Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition - October 2022

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Have you always wanted to ask me something?
Now is your chance, there won't be another!
(ok, ok, there will)

Hit me up in the comment section with a question and I will do my best to answer it. I post a new AMA post every 2 months or so.

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What is an AMA?

AMA is a format popular on Reddit where one person offers to answer questions for a limited period of time.

How long will I answer questions?

I will usually answer them pretty quickly, and I should be around for a few hours. I will continue to answer them as they come in.

What type of questions can you ask?

I'm open to pretty much anything but I can give the best answers about:

  • Hive
  • Hive Witness
  • Crypto
  • PCs
  • Gaming (Video, Board, Crypto)
  • NFTs
  • Minecraft
  • Elden Ring
  • Popping off in Hunt: Showdown
  • Hating Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Ape Mining Club
  • Hive Punks
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Technology
  • 3D Printing
  • Productivity
  • Movies & TV
  • Comedy
  • Memes
  • Pool maintenance

Don't feel limited to the above categories, just things I generally know about.


This AMA brought to you while listing to Feed The Machine by Poor Man's Poison

So let's get this shit started!


Why you should vote me as witness

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Is it true that half the value of those flags you been giving me goes back to you as a member of the top 20?

Lol wut?

IF flagged rewards goes 'back to the pool' and the top 20 curators are taking 50% of the pool by giving it to their favorites then 50% of what you flag goes to those top 20 curators.
Is this not how the math works?

I assumed by top 20 you were referring to witnesses. If you mean curators it will be spread out to everyone so if I downvoted something for $100 I doubt I'd see one cent in return.

Hmmm, yeah, that isn't how a commons works.

If I add something to a pool that goes 50% to the top 20 curators, they get 50% of it, and the other 50% will be spread among the lesser people.
You, being two of the top 20, that I know of, would get 1/10th of that first 50%, if my math is correct.

Ergo, if you flag something for 100hbd, 50 would be split by the top 20, and 5hbd would be for your 2 shares.

The thing I always appreciated about math is that it is the same for everybody every time.
It is also either right, or wrong.
Are you saying this math is wrong?

Your concept of thinking those with the least amount of stake should get the most rewards is flawed.

That isn't what I have asked for.
I've asked that those that can take out the most, take out less.
Thereby raising the bottom and spreading the distribution wider.
Hopefully juicing the network effects of mining this way.

What do you think about the 20% APR interest rate of the Hive Dollar (HBD)? Is it sustainable in long term? I heard that some people think that it is, while other people say that it is not.

I think it is sustainable at this point in time as it only adds a very small amount to the overall inflation.

Have you always wanted to ask me something?

Now is your chance, there won't be another!

Don't feel limited to the above categories, just things I generally know about.

There won't be another? Really?


  • Comedy

Ok, let's go with one of comedy. I read that right?


Perfect! then, here we go: ¿Are you getting old Marky?

Isn't everyone? I'm getting old as fast as you are.

Isn't everyone? I'm getting old as fast as you are

Oh no! I already managed to stop aging! :)


Uhm, ok, let me rather ask you a harder question this time bro...

  • Development
  • Productivity

¿Should I make an AMA also Marky? So, that people can know me better?

Did you ever play NWN server Anphillia?

The MMO or the Game?
I have tried the MMO, I have no clue what server but I didn't play much. Maybe a day or two. I've looked at the game a few times but never got into it.

I am considering the Humble Bundle RPG bundle, but I don't think I will get around to playing them all but it does have NWN and Pathfinder, but I am not a huge fan of dated games.

I have not, but it is part of this bundle.

Although now that I have a steamdeck, I do plan on expanding the type of games I'm playing. I do love RPG though, I just don't have a lot of patience for old graphics.

When the world offers you the most impressive visuals money can buy, yes, older games do tend to lose out on players.

I like this game because of the myriad number of servers running their own little worlds.

If you ever land there I would recommend the server Arelith, if you want that slow player role playing, without the meta.

Other than that I sometimes go back to Blackstone Keep server, one of the longest running servers since the first year of the games existence.

Any new collaborations or developments regarding Hive Punks? Can you give us some good news? 🙂

I wish, I am in talks with some people, but nothing good to go right now. The original plan was to build a few games that incoporated Hive Punks.

Well, fingers crossed. Let's hope fr the best.

Is there a process in calculating how reputation increases in the hive blockchain
Maybe this explains it. However, as Marky said, it's an useless metric as t serves for nothing much.

Thanks I will go through it.

You're welcome.

It's a logrithmic scale of all the rshares you earned. It's fairly simple, but converting that into the number you see is harder. Once you break about 62 rep it gets much much slower.

The higher is goes the slower it get to reach there.

Yes, exponentially. That's why 80 rep is so hard to reach. But ultimately it is meaningless, our top rep users are our worst users.

Thinking back to your first day on the blockchain and knowing everything that you know now, what would you do differently?

