Leofinance Is Going To Make People Wealthy

We all watched the rise in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. That are also some other coins such as Binance which went parabolic.

All this is common during a bull market.

Recently, we saw some love for the LEO token. Presently, this is tied to the flagship application, Leofinance.io. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.

For those who truly are seeking "life changing money", one needs to look no further than Leofinance.


This is a project that is not filled with promises and big dreams. It is not one with a White Paper detailing what it hopes to do. Instead, this is a project with a flagship application, a game changing one about to be released, a history of development, and a year of astronomical growth.

A lot of cryptocurrencies are getting love during the bull run. The issue is that most of them are still pipedreams with not much occurring on them. While many have grand plans, and people to pull it off, there is little track record.

With Leofinance, we saw more than 900% growth in the userbase during the last 8 months of 2020 and the first month in 2021.

There is also a major application about to be released that will radically alter social media. IT is going to be "twitter on the blockchain", providing the world with decentralized "tweeting" on a blockchain, Hive, where one's account cannot be closed or posts cannot be deleted.

At the same time, an airdrop of the new token will be given to anyone holding the main Leofinance token (LEO) and has it staked, wLEO, and the associated miners. This will be in proportion to one's holding on the Leo platform.

The token is going to be based upon the Proof-of-Brain concept that has been employed on Hive for the past 4+ years. This will allow people to earn the new token simply by utilizing the application and curating content.

This will also be followed by a governance token that is going to be tied to the decentralizing of the platform, especially the exchange. There will be a number of exchanges (decentralized) established throughout 2021.

We will also see the establishment of DeFi, called LeoFi, on the platform. This is set to roll out, at least to start, in the next few weeks. Once that is done, more features will be added, modeling DeFi projects on Ethereum. The best part, there are no blockchain transaction fees like on Ethereum. Without Gas fees, DeFi is suddenly available to everyone.

There are also other applications that will roll out the second half of the year. The plan is that each application will have its own token. Guess who they will be airdropped upon? You guessed it; Leo token holders.

The LEO token (wLEO) is going to is going to be the flagship for the entire ecosystem. It will be the overriding token under which all other projects are build. Think of each application as a subsidiary of the decentralized "holding" company represented by the LEO (wLEO) token.

Many look at the chart, thinking that it is too late. The reality is that things are just getting started with this project. The updated White Paper will be released soon, a 100K word epic explaining what brought Leofinance to this point and where it is going over the next year plus.

With a tight distribution, the entire Leofinance ecosystem is worth $5 million. This is just the starting point. While this is not financial advice, many view this as an easy 20x from this point. That will make Leofinance worth $100 million, not including the market value of the other tokens that are being created.

Anyone who understands the digital world grasps the power of the network effect. This is something that Leofinance enjoyed the last year and will continue to do so. Adding newer applications will only push this to greater heights as more people become aware of what is taking place.

The Twitter army is about to roar. The time to get one's Hive account is now. This will provide anyone with access to not only Leofinance and the twitter on the blockchain but also all other features of the ecosystem that are opened up.

Social media and finance are merging as Web 3.0 starts to take shape. Nowhere is that more evident than with Leofinance.

As always, early adopters are bound to get wealthy in return for their dedication and efforts during the embryotic stages.

To get your free Hive account, head to Leofinance.io to sign up.

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I am waiting to be getting rich I love this community

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If I understand what you said the airdrop is only going to the Staked tokens not the ones just held liquid?

Staked LEO, wLEO, and the leo miners.

That is what gets the airdrop once it is announced.

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Well I don't have much LEO maybe 11 point something, so may as well stake it, I was hoping for my next LBI buy at end of month, but things will wait.

I do think LEO and HIVE have a ways to go up. I personally think the best thing about LEO is that we can earn both of them at the same time. The new users that we can attract with the new application will definitely help advertise the block chain. It will also be decentralized at the same time so nobody can shut us down.

we saw more than 900% growth in the userbase during the last 8 months of 2020 and the first month in 2021

That's some nice growth

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From 100 users to over 1,000. Not a bad jump.

I agree the applications will help to drive people to the blockchain. This will help to provide value (and most likely) buyers. At worst people will need to have Resource Credits, forcing someone to get the HP.

It is all going to start feeding into the same funnel.

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There is just so much going on and it is all good news. Looking forward to what we have over the coming 12 months and what opportunities there are for all of us with collaborations and who knows what else. Definitely something to keep investing in and growing your stake.

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I'm very excited! The financial possibilities that come with the LEO token are definitely a great thing but I actually fell "in love" with all aspects of this community.

I went from a crypto "denier" to a crypto-investor in a few weeks of interacting and learning with the great people we have here. It's really changing my life.

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I am so excited!!!

