Buying Into LBI

We are about a day away from the release of the LBI token. For those who are unaware, this is a LEO based investment fund that is modeled after @spinvest.

The goal of the fund is to help people "get rich slowly". It seeks a minimum of 20% annual return. This is something that might seem low considering today's Yield Farming craze but that is solid growth over a long period of time. A return like this over a decade or more will provide anyone with tremendous growth.

Given enough time, it will change anyone's financial future.

Of course, each person has to decide what is best for them. Personally, I have close to 11,000 LEO liquid ready to buy LBI tokens.

So what are my reasons?

Here are a few:

Track Record

As mentioned, this program is modeled after SPInvest. I jumped in with both feet when that was released and do not regret any of it.

These tokens were first offered similar to what LBI, for 1 HIVE (STEEM). At present, according to the latest Holdings Report, the token has a value of 4.52 HIVE for each SPI token.

This is a 4.52x increase in about 20 months. It far outpaces the 20% target that was set for the club.


Naturally, this is not a guarantee so each will have to do what is best based upon personal finances.

Another Use Case For LEO

Leofinance is one of the stronger applications on the Hive blockchain. One of the areas it is excelling is in creating use cases for the token.

LBI is another example of this. People have the opportunity to stake, get involved in the LP on Uniswap, or hold tokens in liquid form. With LBI there is another use case.

Fortunately, this only adds to the value of LEO since the tokens acquired by the account will be staked. This will then be used to curate content. Obviously, this has an impact on a number of different levels.

To start, authors on Leofinance have the opportunity to get upvotes from the LBI account. The second advantage is more tokens are removed from the liquid circulation. If SPInvest is an indication, the HIVE that was received in the token sale was powered up and did not power down.

Activity Based Returns

LBI will leverage the opportunities provided by Leofinance to increase the return token holders receive. This is based upon the value of the token, not necessarily how it is traded on the open market since that is outside the project's control.

As mentioned, curation provides a return. By utilizing the stake, this helps to provide a daily stream of LEO tokens.

We can also see how the posting from the main account by different community members affects everyone. This helps to generate more LEO through the upvotes the posts receive. The idea is that when people are involved in the project, they will actively support the posts. This has a benefit to every token holder.

With the engagement we have seen on Leofinance so far, LBI offers a chance to continue this practice. It is with enhanced engagement that projects grow and LBI seeks to do its part to be an active member of the community. This should filter through to the rest of the membership.

The Use Of Hive Mind

This concept has nothing to do with technical details of Hive. Instead, this is the minds of all involved.

Many ask why should I invest in LBI when I can just do the same thing on my own. While that is true, the last section showed how each member benefits from the activities of others.

That said, this is only the beginning. An even more important aspect is the fact that we cannot know about all investment or opportunities out there. We all tend to focus upon our own areas of expertise as well as comfort. With a project like LBI, members uncover opportunities that we, individually, might have missed.

Thus, we can see how the experience, intuition, and knowledge of a large number of people can enhance the opportunities the project can get involved in. It helps to have many who can research an opportunity while also providing insight.

For these reasons, I will be participating in the LBI project.

Let us know what you think...what are your reasons for getting involved is you are.

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I used to love SBI when it came out but why LBI is better is because they use the LP staked to curate quality content . That isn't the case with SBI or HBI unfortunately. You pay money , you get upvotes for poor content.

One more benefit of LBI is , it will put upward pressure on the coins that they decide to invest , like SPI for example.

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I guess there's a confusion here. SBI was Steem Basic Income and offered upvotes to those who invested. What taskmaster is referring to is SPI, a different one with different benefits.

This one

LBI is going to use the stake accumulated to curate but not in the way SBI does, at least I hope. Sorry for editing my comment 🙂

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No no I got it. I was referring to SBI itself and not SPI . I told I like SPI kind of investment because it promotes the whole ecosystem of Leofinance but SBI can be used to upvote poor quality content.

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That is true. Votes are automated.

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I was thrown for a loop by that comment also. I didn't know where the SBI reference came from.

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Can LBI only been bought with Leo or also Hive? Since its on the HE

Only with LEO, as each LBI is backed by one LEO.

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But its on HE right? xD I think I am just confused on how that works :D
Or is it on Leodex?

