Hive: So Many Ways To Earn

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Hive is leading the charge into Web 3.0.

This is something that is clear in my mind. Many will take exception to this yet, from what we see out there, Hive is bringing a new era to people.

While things are still small, it is important to note how things are growing. Opportunities are being presented, something that we cannot say about most things outside of this ecosystem. In fact, as time goes by, vulnerabilities of other systems are being exposed.

The latest was Vitalik's admission that Ethereum layer 2's have a backdoor. It is causing many to question the prospects of decentralization with that entire ecosystem.

Either way, Hive just keeps forging ahead.

What Makes Hive Stand Out

There is one thing that makes Hive different than most everything else in the world of cryptocurrency.

For the most part, if you want to get involved, bring some resources to the table. How are you going to get Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin? The only way is to purchase it. Sure, there might still be a few faucets rolling around but that doesn't provide much.

With Hive, the exact opposite is the case, While there is an opportunity to purchase, we can see how the ability to earn on Hive is growing. This is something that is going to keep separating it from the rest of the industry.

When we couple this with zero direct transaction fees, we can see how the future is emerging before us.

Is this overly optimistic? Perhaps. However, over the last 5 years, we saw other "killer" projects all fall by the wayside.

In this arena, a major part of the process is sticking around and keep building.


Incentivizing people to provide infrastructure is a way for decentralized systems to grow. It is also a terrific way to earn.

With blockchains, there is the opportunity to earn the base layer coin through the providing of infrastructure. Hive is no different with the Witness nodes. There are a number of people who are earning a fine return for being block producers.

Of course, with many networks this can be a costly process and/or one that requires a lot of technical expertise. This is also true for Hive.

That said, we have some opportunities that are emerging.

SpkNetwork is providing the opportunity to provide infrastructure, either by running nodes or simply offering up excess hard drive space. The latter is part of the proof-of-access mechanism that is underlying their decentralized storage system.

It provides individuals with the opportunity of storing files on their computer and, in return, they earn some $HIVE.

This was designed so anyone can participate.

Here is a tutorial of how to set it up.

Author Rewards

Hive started as a blogging platform. To this point, that is still the basis of what takes place.

Being a content creator can earn people rewards. This can come in the form of the base layer coins or layer 2 tokens. Unlike many of the social media platforms that have minimum requirements, on Hive, anyone can participate. If the upvote has value, whatever it is worth at the end of 7 days will be paid out. It does not matter if one is on the site 5 years or 2 weeks.

In addition, comments are also eligible. That is content and many found some micro-earning possibilities through this mechanism. Another layer was added with the introduction of microblogging.

We also have video with 3Speak. Those who make vlogs are also finding they can be rewarded similar to articles. Again, this can come in the form of base and layer 2 rewards.

Another simple way is to get involved with threadcasts as they are taking place. Many who are on the broadcast will support those asking questions and commenting in the threadcast. This is another way to get rewards for simply listening to a live podcast or AMA.


This is another feature that went back to the beginning.

Taking one's stake and voting content earns a reward. This generally is between 7%-9%. It is of benefit to keep filling one's bags. As the holdings grow, the curation rewards can follow suit.


By now, most on Hive are aware of the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) savings account. Place some HBD in savings and one earns 20% APR (a bit higher for the APY).

There are other mechanisms which can reward people.

Delegation of Hive Power for a return in layer 2 tokens is common. There are many projects which will distribute their token in return for HP delegation. It often helps the project grow while also allowing one to speculate on the future of that token. Those who are optimistic about it tend to want to accumulate more.

This can also apply to some of the income tokens that were created. Some are distributed through purchase while others for delegation. Either way, they are designed to provide yield to holders over time.


Splinterlands made headlines especially during the last bull market.

This is the standard for games on Hive. Actually, it might be the case for all of blockchain gaming since it is one of the most active games.

Here we are looking at an assortment of offerings that keep growing. Many games are passive, providing people with regular payouts based upon some daily activity.

