The "Great Resignation" Is Taking Place

Workers appear to be taking it to employers. After decades of things tilted in the favor of employees, we could be seeing a big shift.

COVID-19 saw the lockdown of the global economy. Depending upon where one is located, this could have lasted an extended period of time. This is magnified if we look at the work situation where less than 30% of workers have returned to the office.

For all the talk about not going back to normal, it seems corporations/businesses are looking to take things back pre-COVID. The idea is to put workers back in their cubicles where Baby Boomer middle managers can keep oversight on them (or keep Tim Cook company).

This is not sitting well with employees.


Over the past couple months, I wrote a number of articles detailing my hopes that individuals start standing up to these corporations. They had it their way exclusively for too long. It is time for people to start making a statement with their actions.

It appears this is happening in large numbers. The time people spent either out of work or away from the office allowed them to think a great deal. It is evident many reassessed their priorities and were not likely what they saw.

This is leading to what some are calling the "Great Resignation", a wave that is starting to hit employers. It is a subject that does not get a great deal of media attention. We all know there are a record number of job openings but are most aware there are a record number of people quitting their jobs.

Workers have had more than a year to reconsider work-life balance or career paths, and as the world opens back up, many of them will give their two weeks' notice and make those changes they’ve been dreaming about.


How big is this situation?

41% of workers globally are thinking about handing in their notice, according to a new Microsoft survey.


That is not a small percentage of the global work force. It also obviously includes more than just retail or restaurant workers, two sectors that get attention for their difficulty in getting and hanging onto workers.

Much is made about the fact that people in the United States are making more collecting unemployment than they are by going to work. Many feel this is a situation where the government is stepping in where it should not. However, it also does show how these companies pay awful wages and offer crappy working conditions. The fact that people are starting to tell them to screw off is a good thing.

Of course, now the corporations are running to the politicians across the country looking for assistance. This led a number of states, run by Republican Governors, to reject the payments from Washington. It effectively cuts into the unemployment people are getting.

The bottom line is corporations are going to show no loyalty to workers. Anyone who believes the companies (or the government for that matter) cares about them is rather foolish in my opinion. This is not how they operate.

Nevertheless, employees have the ability to stand up and walk out the door. After all, the media espouses there are 9 million job openings in the U.S. alone. This means that people have plenty of options.

The more disgruntled people become with the present system, the better it is for everyone. In my opinion, automation has to happen as quickly as it can. Technology should not be constrained and we are, quite frankly, in need of the productivity jumps. This is not likely to happen with most of the economy filled by humans.

At the same time, this is going to create a major problem that few, thus far, are willing to discuss. Hence, people still operate from their old ideologies, believing they are still applicable. When millions of people lose their professions permanently, they might be singing a different tune.

To anyone in cryptocurrency, the path is clear. However, most of society is still looking at things outside that frame of reference. Thus we will be going through this process for a while.

In the meantime, those in the workforce look like they are standing up to the companies and telling them what they think. If enough people hand in pink slips, the employers will have to alter things.

We will see how long this goes on for.

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It's about time for the odds to change. Considering how alternative sources of income are increasing by number with every passing year there will be less demand for a traditional work place and that's great.

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The more people realize these alternatives, the harder it is going to be for these corporations to travel along the same path. If millions start to earn their living off crypto, as an example, there is really no need for the grind in an office.

I have a feeling over the next 2 years we will see that number become tens of millions of people (perhaps more). It will be fun to watch.

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I hope more people realize that they dont have to and shouldn't need to submit to these stupid policies anymore

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When people are financially backed up against a wall, they often have no choice.

Hopefully that is changing.

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This is an exciting time to be alive and awake.

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I expect a rise in hustle culture as part of this. Folks will b more opens to freelancing gigs. Earning from social media will become attractive to them. When that happens..... where do you think they are going to look at?

AFAIK there's no real competitors to Hive. wasn't much of a success. Blurt has no Dapps/Games. There needs to be some TikTok About Hive!

Wait.... I just realized this is such a cool idea! I'll go write something about this!

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I am glad you commented yourself into a post. See there is value in commenting.

Without a doubt, the hustle will increase. The challenge is that was promised during the "Gig economy". Here is where issues arose as the platforms took a large percentage of the pie. We see something different with Hive and crypto.

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Some competition and lawsuits (Epic Games vs Apple) did bring down the percentage taken. Still these are inefficient large companies with lots of employees. Blockchain can make things even more efficient. Best part is the lack of delays and fees when it comes to moving money. Zero fee chains like Hive has extra advantage here. After getting used to things here with staking even BSC looks expensive as hell!

Do you think the divide will be kind of slow in the beginning and eventually it will be too big for companies to decide? I don't think the fight between remote work and office work will continue for the next few years.

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Hard to tell how this will proceed. It all comes down to options. If people have a lot of other options, then the enslavement is not something that most will volunteer for. Plus, there is an economic incentive for some corporations to downsize their real estate holdings.

So we might see the move driven by economic forces whereby the profits are affected by having the same ole policies.

