Hive breaks $1!

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As someone who has been holding Hive while most people have been selling, I am still surprised Hive has hit $1 this quickly.

A few months ago I broke the 1M Hive Powered up.

I've mostly been staying powered up since the first day I joined. For a couple of years as I powered up everything even liquid rewards from posts.

In the last few years I've been investing my liquid rewards into many projects on Hive.

  • ManCave (Bro)
  • DCity
  • Utopis
  • CTP
  • Leo / Cub / wLeo
  • Splinterlands
  • Seed
  • Hive:Hive.Swap liquidity

I'm sure there are other projects I missed.

I joined on July 1st 2017, and I wish I knew about it sooner as I missed a lot of the key defining moments of this blockchain. I wish I could have been around the early days to help shape where it is today.

I was one of the first to push for the fork to Hive, but I will be honest, I was scared shitless at the time. There was no guarantee anyone would take it serious, but it was clear as day Steem was a lost cause. I knew that the moment Justin Sun and Ned Scott did their ask me nothing event.

I am amazed at what we have accomplished with Hive. We not only forked away from Steemit Inc and Justin Sun's centralized grasp, we turned Hive into something Steem never could be. We have been improving the technology at a pace Steemit Inc could never do in the 4 years they actively worked on Steem.

It wasn't long ago Hive was struggling to stay above $0.10. I remember thinking to myself, if Hive hits $0.10, I am going to buy a shit ton. It never made it down to $0.10, it was pretty close for a while, and made a big leap to the 20's for awhile where it sat.


Compared to everything I watch, Hive is kicking ass.

With a move like this, a lot of people will start to notice. Really exciting times.

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I think what started as a nice grind upwards based on what's going on with the chain, morphed into another pump. So, I would expect a pullback again but I think there are too many fundamentally good things happening for it to fall too far. 60-80 cents and then a real sustained move upwards to well over $1 by year-end. Don't forget (and I'm sure you haven't) there could be some very juicy airdrops coming in the next few months with 3Spk and potentially HAF as well. Lots of good reasons to own and hold Hive right now....

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I'm so happy to see this. We knew the Hive platform had more value than "the other chain' and now it seems the world is waking up to this.

I've got to say the recent sustained slow rise against BTC was good, but this spike today feels unsustainable. I wonder whether the falling supply has triggered this spike naturally, or whether a pump-and-dump operation is happening. Let's not be surprised at a correction back down toward 0.012mB while we hope for another ride TO THA MOON!

Looks like a planned pump.....
Huge buys and withdraws from exchange followed by a compain of centralized mining company with similar name.... hope thats not the reason but it doesnt look good.


Btw I like sia too :)

Quite the achiuevement and well done! If I may I'd just like to ask an unrelated question. I've been brushing up on HTML and I know that we use Markdown to create posts but are able to ad HTML elements in there but why can't I change the text colour? I'm guessing it's because there is no support for it as everything is based on HTML 5? Can I somehow use CSS to create a text file? I'm not expecting a full answer obviously, but if you could just point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful. Thanks and have a great weekend raising a glass to your first million and planning the route to your second!

There is very limited HTML support, like center, sub, br, and so on. Best bet is to use an image.

I feared that may be the answer but thanks for taking the time. Appreciated. Have a great week.

It feels satisfying when what you believe in, eventually begins to pay off. I mean like you said, there was no guarantee that the fork would pay off but here we are. Cheers to 1$ it feels good to be a holder of hive.

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I bought as stack of coins at $0.17 only a month or so ago. Thought it was massively undervalued...

I only have 45kHP nothing compared to you, but I have an aim of getting to 50k HP, that's now become a lot more difficult, kind of wishing it didn't pump just yet!

anyway, fair point on the fork from steem, all the hard work is paying off, but they seem to be doing ok over there too. Key thing is they don't have splinterlands which is mooning. I sold 100 packs for 6500 Hive, and decided to power them up. Its linkages like this that help the price.

I think the more we can attract another splinterlands or LEO the better for Hive! Surely the explosive growth has got gaming executives looking at it...I just wonder how the Hive community will react to the corporatisation of their blockchain.. they already rejected it once...

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What I find particularly encouraging about it is the super high trading volume supporting it... always a good sign. $824M traded in the past 24 hours!

I expect it'll back off a bit, but likely we'll be looking at a whole set of much higher new lows.

Regardless, it's really encouraging for those of us who have been here for a long time!

90% of the volume is krw/hive on upbit. This looks like an orchestrated action - last few days there were majour buys and withdraws from exchanges followed by an article in about a mining company called Hive blockchain. I hope its not a scam but if it is, we don't need acts like that abusing our reputation.

It feels great ! I remember how you were annoyed when summer defi happened and hive would trend down while EVERYTHING else was pumping.

I guess you had to stay patient and today it seems it allowed you to get some cheap Hive 😅

Congrats !