Others are actually ones that are played. PsyberX is one that has created a bit of excitement and seems to have a steady plan of how to move forward. There is some potential with that one.

It is likely we see this sector of Hive keep growing. Gaming is going to be a huge part of Web 3.0. We have a nice foundation forming.


This is one that generates a great deal of excitement. While not a consistent flow of tokens, it can provide people with some nice jolts once in a while.

Many communities offer contest on a regular basis. These tend to show up in posts and can be a way for people get to a bit of cryptocurrency. It will vary based upon the community and what is being offered but is a way to help some get additional value in their wallet.


This one cannot be overlooked. One of the prospects of cryptocurrency is mooning.

Like any financial asset, people are able to trade on Hive. In fact, this is something most everyone does.

People will have things they are optimistic about. That means they will want to accumulate. That said, many tokens show up for different reasons, often without any knowledge of the wallet owner.

When this happens, a choice is required: do I keep this or sell it?

This is speculation. These market price of these assets can appreciate over time. Of course, we realize that most will not yet there will be some high flyers in there.

The question is which ones? Here is what each person needs to decide.

It is this aspect that can compound the returns people get. What one is paid today in a currency like USD could be orders of magnitude higher in a year. If the price of a token does a 10x over the next year, that $2 reward is suddenly worth $20.

In Conclusion

There was a time when keeping up with most of what was taking place on Hive was somewhat possible.

The ecosystem has grown to the point where this is impossible. There are so many different communities and projects, that having a grasp of all that is taking place is beyond the time for any individual.

We are likely overlooking some other ways to earn on Hive. Nevertheless, this is a good foundation to work from.

Many talk about multiple streams being an important part of wealth building. With Hive, one can start to build them simply by getting involved.

The goal should be to develop a couple dozen over time. If history is any indication, this will get easier as more is developed on this blockchain.


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Cool write up, but as a beginner how can one start and earn something here? I have been writing and nothing yet

You just did. I went to your page. There is a clue in there. I write and share photos every day. Writers get rewarded. Commenters get rewarded. People like stories and pictures. Tell them and show them about your country. And write your own stuff

Engage. It is social media. Be social. Go to leothreads and get involved there.

By the way, you made a bit off this comment.

Thanks, that's why I seek for guidance and also an opportunity to grow. What's leothreads?

you forgot rule number one..

Show up. Everyday.

Very expository.
I have only been here for a month, but I have benefited much. There are truely many ways to earn on hive.

This have given me more insights. Thank You!

Those who get active have a way of getting rewarded. Right now it will not be big money but it does grow over time.

Thank you for the exposure in your write up... Hive has maintained a solid name, and I just read all its true potential. This is a really good one

Hive is what you make of it. There are many ways to proceed. People only need to decide what they want to do.

This is incredible, I love the exposition of your context. I strongly believe that hive ecosystem is truly taking the lead in the web3 invention especially given ti its decentralized nature even as you deduced. Thanks for streamlining this to folks bye

It is really offering opportunities to people. Not sure why most miss it.

I suggest its based on the level of orientation thy got about it. I also refrained from the system at the point when nothing was coming on my side but after joining Hiro at MCGI, I gained momentum to engage in the system again. D fact is that everyone is here for the $ and when it's not coming, there's no option than to youback off.

Hello, really reading your post one starts to analyze all, or almost all, the potential of Hive, because for sure, many more will come, and we really realize that once we belong and interact in this ecosystem we no longer need any other social network because here we find exactly everything we need, thank you very much for your interesting article and for sharing it with all of us.

More is being built that will only enhance what you describe. This is something that is important for all to realize.

As we build more, people have more options.

It is pretty ridiculous how many ways there are to earn Hive. Before I bought in as much as I could, I was trying desperately to build my HP and so I did whatever I could. I realized I'm mostly into making stuff, but it's great to have a variety of people with a variety of ways to interact with the chain.