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Same here. I can't wait for it be here already. I am all set and ready.

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As you should be. LOL

A lot to get excited about.

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LEO is turning into a backbone of a new crypto experience.

Like the saying, the best time was at the start, the second best time is now to jump on the LEO train. The amazing development that is taking place, will make every holder a lot richer than before. The dream of living out of crypto and its dividends is not that far anymore.

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There is plenty of upside in this animal. We are seeing a lot getting ready to roll out. This is going to guarantee that Leo will push a great deal more people into the system. This will kick off the network effect in a big way.

I believe we are going to be a platform with many feeder systems built in. This will end up growing the number, in totality, much larger than any single move would.

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Leofinance has a very good communication model. Something which was not present on Steem. Without timely communication nobody will get excited about the project. It is frustrating how often tech-first founders don't get it.

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Thank you very much for this addition. Communication from founders are very crucial to the growth of any project. The Leo team has really done well with this.

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Yes, just look at the suspense for ProjectBlank. Just weeks away or less and we don't even know it's name!

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It gets more merrier as we approach the end of February 2021.

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I am excited to see what the next few weeks has in store. Though I'm newer to the site, I have felt the impact of engagement with the existing members of the community. I have a gut feeling this thing will be big and will not only change lives, but change how those people interact with one another on the internet!

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@taskmaster4450le you are right....and what even makes it more interesting is that while it can make them become rich,it is also Impacting knowledge to them,it has made alot of people including me to start having more knowledge and understanding about investments,technology,business,cryptocurrencies and so many more....

That was why I created this post...you can check it out


I am super excited and i am trying to accumulate more and more! I think in a week i may have a total of 2k LEO which isn't much but it's a huge milestone for me. I really hope though, that LEO will change people's lives!

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Many are trying to accumulate more. It is a given that this thing is going higher.

Those who are passing on this are going to regret not being involved to much larger degree.

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I am the happy owner of a small bag of Leo (stacked) will push through with it

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That is great. If you are active, it will keep growing.

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The reality is that things are just getting started with this project.

That is a gradual project that I follow. However, I was stupid enough when I was able to about 5000 leo. I did not take the action. Today I just can save leo from reward. However, I think I am not late to work hard to earn leo from small rewards from posts and comments. Though, the reward is too small for others but for me leo rewards for me is a big thing in hive.

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Given that whales and other users spread out their votes , it's not impossible to gather up sufficient Leo from rewards alone .

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They all add up and you are much further along than someone who is just stepping onto the platform for the first time today.

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Leo is one of the most successful applications on Hive to date. Where I see the greatest potential is the pace at which the development team is shipping new products and the scope of its ambition - and also the founders' integrity. The wLEO hack many months ago was a major battle test that Leo passed with flying colors.

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Leo is one of the most successful applications on Hive to date.

I would state that it is the most successful; nothing else comes close as of yet.

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Splinterlands has a lot of users and development.

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Many look at the chart, thinking that it is too late....

Too late?
Why do you think I have purchased today another 27300 LEO tokens?

WHY ???



More info why you see this.

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I remember the days you were calling for $100 STEEM. How about a $100 LEO campaign. If DeFi comes to HIVE, $100 would be too small of a target. Even LEO reaching $100 is a reasonable target. So why not put a banner next to "Vision 2025".

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We will have to see how Leo unfolds. There is going to be a lot of wealth through the addition of other applications. I am not sure how much of the value will be in LEO as compared to other tokens.

For example, I will not be surprised to see the new blank token have a market cap of $5 million or more in the next few months. Since we dont know how many tokens will be distributed, it is hard to guess on a per token value, but it will raise the value of Leo holdings, but not in LEO directly.

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Yes. The best example is LEO itself. The price of LEO isn't fully correlated with HIVE or vise versa. But you cannot deny that success of LEO has affected the price of HIVE very positively. I expect ________ to act in a somewhat similar manner.

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Having the chills once again. The furure seems pretty bright with all the innovations that are coming upon us. It really gladdens me that all of these projects incentive holding Leo. It almost guarantees the price will hold as $Leo holders never stop to amaze me on how tight they are (We)


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Maybe close the window if it is chilly out. LOL

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Enticing stuff for freshest of the newbies. Crypto interest wise I mean. Everything screams invest the little you can now and work on understanding it's ripple effect later. Amazing strides 🙌

The ripple effect might be a tidal wave with Leo.

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My only regret is not to discover LeoFinance and Hive before.

Indeed, the next projects will add a lot of value to LEO and HIVE ecosystem.

Also, I see myself living from all these projects in a few years thanks to the wealth creation and added value.

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You are in both now and that is what is important. We cant control when we do arrive here but once we arrive, we can really start to accumulate as quickly as we can.