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Yes that's what we need. Let the people take back their power and leverage. It may mean some sort of collapse initially of course. Let them market sort itself out, or is it too late for that as the government has already stepped in with stimmies and the UBI is the new norm?

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Well the government stepping in is only counterbalancing the activities over the last 30 years. In that time, it all fell in the corporations favor. If there was a UBI, that would really help to shift things instantly. Suddenly people would be free to choose what they wanted instead of being forced into slavery due to finances.

Today, most people have little choice.

What that would do would require corporations to get more efficient as they would have to pay more money to get people to work there. Automation would take off.

Hence we would likely see a massive productivity gain as people would be incentivized to produce as opposed to simply engage in dudgery behavior to make it to quitting time.

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It's nice to know that employee are finally understanding their worth and the value of their time

If the politicians do not try to infringe rules in favor of the employers alone, it will be for the best

As it stands, those who have found their way into crypto have better chances

I hope that the rest of the world will key in as well for everyone's best interest

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As it stands, those who have found their way into crypto have better chances

I agree completely with this. We are now in a situation where many are finding additional rewards through their crypto activity. This can only enhance their standing going forward.

It all comes down to choices. This is something that is vital to all human freedom.

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This past year has definitely push a lot of people to their breaking point. I know we had quite a few retirements at the end of this school year that I wasn't really expecting. I think if we have to go through even a fraction of what we went through this year, next year we will see even more retirements. For teachers especially this whole remote thing isn't what they signed up for. Perhaps the new blood can adapt to it better.

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Education is going to undergo a massive shift. It is best for the old timers to get out because they are pretty much useless in what is coming.

I am not sure it is at the non university level but education is going remote, online, and specific. We already see drops in college enrollment which is a great thing. That is also a slavery system.

Education, along with construction and healthcare, are industries that didnt change a great deal over the last 40 years (longer than that but you get my point). This is going to change.

The next 15-20 years will see a complete upending of those industries. Just thing about how retail changed.

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Good thing I am in tech. Remote relies on that a ton. My wife does SEL stuff, so she should be pretty cool too. As long as parents keep traumatizing their kids she will have a job.

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Another great article and perspective.
The amount of "counter-productivity" we have to deal with because middle/upper management can't shake their old paradigm is insane. The phrase "can't teach an old dog new tricks" comes to mind. Well, young pups are tired of the old dogs power games. Very tired.

A poll of over one million workers in the US by Gallup found that leaving a bad manager was the number one reason why workers quit, with 75% of those who left voluntarily doing so because of their boss and not the job itself.

A lot of workers don't want to go back to the same ole rat race and I can't blame them.

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Yes it is the Baby Boomers who are resistant to technological change. This is going to end badly since the Millennials are not going to put up with it. They think completely differently since they understand change and lived with technology reworking things in a short period of time.

The clock is already counting down and it does not favor the Boomers.

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Man you are so on-point with this stuff. I've have those discussions before with my boomer parents.
It usually went like this:
parents "Just wait, you'll grow old and be confused about technology too."
me "No I won't because I grew up with technology. My entire life has been adapting to technological change."

I just hope millennials will treat boomers at least decently when their entire paradigm collapses. It would make the millennials no better of a "generational group" to leave the old to be consumed by a world they don't understand.

“... now the corporations are running to the politicians across the country looking for assistance.”

I find this particularly comical as governments are about to realize the internet is coming for them, too. 🤣

I find this particularly comical as governments are about to realize the internet is coming for them, too. 🤣

I think you give them too much credit. The banks are just realizing that crypto and CBDCs put a target on their chest. I foresee it being a while before governments (politicians and bureaucrats realize they are in the crosshairs.

Simply put, let us fly under the radar for a long time and then surprise them.

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I kinda feel like all the conservative backlash against crypto is a sign at least some of them foresee something on the horizon.

Hey, off topic, but have you ever considered ripping the audio from these and releasing them as podcasts? I can’t watch videos at work but I can listen on the go. I’m probably not the only one who’d benefit from the additional access.

It is very true. Good post

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I guess the fact that Americans have the highest standard of living ever experienced in the history of the world is because corporations pay crappy wages.
Corporations have also had time to see if there is value in letting people work from home, if there is they will continue the practice (they like making money) if not then I guess those people can quit and see what it is like without the government propping them up.

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Ah yes.

...if not then I guess those people can quit and see what it is like without the government propping them up.

I think they should face that right after corporations have to face the same thing.

I guess the fact that Americans have the highest standard of living ever experienced in the history of the world is because corporations pay crappy wages.

Actually that was due to having the USD as the reserve currency.

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Wow this is going to be a blow on cooperation as worker quit work in other to source their own means of living.
This is a good move by employees to make personal income without answering to no one.
I wonder how organization will react to this.

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One of the very positive things to come out of this. Greedy corps who don't take care of their workers and make them do stupid crap they don't need to. Think about how much time and money is wasted driving into work every day. How much LIFE you miss out on and give to these employers. We all know everyone doesn't go to work and crush it for 8+ hours straight. There's no reason to work that many hours in a day! So much time is wasted just BSing around. I'd love to see the change and for people to really start living a bit of life instead of the overworking grind just to make a greedy CEO more money.

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