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RE: Now is a good time to check if your recovery account is set to STEEM and change it.

in LeoFinance2 months ago (edited)

Just discovered this... and I am not on the safe side of things. Every time I try to change the password on, an error redirects me.




Your account's owner key is required to update your recovery account. If you have a "master password" somewhere, it can be used to update it.

But because the owner key is the ultimate key for your account especially when there's no hope of recovery with @steem as the recovery partner, be careful with your master password, don't put it on untrusted websites/services, and be mindful of its security.

Thank you. I have the owner key and I have tried using it to update everything but that error keeps popping on my screen.

I don't think I have a master one though :(

I would think the owner key would work on that page but it could be there is a bug. Make sure you're not copying it with any extraneous characters like a space at the beginning or end.