Yes, it is all on Hive-Engine. And LeoDex is merely using what is on Hive-Engine as well. Without HE there would be no LeoDEX.

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Leodex is just an interface for Hive Engine.

The token will be in HE/leodex wallets when issues. However, the sale requires sending the LEO to @lbi-tokens wallet directly. Then the tokens will be sent to your HE wallet within a couple hours (that is having to be manually done).

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I missed the boat on the early days of Leo & SPI, so I can’t let this opportunity pass me by.

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A smart outlook in my opinion without being FOMO.

Opportunities arise and we each need to decide for ourselves if they are worthy of pursuing or not.

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I love the concept of earning passive income.
I love the fact that some individual that have more knowledge than me are taking the decision for me.
It look like growth to me with full peace of mind.
Personally I know, I am not going to try wLEO uniswap pool. (Time ,fees ,knowledge constraints.)
LBI team has already delivered in their SPI model then why should not I take part and get benefitted with their experience.
LBI tokens give me liquidity to cash out fast in event of emergency.(If ever happen.) that is not possible for me with staked LEO and HIVE.

My reasons copied from my own post

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All great points mentioned here.

Not much can be added that you didnt cover.

Great reasoning.

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I did not know about it and thanks to you for sharing.

The goal of the fund is to help people "get rich slowly". It seeks a minimum of 20% annual return.

This is so good and I will check it out for more details. Looks like a great deal for sure. Thanks.

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@lbi-token is the account.

Also some posts about it under @spinvest.

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I would like to know more information.
Where can I get and check it. I like the most is to become rich slowly💛.
Thank you for sharing.

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@lbi-tokens has the information as well as some articles posted on @spinvest.

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I'm proud of LEO and the products based on it. The team went beyond Second Layer solutions 😌😌 To be honest, I am really excited for LBI token. With the reasonable income model, LBI will also add value as far as I see ^^

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We are trying to follow the model that worked before.

It seems likely that it will happen again.

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I'm stoked for LBI token. Held back from powering up LEO for some days now in order to buy into LBI once it gets released.

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LBI offers me yet another usecase for my LEO tokens. I have staked a fair amount and entered the liquidity pool with a huge amount (the second largest investment I have ever made). It is less about the LBI returns for me. Quite frankly, I have no idea how LBI works anyways (they invest our LEO, we get something back eventually). What is more interesting to me is that more LEO is locked away and that I can learn about investment ideas over time by monitoring what LBI is doing. I will probably enter with 1000 LEO (or buy another 100 LEO to mirror your master number 11).

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11 is a good number from what I read in your posts in the past.

Carries a lot more energy than just 10.

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Nice, just hearing about LBI. So can we also get it with Hive? With the good record of @spinvest, I believe this project will be great and worth going into it.

As you said that the 20% might be quite low. Yeah I think people should not think about what they would earn now but how great the project will effect in future.

Thanks for this notice. I would like to get some LBI too when it launches.

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So can we also get it with Hive?

Only LEO can be used in the direct sale, so have to convert the hive to leo tokens.

This is based upon LEO, not HIVE like SPI was.

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Will definitely buy some. Can't miss this like I did on SPI.

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I missed the SPI back then. This is a very good opportunity to put your Leo to good use, so I'm not going to miss this one for sure. The capital I'm participating with is modest, but it's close to 400, so it's something.

Can't wait to see the liquid that is waiting in user's wallet for the project to launch put to good use.

I understand they are going to curate with that stake at first. There was no mention about how. Do you know anything about that?

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The account is going to follow my manual curation.

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That is excellent news! Wise choice.

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At least to start...things can change in the future.

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I did not catch up with the SPI. But, LBI is in front of me.
I have going to plan to buy LBI.

Thank you, remind me tomorrow.

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I plan to invest 500 Leo tokens. Primary reason being it supports the LeoFinance portal and model that they have is a proven one that is supposed to grow. I missed investing in SPI and not going to miss it with LBI. Cheers

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We are about a day away from the release of the LBI token. For those who are unaware, this is a LEO based investment fund...

I had no idea about that and thanks for this update, @taskmaster4450le.

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I missed out on both LEO and SPI...