I have extremely strong hands.

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Must feel awesome seeing that million dollar wallet dude

I still don't know why STEEM is at 75c, am I missing something? (besides walls of Korean text).

Doesn't matter, people value shit as well. But if you see steem/btc chart you see that's it's been struggling to come up 20 week MA and losing value against it.

We care about hive and development, doesn't matter what others are worth. We are gonna make our worth and hit the market sooner or later.

Algos trade steem and hive as being correlated, or Justin Sun tries to pump Steem. Maybe both

Look marty...

Thank you fo everything you do in the Hive community. Filled with joy seeing how green hive has been and how it’s going. I have full confidence in Hive. 3 months again Hive was at $0.19 today it got to $1. I told someone that hive to $10 is possible but he felt I was overestimating. Hive to $10 is 1000% away and hive just did more than a 600% profit from June to today. Everything is possible and Hive has every reason to go really high because of its utilities

Very exciting @themarkymark for all of us who stuck with it & fought for this dream 👏🏼🥳

I’m offering a $1,000 rewardcan you help me get the word out


Thank you for being a big part of this project. And good have 1Million HP!!! Talk about being a believer...

Super excited to finally see some recognition. I can only think that Splinterlands has a lot to do with this. But that’s cool, if that’s the reason. Just means that it’s a proof of market concept that worked.

Bring on the rest.

I think the biggest factor is the HBD pumps being pushed to Hive by the stabilizer and conversions.

Ah yeah, that could def be a big factor.

Happy for Hive getting this far but part of me still kicks myself for not buying at 0.13 when I had the budget set for a price target of 0.1

I like Hive enough to not mind the price movement up or down and was excited at the thought of getting more once the bear market sets in and dumpers gonna be dumpin. Still going to power down and buy more Engine tokens to fund some games and Hive projects.

definitely amazing to see it go so fast! But generally speaking, there has always been a huge sell off some days/weeks later. But it shows that there is interest and like you said that we are also getting now more people taking notice :)

If you are interested in TA:

It's been a looong time coming but we deserve this win :)

I remember thinking to myself, if Hive hits $0.10, I am going to buy a shit ton. It never made it down to $0.10, it was pretty close for a while, and made a big leap to the 20's for awhile where it sat.

It actually made it to $0.10 for a short time, I bought around 70k in binance.

Think that was before I said it

Regretting not buying more when it was lower of course, and gutted I wasn't in financial position to hold onto what I shoulda, but hey, thems the brakes. go HIVE. We do love this beast/

I didn’t know I got to steem before you (with old account)…damn…if only I had some income to invest back then….you did well!

Congrats on being a Hive millionaire!

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Here's word to those who sell, hive is kicking ass!.

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If the money continues to flow into hive, everything will definitely be great

The pump came as a surprised and I am happy about it. This time last year, who would have thought hive to be at a $1.

Not only that it also surpasses Steem's market cap.

Patience always pays. Good to see our Hive is booming like nothing...🤑

Patience always pays

Sometimes, not always.

I think that the golden age for HIVE is just beginning! So glad to be a part of it ☺️

Welcome to the club.

I want to stick with what I have now, but at 0.3 $, I can buy quite a bit, and I will continue to maintain my power, even if it's a very small scale I have, and I will stay here long term.,,, Your posts have opened my horizons about crypto, especially about this beloved hive.

Definitely exciting times. I wish I would have stayed active years ago!

This are good times, one didn't expect the market is sure awesome

Personally, I'd rather see it be a slow build to $1 instead of this 40 cent gain in 12 hours that's now ballooned to $2. That's not sustainable and hardly worth getting excited about when you know it's going to fall again.

EDIT: It appears that my chart is being fuckey with the $1.98 Hive, still only sitting at $0.97.

This is a great milestone for all. Hopefully it will entice more to join.

Really happy to see this, I think it's because of the massive growth of Splinterlands.

Compared to everything I watch, Hive is kicking ass.

With a move like this, a lot of people will start to notice. Really exciting times.

Absolutely! Would love to see it get into the Top 50 next so that we get the deserved visibility. Who knows from there...?

Congratulations everyone!!!

Thumb up doble 1.jpg

Cheers. I was buying at $0.08 when Huobi withdrawals were disabled for HIVE and there were rumours about Huobi being insolvent. Also kept powering up since day 1 :)

This is really awesome am just short of words. It is really a surprise

Hard work pays off Marky!

We will get higher and yes, people will start to notice

Well done over all of the effort you put into this....

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Congratulations :) You have to be thrilled with your investment :) Do you have any plans for selling, or do you think this is just the beginning?

It is just the beginning I hope, lets HODL together

Just stumbled on to this post. I was tanked but now

How dare you!

You sobered me up!

Awesome!! Waiting it will even higher.

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Wait you just became a millionaire, with hive turning 1$ that calls for some party🎉🎉

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