, no token, and no shared posts appear in the Posh search engine. Anyway, it doesn't work. Or is there a missing requirement? I just commented with another member of the chain who made a guide that even following all the steps, it does not work. Could someone please clarify the matter for me? I will appreciate it.