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After listening to interview I’m more than excited for the developments happening around the Leo ecosystem. I will continue to long form blog and use project blank. I need to start using leodex more.

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I am going to do both also. I think that will be the choice of many on here.

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As new user join I could see the short form have more DAU like everyone pointed out. I honestly hope we can move the stocktwits crowd here. I hate that platform so it would be nice to get their huge user base.

I think the short form will explode and get a ton of new users.

I am not really familiar with Stocktwits but it is another potential candidate it seems. There are a lot of "communities" out there which can be drawn to Hive. With the ability to tokenize their users, it holds terrific opportunities.

We can leverage the blogging, "blanking", and vide via 3Speak to really provide a terrific decentralized social media platform.

This are truly shaping up nicely.

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Stocktwits has a censorship problem and the ability to earn off content would be huge for these guys. I’ll continue to do my part there. I can’t wait for the launch.

Excellent post @ taskmaster4450le good day
You give us a lot of information that supports and encourages making an investment in Leo; It is very true what you say, I have seen Leo grow as you mentioned, the silent work that is being done is surprising and admirable.
I really appreciate this information.
I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful Sunday and a happy start to the week

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A 20X increase would put Leo at almost $20 a piece (for me Leo is already at $1 because why not :P ) is that your estimation for the end of the year as well ? For me it's fun talking about prices even though "some might say" they are not relevant :D

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It is hard to know what the breakdown of LEO pricing will be since there will be other tokens involved.

So the growth of LEO might not be solely on that token but also in the blank and governance tokens. So our wallets will have the value but not necessarily in just LEO.

I think the black will hit the present market cap of LEO in the first few months. That could send the price of LEO higher though.

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Interesting, even the chief futurist himself is unsure how far past the moon we will go :P

These projects will be another
gear to leofinance arm.
Using #Hive blockchain
you can expect to see growth everywhere.
I would love to see other projects
following Leo fate.
More value for the whole ecosystem.

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wow, this is good news

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Great time to be onboard !

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As I said here, we are privileged to be able to experience each LeoFinance development. It is incredible to see how much of the path has been covered and how much will come.

2021 will be an unforgettable year for many people and I just want to have the opportunity to live humbly earning a good income to support my family, LeoFinance will provide this for me and many others.

Well, Mars is right there ...

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It is something that many of us saw in 2020 yet had to wait for some of it to come to fruition.Many did not believe it back then when we started talking about the potential.

In spite of the negativity, we kept pushing forward, adding to our holdings and reputation on the platform.

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It is true, but as you said, with so much that will still happen from now on, there are still chances for someone to enter now and the beneficiaries of future projects that will be launched. Opportunity exists and the person just doesn't have to lose that chance.

Today I talked to my father-in-law about LeoFinance, well ... I tried to explain some things because we know that if we talk about everything for one day it's just a lot to absorb and luckily he gave me hope that he will start wanting to buy some LEO.

Just the fact that he wants to accept to hear about cryptocurrencies makes me very happy because he is a gentleman who, despite his age, shows to be someone who is open minded to new things and I believe he will not regret buying some LEO tokens.

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I'm as heavily invested as possible right now without risking other assets. So hoping for the best! Doing my part to make sure it gets publicity once released. That's going to be one of the big things to push for once release comes. Noise.cash did over 50,000 new members in it's first month I hope we can beat that :)

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To me noise.cash model does not look very sustainable. What will happen to it, once it's present donor's pockets are drained off ? How that network is going to generate new income, new funds? Or have I missed something?

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i wondering the same about the income streams. It's decent now but i don't see any further plans. It was something i asked since the beginning as well as how they will earn money, for example, ads? but i never got a reply!

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I was having similar thoughts but I'm not invested in noise cash as I am in Hive and Leo so I'm just enjoying it while it lasts :)

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LeoFinance will present a better and sustainable model in #ProjectBLANK and it would be a project for every socialmedia user.

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@bitcoinflood 50000 new members in it s first month??wow that's awesome ...well it can be achieved here too,we just need to think out of the box

Joining the LEO community was one of the best things I've done since I started my journey in the blockchain world just over 3 years ago.

Great place, great project, great coin and great people.

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Sold! I mean, I'm buying!!! :-) Just picked up some wLEO since I can't seem to move my HIVE off of Bittrex. Do I need to "move" the wLEO out of metamask to get the airdrop? Or will the system pick it up there? I can't tell you how excited I get every time I read one of your articles/posts. I hope we can find a way to keep your updates front and center as we bring on new people. I get FOMO every time I see another one pop up. lol

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Yeh wtf is with Bittrex always doing maintenance on Hive! It's in maintenance more times than not. Been waiting over a week now to withdraw more hive. I was able to withdraw a couple weeks ago. I used to use MXC exchange for buying hive, but they quit allowing U.S. customers. I've bought wleo before when gas was more reasonable but with the cost of eth gas it'd be cheaper to pay a years subscription for a VPN to access MXC than pay for one transaction.