BTW Crypto Maniacs came on at 0.5x speed yesterday on fountain, no idea why.... your voice on 0.5x was hilarious, I listened way longer than I should have

with so many ways to earn on hive, some people don't still take it serious, I use to tell people that hive is a business and a job, it will change your life

I believe each Hive account should be treated like a business. It is a monetized system so ones are free to profit based upon their efforts.

that is why I have increase my activity on this platform

And tipping tokens! You forgot tipping tokens!


Why is a timer like a scale?
They both measure wait.

Credit: reddit
@taskmaster4450, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of captaincryptic



Thanks for sharing this post, I think you are right with your standpoint. Hive has been a great platform that helps to improve a lot of lives and there’s a lot of community available for us to learn and earn in so many ways. I'm glad that am part of this platform because hive has done a lot of things for me which make my life easier to live. I think it is a great privilege for anyone on here to be able to explore the opportunities provided by hive.

Get active and some amazing things happen.

Pretty cool! Bet me hive worth you quitting your work for in as much as you're reading to keep building.

In this arena, the major part of the process is sticking around and keep building

This statement do keep me focus man, it does serve as a catalyst to boost up my focus and trust in #hive

The massive way at which you can earn on hive as really make it different from all cryptocurrency out there. I call #hive a life changer

Thanks for detailing all

Not sure it is the best idea to quit a job immediately but there is the potential for many to earn a living off this ecosystem.

As more is built, it only enhances the potential.

Haha 😀,that might be true for someone like you or another

I made my findings before concluding on that, i was able to see what the top curator is earning on monthly basis

I have always been a teacher who earn $23 on monthly basis, after stealing away my time and draining away alot of my ATP

Whats bad venturing into staking your money as (hp) to earn massively on weekly basis

Hive is really growing, some many different ways to earn only the only criteria to qualify is Hardwork. Love the way your made each point clear, thanks for the heads up!

Work is a four letter word most avoid.

yes most people avoid work waiting for miracles to occur in order to earn which is impossible

This looks really promising to me and hive stepping into web3 is big revolution for hive ecosystem. I know many people still undervalued hive but in coming years, i am sure hive will do wonder 🥳

If we keep building, the possibilities only grow. That is the key.

Give people choices and they will find their niche.

So true! I simply need to enrich my revenue channels with those from above.


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I'll admit while there are lots of ways to earn there are also lots of projects I'm stating to question heavily in terms of if they are going to get anything done.

3speak seems to be moving no where and the node etc stuff is way to complicated for your every day users. You also have the game they were going to do which I honestly don't hear much about anymore.

I want to be optimistic on the applications front but over 90% of them are disappointing big time. With little to no action what so ever and no real value brought in terms of price action, ads or other supporting measures.

Until that starts to change I have a rather bearish outlook for hive. Sure I'll keep stacking and supporting where I can but I believe the mindset around here needs to seriously change.


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There are just so many different ways to earn and why it is so different from other investments and why it has to be treated as hands on. I wish other people could see what Hive offers as this is not normal and what makes it so special.

One of my post's were curated, as a beginner I was confused. I was in seek for an answer of what does curating ones post mean? Is the curator being given all my reward? Yet to get answers to my questions.

This is an eye-opening content. Thank you for this great piece of information and advice.

This is a nice review of the earnings potential on Hive.

Just I don't know about spinterlands and mooning(speculation). Rest of the things I know but your article made everything more clear.
I will also write an article about it.

Multiple streams of income. Yes, that's right. Hive provides such an opportunity that will grow over time.



@taskmaster4450! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @rzc24-nftbbg. (1/5)

Very useful content, thank you very much.

the principal and first way is be active and constant, along the way you will learn more ways to earn more :D

HIVE is a potential income machine for the incoming generations.
One thing I like about it is the creative stimulation. It help talented minds make good use of their intellect to create contents with the assurance of earning from from such endeavors.
It's good that have this exposition so that of us who are knew could actually understand that vast opportunities available to earn from the HIVE Blockchain.