Now is a good time to check if your recovery account is set to STEEM and change it.

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Does your account still have a recovery account of @steem? If so, there is no chance to recover your account if it gets hacked or you forget the password.

You can check your recovery account by going to

If it is set to @steem, I highly recommend you change it to an alt account or someone you trust. While in most cases there is no way to get lost funds back, you can recover the account in almost every case where you have your recovery account set.

While you are at it, I would recommend having a unique set of keys for Hive if your account is also on Steem. Also while you are at it, why don't you check your authorized apps and purge any old and unused ones.

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Some people end up changing it to their own account name, which removes the intended purpose of the recovery account. Only do this if you want your account to be unrecoverable if the owner key gets changed and you don't have or lose the new one.

I need to do this still...

Is there any chance Hiveblocks could be updated to show the powerdown path you discussed a couple weeks ago? Who owns that site? The node is down for maintenance right now, so I can't seem to load the site.

That would be @roadscape but I don't think he is around much anymore.
Could file a request in the footer where it says "Help/Feedback" and see if he gets it.

I always get this message in PeakD but I never pay attention to it, now I will take it seriously.

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Solid advice. A lot of people probably don't even know about this.

Thank you, for remind people of this. This was probably the thing what happened to me recently. I usually don't follow strange links or so, but I had the same set of keys as in Steem. After the hack I changed it all, but I would have saved me a painful headache, if I only have done it earlier when everybody recommended it.

Very important info and have done that. Purging the old and unused apps is something that gets overlooked.

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Just discovered this... and I am not on the safe side of things. Every time I try to change the password on, an error redirects me.



Your account's owner key is required to update your recovery account. If you have a "master password" somewhere, it can be used to update it.

But because the owner key is the ultimate key for your account especially when there's no hope of recovery with @steem as the recovery partner, be careful with your master password, don't put it on untrusted websites/services, and be mindful of its security.

Thank you. I have the owner key and I have tried using it to update everything but that error keeps popping on my screen.

I don't think I have a master one though :(

I would think the owner key would work on that page but it could be there is a bug. Make sure you're not copying it with any extraneous characters like a space at the beginning or end.

If it is set to @steem, I highly recommend you change it to an alt account or someone you trust.

What about if your Alt account also have @steem set as the recovery account? Or if your Alt account have the account that you want to update as its recovery account?

I would recommend using someone you trust if you have to. You could choose any of the top 20 witnesses if you can't find someone and I'm sure they will help.

So, are you implying that if the Alt account that you could set as your recovery account, if it already have as its own recovery account the one that you are trying to update & protect, then it's not a good choice either and you must use the account of someone else that you trust?

I recommend using someone you trust, if not you can use an alt. If you have one large account and one smaller one, they can have recoveries to each other. Chances are they won't both get phished, but it is indeed possible especially if you have malware, that's why I recommend someone you trust or a top 20 witness.

If you have one large account and one smaller one, they can have recoveries to each other.

Ok thank you, I understand. But according what you say seems like it's still effective use a smaller Alt account as your recovery account regardless if it has your large account as its own recovery account. I guess the key here is that none of them has @steem as its recovery account right?

I would say that today and as things are, it does not seem too easy to find someone else who is completely trustworthy. Hahahaha };)

I agree and you have to make the decision that is right for you.

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Can you please suggest me some alternate trusted recovery sources?

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Dude I changed this last year, there was a guy who made a very helpful post about it last year, unfortunately I forgot his account name?