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Bought more at 26 cents. Not bother getting into anti-abuse. Bought more splinterlands packs. Kept more of my stake anonymous.

How do you keep your stake anonymous?

Just have it on another account.

I thought that was illegal and I'm one of the good guys.

Why would it be illegal?

Well... frowned up then.

Okay then. Point taken. I have another questions but it's an over 18 one and I may get banned or muted.

And can't you see all transactions between accounts anyway?

Yes, everything is public.

I see that. And I like it.


What do you like most about Hive?

Community Built-In™. On BTC there really isn't anything going on as it's just a bunch of wallets.

Yes, there is someone to talk to and treat with a cup of coffee.

Backstreet's Boys or *Nsync? that is THE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW!


NO, as in you cant choose cause you like them both?



Since when do you not ask about food?

I think we have covered almost everything important to know regarding food, I want to know your deepest secrets now! I bet you like BTS more than BSB or Nsync, you do seem like a kpop kind of fan

What do you think should be the focus for the next Hard Fork?

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Q: Which type of nfts will sell quickly?

I have no idea, people have their own logic.

What is the latest game you and your son are playing together?

My wife and I were on a Valheim fix for a few hundred hours, but the intense difficulty ramping up has turned her off :(

We have been playing some Overwatch 2 since it released recently. It's pretty much Overwatch with minor changes. We played a lot of Elden Ring together. I just picked up Risk of Rain 2 for both of us, but we haven't played yet.

We played a little Valheim, I recommend checking out Raft, great game for a couple.

Oyeah! I forgot about Raft. I've solo'd it a few patches back, but she didn't have a good PC then!

Why....are you such a badass.

Lol. A simple question.


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What is your favourite slicer for 3D printing and what software would you suggest for cad? I hope to start producing content for the community soon.

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I use Cura, it is well maintained, runs everywhere, and loaded with features.

Fusion360 is a good option. They did limit the free version to 10 active documents though which sucks and you have to fiddle with archiving projects.

What part about Hive gives you something to look forward to about its possible future?

How does CubDefi work..also BHbd...I'm doing some reading..still don't get

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Do you think hive worth investing in?

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I don't know what to ask

@ hive-143869 from a group account, coming from the @ itharagaian profile and under alias of other accounts @ @ itharagain and I pass on multi enrichment accounts, as also with his account @ pizzabot and @ pgm-curator and other curators...
@ florenceboens family with Itharagaian if he's not the one posing as his wife either.
@ mcedric also probably double counting itharagaian with no profile than just HP enrichment.

Is it allowed for multiple accounts to enrich themselves in the votes between them and can become masters of the Francophonie to give a negative vote in multiple accounts to affect even more strongly than a single negative vote by a single account ?

Hi MarkyMark, it's @itharagaian writing :-)

This account is indeed a curation account with a trail, baked by several witnesses and by @laruche.
You already know that pizza and pgm are not mine, but the guy does not do any researches before accusing.

He insulted and downvoted people in an article, so we decided to tell him that not everything was cool to be done. In fact we started by upvoting him and telling him that his calculations were wrong, that's how the story begun lol.
If you wanna see by tourself here is the link:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice Day.

There really are no rules but what the community thinks is appropriate (on an individual basis).

tank you.

experienced an abuse of power by a curator who voted negative -100% on my article, because I gave him -1% on a comment of his that was aggressive to my taste. And, also because with each article that I create he criticizes me all the time, he always has something to say that I disliked by dint of each time making a remark to each article. It's like on social networks you have the right not to like a comment and the -1% was like a sign of "I don't like." So it's a joke and it does nothing special for a comment. But, I did it on the official profile and not on his curation group account.
His group curation account is "Hive-143869" and his official account is "itharagaian" which has multiple accounts for him.
So early, with his curation account, he negatively voted my article and not only my return comment. He voted -100% to harm and penalize abuse of his curator power.
Then, having the influence of power, he brought this woman and other accounts to make -100% to my article. For no particular reason and out of sheer wickedness of revenge for my -1% of his first comment that I didn't like.
Aren't we allowed to put a "dislike" on a comment?
Is a curator account allowed to abuse revenge and meanness to a small account like mine that can't return the same amount of HP?

Next, another person criticizes me for my spelling mistakes, I don't know him, he came out of nowhere, and it was the first time he posted something on one of my many articles for 3 years. And, with his criticism of my spelling the way he said, I didn't like that either and downvoted his comment.
Result, the curator "Hive-143869" threatened me saying in translation of comprehension that; if I again take a negative vote on a comment to a person who is part of his group, he will take it against me, so again negative votes on future articles for example.

Then, with the emotions that happened and feeling overwhelmed disloyal, I started to let off steam in writing on the end of the day of the incident and vice versa from him on me as well, (I let off steam aggressively and pissed off, got mean in return). And then it ended there.