Won't make that mistake again :)

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I missed out on SPI too but won't miss this one, I'm as ready as I can. What do you mean you missed out on Leo? Are you referring to the initial airdrop?

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I think he is saying he didnt focus upon it until recently. Those who started on Leofinance an year or more ago are now in the tens of thousands of tokens instead of hundreds of thousands.

There was a lot of posting done that wasn't on Leofinance but could have been.

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Damn 11K... that's fucking stout.. I wish I had that many to invest.. I also did pretty well with SPI

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I also did pretty well with SPI

We all did and, the best part, it isn't done.

The project keeps moving along, amassing more each week.

Year 2 will end up being an insane year for SPI. I think we are looking at more than a 250% gain in the second 12 months of existence.

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I think LBI will be even more insane considering it's a second level token. If HIVE were to pump LEO tokens would be that much more valuable

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LEO also has the advantage of having wLEO. If the price of ETH pumps, it also has a chance to increase the value of LEO.

Since LBI will be holding a great deal of LEO, that will could increase the value.

So many way to leverage growth and price appreciation. I think that is why there is the potential for insane returns.

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Smart guy, congratulations!

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Yep, I'll be sending over whatever liquid LEO I have tomorrow to lbi-token and look forward to long term growth! 20% is amazing by the way, got to love how spoiled we are with double digit returns and think that 20% is bad in crypto when in fiat, you're lucky if you get above 1% with savings!

Is SPInvest still available to "buy in to" or has that been and gone? I have BRO as well which sounds like it's a similar thing and you just buy the token to get daily tokens?

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The direct sale of SPI ended long ago. It is available on H-E, for less than the value of the holdings I believe.

BRO did implement a great deal of what SPI did. SPI distributes on a weekly basis. For now, holding SPI gets one more SPI each week since someone sold back a bunch. This is allowing it to replenish its "cash" position to do other things while still delivering dividends each week.

Overall, a well run program that I did well with. I will say I put a few SPI for sale to try and distribute the tokens, enabling others to get involved.

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Thanks for explaining it. I'll see if I can get a few SPI off the market over the next few weeks in that case.

Meanwhile, looking forward to getting involved with lbi! Future seems very bright!

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Damn, I completely forgot about the LBI and powered up 300 Leo today! Hahaha! Thanks for the reminder!

I am gonna be buying as much LBI as I can then new couple of months! Missed some really good opportunities on Hive so I won't be missing this one too!

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It will be open, we presume, for a few months. It will all depend upon the response, which looks like it is going to be outstanding.

Could this end up with 250K tokens sold? It is possible.

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Great investment opportunity and another case for LEO token. With all the activities going around one could just think about the supply and if we'll see exponential growth with the microblogging and LeoInfra launch we might need to pump it up. But we'll see what will come, until now just strong economics on Leo Finance!

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The most exciting part of LBI is that it is a project outside the core Leofinance team. This means we are showing others that they can also construct projects around LEO too.

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Really look like a great deal to consider of

That's the real deal, these opportunities really can't be ignored it's buying into huge opportunities to profit big time. Wow, it's actually money by the way, I've learnt to always put my money where my mouth is

Glad I ran into this post. I have had Spinvest tokens for what I think has been a year so I'll be picking up a few of these for sure!

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

can anyone shed some light on SPI for me, what kind of returns have people got from that? ive around 2000 liquid leo i could throw in but im just wondering if its worth it. thanks

SPI started about 20 months ago, selling the SPI token for 1 HIVE (STEEM at that time). The link in the article goes to the holding report which details all that it now owns. I showed the graphic which showed the value of the holdings is now 4.52 HIVE per token.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 34 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


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I got lucky with leofinance and managed to get some tokens before it started

and those little tokens have grown a little bit and now i can get some lbi

i'm unbanked and don't make enough to cash out really - but it is kind of interesting to see my little small investments grow enough to spread them out ;)

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I am in as I don't have the knowledge to get involved with the WLeo and just being honest. This opens up opportunities and why I think it is something I cannot miss out on. Not 11000 though and will try and get maybe 2000 into LBI.

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That's a nice in? I've got some liquid standing by like most people.... how do we actually buy LBI tokens?!?

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The track record is there to believe that the returns, collectively, will outpace what we can do on our own.

We cannot help but to mirror what was done before.

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