Will you buy $20 of Hive with me?

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I went ahead and bought $20 worth of Hive on Ionomy.

I believe this is a small enough amount that most everyone can afford it without a large financial burden.

I challenge you to buy $20 worth of Hive from your favorite exchange, transfer it to your account, and power it up..

If you accept this challenge, leave a comment below confirming your participation.

I'd love to see 100 people participate. Do you think we can do it?

Better yet, did you know you can send STEEM to @swap.app and it will automatically convert it to Hive with only a 0.7% fee using Binance?

Please reblog to help raise awareness.

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I have $220 worth of Hunt tokens in my Metamask extension, but can't find a way to sell them. Only option I've found is GoPax, and they require ID.

I think they are trading on ProBit.com

Thanks, mate. I'll have a look.

They stole most of my Hunt tokens but I did have some on another account they didn't get to. Never got around to dumping them. I think there was another place to dump them other than GoPax but forget where.

Well, just bought over 6,000 hive, and powered it all up...

Am I winning so far?

Shit...got to beat this one

Nice one, you may as well stop your powerdown then.

It's fairly common for people to power down even when they are powering up as it gives some flexibility but it isn't as effective with the change to Hive Power where powering down reduces your voting power immediately.

I just couldn't resist the dig.

I would of really liked to of sell some hive when the price temporarily went above $1

But I couldn’t due to it being on lockdown

I literally could have over 100,000 hive power now if I was able to sell high and buy low.

At least now, i have some liquid hive every week and can profit from unusual spikes

It's a good strategy, I've got some (not much) on the exchanges sitting on limit sells TBH, I can't be dealing with monitoring the price and sniping a decent sell, I find it too anxiety inducing - so I just set my limits early and then occasionally wake up to a nice surprise.

It does feel like a good time to buy right now.

Are ye' winning, son?

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got some small amount left.

Done, I had some BTS laying around so a used them for the trade.




Does 100 Persons are reached by the last call to Power Up ?

No, I think there was around 15-20.

Just swaped all my steem and duo some high bills this month, i will sit this challenge out.
But i will gift everyone that participates :-)

I bought 2k Hive :) But I wish I bought that today! No more liquid USD to spare now!

No worries, that's awesome.

Thanks for the tip about @swap.app - I just used it to transfer my remaining STEEM. Not quite $20 worth but nice to have.

Small enough amount that everyone can afford it.

I wouldn't bet on it.

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I like how you changed my words around.

I believe this is a small enough amount that most everyone can afford it without a large financial burden.

most everyone

That's wrong, I don't know you meant to say. Everyone? Almost everyone? Most people?

Anyway, that's not the point. $20 is not something you just throw away in a lot of places around the world.

Not saying that investing in Hive is a bad thing, I just don't agree with your statement that $20 is nothing and "most everyone" could affort it.

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Fair enough, but still no excuse for deceptively trying to change my words.

Yup, sorry about that, can't copy text on dapplr yet, and I got lazy 😅

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I don’t think many people who can’t let go of $20 are reading this right now, you need to be conscious of the target audience.

From the people reading these posts, most of them won’t feel their lives change for the worse to part with $20.

Might be. I don't know his audience, though I think he's pretty popular. I like his articles, discovered him through the trending section 🤷🏻‍♂️

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There is so little volume on Ionomy...

There really is, unfortunately.

I've sold all my Steem, but have started selling my Blurt now. That could give many people a nice Hive boost. You can sell it on Ionomy. I am spending some on Hive games. I may well power up some more Hive on the next HPUD.

I really need to log in and sell my Blurt. It's already dropped 33%.


And, thanks for the tip about @swap.app

I have some STEEM powering down that needed a simpler conduit.

Yes! Power up!!

Man is valid 152.027 HP in the last 7 days?


Nice post that inspires to work on a blockchain site. Thanks you

Gonna buy mine soon

Very good initiative to get #hivers engage.
Just did a decent one yesterday.
Keep it going!

Just made it to 90K :)

Is this Ned, who spent his money on some pills and overdid it a little??

I thought this is @acidyo LOL

Picked up 3500 this week. Just remembered I had some tron sitting in an account from a long time ago. 😂
That's all gone now and more hive instead. Couldn't be holding onto that shit coin.

I can't buy now - but I can supply

How about someone powering up everyday for the last three months, does that also count for something? Plus I just hit 17.5k hive power?

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What are the chances of this happening - my latest Blurt PD yielded me exactly, I mean exactly $20 worth of Hive!


Interesting to note how much the price has increased since yesterday!

So there's +1 to yer list.


Powering up all the time!

I bought 115 hive on binance but the withdrawal is not working at the moment but I did power up 27 hive from hive-engine and will power that 115 also when I can get it out.

Wouldn't this challenge be the same if someone convert his HBD to hive and then power up?

Not really, as it isn't bringing new money into Hive.

I bought for 70$ few days ago , cant do more for now
I seee the scale is going up ahahha

Done! In fact, I went for £50 GBP which about $65 USD

i just bought about $200 with btc and steem :-D got myself to a nice round number :-D My SP is still only 5% of yours but that's what I can do now!

DONE... What's the progress report

This might have been $20 in shitcoins at some point, does that count?

Screen Shot 20200728 at 8.06.32 PM.png

I am just finishing up transfering all my Steem into Hive. Does that count?

Are we 100 already? I bought some Hive today and powered up (on my gadrian-sp account), around 150, it's worth more than 20$.

I bought. But didn't notice Bittrex wallet was under maintenance. Now they stuck. :\