I also wonder how @khaleelkazi would feel about integrating Eth Classic. Eth Contracts can be deployed natively on Eth Classic. Eth Classic is also soon to launch a Uniswap type exchange, already has a 2 way Ethereum bridge, and is supported on Binance Bridge V2. Hashing power is increasing everyday esp now with 4gb cards supported and the future is bright with eth's eventual switch to pure POS.

Fast cheap transactions and avail at all major exchanges

LeoFinance is by far the most active, passionate, informative, and organized crypto blogging platform on the internet. The community here is amazing in every aspect! I'd imagine onboarding the Eth Classic community could only help our cause and be a win for both communities (social and technical interoperability).

I see LeoFinance/3Speak as the obvious platform of choice for the voice of crypto. Obvious for anyone who discovers it and takes the time to consider it.

I could get @khaleelkazi in contact with a solid Solidity dev who has oracles working with both Eth and Eth Classic. Would be really cool if those oracles could be connected with Hive Engine and future side chains supporting this ecosystem.

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That actually sounds like a great idea. I actually hung out in the discord channel for ETC back in the day. I think I still have it actually, just haven't been there for a couple years. I always thought it was a great community. Totally agree that they'd fit well here.

I'm still trying to get some more Leo. Still waiting on Bittrex....getting old. I've been trying to power down my Steem and move it over. Now there's a three day wait on the first bit I waited a week to power down as it gets added to my balance...lol. And after reading this post, I read @toruk's comment yesterday and it inspired me to go buy some wLEO, which I can't figure out how to get off of metamask in here. I might just skip that and pool it on uniswap. I think that still counts for the #ProjectBlank snapshot, right? I now have three avenues in which I'm trying to get a little more and all of them are at roadblocks. Getting frustrated. Fortunately, I've been doing a lot of curating so at least I'm getting some more that way but....

I like the ETC idea. I'm not smart enough to know all the plusses and minuses of what that would mean or how difficult it would be to implement, but from the outside looking in, it seems like a great idea to me.

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I'm sure you're aware but, I was able to move my Hive over from Bittrex this morning. Just a headsup if you hadn't seen it yet...

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That's weird the wallet in my account is still in maintenance. I've checked it everyday. Maybe your using Bittrex Global?

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What a great time to be onboarded and in position to see it all happen. Excited to read about the whitepaper coming up and how the ecosystem online changes. If there is anything that earning by blogging on crypto made possible, it's how it just speeds up the process where people can monetize their content without relying on ad revenue alone. Gone are the days where people will have blog for months without seeing returns until years into the game being consistent.

It amazes me about 3 to 5 years worth grinding through blogging can just be accomplished in a day as soon as signing up in the platform. I'd be crazy talking about this possible if I said this a decade ago. With the upcoming twitter on the blockchain, almost anyone can have a piece of the pie and have more freedom than relying on traditional institutions. The options for an individual to enrich themselves get expanded, and while not a financial advice, Leo is going to make people some money if they hodl it.

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Crypto is all about momentum and delivery.

Leo scores highly on both.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Hive Tour Update - Communities
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My bet is on the LeoFi. I think we might start seeing crazy prove actions when it launches.

I'm all in on Leo. I'm all confident in the project that I am unwilling to let anything I earn her go. Hodling until it reaches $10

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Having been here from the beginning of Hive fork, I can say that LeoFinance is really making people wealthy. Projects worth over $5k have been executed with my LEO earnings and it has been a source to fun my diversification of crypto holdings in 2021.

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While I am relatively inactive on Twitter and Discord, the two apps the microblogging app of Leo aims at, I sometimes have something to say that is not worthy of a full post. That's where I'll find the new app a big help for me. Plus the interactions, which will probably feel different than through comment-replies, even if that's what they are technically.

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With a tight distribution, the entire Leofinance ecosystem is worth $5 million

Leo is in the early stage and having a worth of $5 million is a huge accomplishment. Its just the beginning and the future of Leo is bright. I am accumulating more Leo through buy as well as content creation. I will hold all my Leo for the long run.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing how it'll look like - especially how it'll be designed. It could be the killer dap, exponential growth happens a lot faster than we usually expect. We are near reaching the critical mass and once we reach it, the growth will be bigger than any of us can imagine.

Most of the projects out there will not age well, something like the 2017 ICO craze - that's why fundamentals matter.

I knew 2021 is going to be a big year.,

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