I feel like I have to stop HIVE. Because "Hive-143869" told me to quit HIVE and get back to Facebook, (having told me that when we were both sending each other ranting messages).

After spending 3 years, (with Steemit before the creation of Hive) I have never experienced a curator abusing his power and forbidding me to downvote a comment "that I don't like" from a person belonging of his group, I thought I was free to dislike a comment only posted in my article.
So for him it's his guys. As if they belong to him.

It's a bit as if I now feel excluded from the freedom of my own blog, where his wife "florenceboens" made me understand that I must correct my spelling before validating my article and not later. Excluded from freedom of not being able to put "a dislike" of a comment posted in my article. Excluded by abuse being able to vote my article -100% by revenge and by profit that he knows that I do not have the weight in HP to return the same thing to him.

Today, 3 days later, he continues to write to me and hurt me in writing, always having the last word.

He plays sociophate like a psychopath and I have a big problem, this person is hurting me a lot again in writing 3 days later.

@themarkymark :)

It's a month later...

Are you gonna be brave, stand calm and collected in your super cool and sexiest on Hive avatar by far (because Deadpool, right!) ... except for @enginewitty 's ('cause look at that expression and those shades... *flutter)

I have some burning questions on NFTs. (not really burning but you're funny and it's good to see you around).

Stay cool


Fat Gandalf

What's the question(s)?


Hello. I don't really know enough about NFTs to ask anything relevant yet. Just sending some warmth and connection. Don't let the internet of amazing things and not so amazing things get you down and all that good stuff.

Unless you can tell me how to launch a successful NFT collection in one go?

Any chance you'll hold another AMA before the year's over?

well seem like i lost myself in some old post once more...
What do you prefere doing in minecraft ? and you think is minecraft java edition going to die ?
and maybe a hive question in your opinion when will hive become main-stream ?

I don't really play minecraft anymore, although we tend to go back to it from time to time. I only play heavy modded minecraft.

I think java edition will eventually be replaced with a C++ version but it isn't going to go anywhere.

As for Hive, I don't see it or any crypto really becoming mainstream.

Okey cool i'll be back with some other question in 10 months

I should be around.

well i'm here a bit sooner because something really rare happened someone engaged with my post (not so rare lol) anyway the comment was :
Have you ever looked at the monthly active user chart?

HIVE has been in a steady state of decline ever since the witnesses decided to raise the interest on HBD to 20%.

The absurd interest on HBD was supposed to attract users. People with financial sense realized that the platform took on an unsustainable liability.

Last month we paid about just under $115,000 in HBD interest. HBD is a derivative of HIVE. $115k HBD is worth about 333K HIVE at the current HIVE price of $0.345.

Of course, smart investors hold off converting their HBD to HIVE when the price is high. What we see is that people convert HBD to HIVE when the price dips.

My answer is that HIVE could only become a major social media platform after it reduced or eliminated the interest on HBD. Since HIVE is controlled by a few whale accounts that want the passive income from HBD. I fear that the answer is that HIVE will never be a major playor.

Personally, I fear that the 20% interest on HBD has created a ecosystem that may not survive another three years ... which makes me sad.

And i would like to know what you as one of these people that currently control hive, witnesses. Think about this. because personaly i joined hive not so long ago and understood was it was even less long ago. Is hive really going on a downfall ?

Since HIVE is controlled by a few whale accounts that want the passive income from HBD

This isn't really correct, as someone who's signaling for a lower APR personally I can easily tell that those with a lot of stake have way more HP than HBD, if you're referring to those with big stake voting for witnesses that are signaling and in effect placing hbd at 20% interest apr. You can't vote for witnesses with HBD so in a way this sentence really doesn't make a lot of sense unless those same whales would have HBD close or equal to their HP holdings which they do not (blocktrades, freedom, smooth, etc). Even if they had 50/50 the APR from HBD is only about 8% higher than the one you can get from HP.

Other than that I do agree with the sentiment that 20% is a bit unnecessary high and may cause more damage than good, at least any time I've mentioned it on web2 like twitter and reddit it's been called a trap/scam to attract money to rugpull them. Even if we here know that what happened to terra/luna can't happen here, its effects won't be forgotten and there won't generally be people trying to fall for it more than once. On top of it all with bnarely any real marketing or noise around the whole thing it's just feeding those few holding a lot of HBD unnecessarily without them having any skin in the game or risk in returns.

the sentence isn't by me, i just asked someone else opinion bcs yeah i didn't know if that comment was true or not, but yeah 20% is too much, because as you said people just think it's a scam, i think 10% apr could be good, i mean it's a round number it's neither to low or to high. you can get like 13% apr a year with hp voting and 24% with delegation so it would be a cool bonus for people who aren'tthat active or don't have time to vote or setup an auto vote. Even if the best would be 5% so everyone just powerup for more rewards but still can get a few liquide token if they want to keep a bit of liquide token, you know what i mean ?

btw why did you come here i mean it's not the easyest comment to find