#CryptoFinance Initiative: How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?

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Hey Hivers!

Today we have a special initiative. I always talk about the importance of second layer applications. Right now one of the best examples is @LeoFinance. The LEO team, led by @khaleelkazi and with the amazing support of the community have achieved great things.

@LeoFinance is a tokenized second-layer community where people can post and earn LEO as well as HIVE. It’s a community that focuses on cryptocurrency and finance.

One of the goals of this initiative is that the current HIVE community can learn more about @LeoFinance and consider using the leofinance.io interface for their crypto and finance posts.

For this initiative please answer the following question:

How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?


To participate:

  • Write a full post sharing your experience and answer the question: How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted your Personal Finance?.
  • If you are making a written post do it from the LeoFinance website: https://leofinance.io/ You can log in with Hive Keychain or with HiveSigner and look for the pencil in the top right corner besides your username. Check out this guide in case you need help with this.
  • On your blog post or video include the tag #cryptofinance as one of the first four tags. This will help my curators find your post.
  • If you are making a video instead of a blog post upload it to 3Speak.co and post it on the LeoFinance Community. You can also include the “leofinance” metatag on your 3Speak video post. Remember that for written posts you can do it directly on the LeoFinance interface.
  • Share your post on Twitter and use the hashtags: #HIVE, #CryptoFinance, #leofinance, and any other hashtag related to your post. This will also help my curators see your post faster.
  • On Twitter put your https://leofinance.io/ link into a comment. Twitter is shadowbanning some Hive links and all 3speak links, but if you put in your comment section it won't shadowban your tweet.
  • When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest they will need to go to your 3speak profile.
  • Important Rule: LeoFinance is all about engagement. To be eligible for curation one thing that is going to be taken into consideration is comments. And for this particular initiative all the comments should be made from the leofinance.io interface.
  • We are asking the community to make 10 comments a day through the LeoFinance UI. If you are up to this challenge let me know in the comments. I will be supporting comments and I know the engaging LEO community will also help.



  • This initiative will last 7 days.

  • Up to 10 posts will be voted at 100% with my account.

  • Video posts will also be eligible for @threespeak votes.

  • Big LEO stakeholders and the community might also vote the best posts.

  • Even if your post is not on the top 10 it can still be eligible for lower percentage votes.

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community, and we will get with you for your help in curation.

Have ideas for future initiatives similar to this one? Reach out to @eddiespino on Twitter or on Discord (eddiespino#1698) to let him know your ideas, and he will relay them to me.

Be sure to follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.
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There are 3 pages

I upvote a lot of comments through my account, passing out probably over 100 LEO per day in the comment section alone.

There are others who are doing something very similar.

It is a great way for newer accounts to not only make a name for themselves, but also get rewarded in some LEO.

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Taskmaster is a lifeline for my LEO votes

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And you deserve every one of them you get.

It is my pleasure to do it. We are all here to support each other and pass it on.

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This is a huge work that demonstrates that HIVE is primarily a social network, albeit built on the blockchain. It will be difficult for me, but this week I am throwing you a Challenge. Let's see who can write more comments using https://leofinance.io/

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I can only confirm this. You and @acesontop are on every post I check :) I don't think there is a post without one of you coming from leofinance.io

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There is plenty of room in the comment section @alexvan.

Come join us. 👍

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My target for this week is to come in the top10. I discovered that there is a top10 only yesterday :)

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Yes it looks like it takes around 100-115 comments a week to get in the Top 10.

That could slide up if some of those who are there get more active.

The last couple of weeks, we kind of plateaued so it could still hold true.

It doesnt sound like you are too far out of the running if doing 10-15 per day.

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I think it will increase this week to somewhere on 140, roughly about 20 a day, especially with this challenge.

I hope to reach top 3 at the end of the year and one week to secure the first spot. :)

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People keep commenting like this and I will have to lower my vp to 1%.

So many comments showing up and people really showing how engaged they are.

I hope you are able to push things to where you are competing for the top spot.


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You will have many new competitors this week!

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There was a time I was greatly thinking of doing this then. But the fear of dumping this same amount of Leo on the market, how do you think it will fair. I have stake in Sports though.

They really are leading the way for our second layer solutions at the moment. @financeleo has paved the way for even more tribes to follow a they create their own brand and open up financial blogging to a whole wave of new people.

This is where i would like to see all of our communities at some stage, with ready made solutions for people to create a replica for sports, movies, different countries, ect... Anything that you can bring in users and views.

They are building a solution for a lot of people looking for new ways to earn money as the old way are all aimed at flowing the money upwards to the heads of larger entities. With crypto and hive based communities the money is spread outwards and helping a lot more people.

For now i have gained more in knowledge than in finances but if we had more tribes/ communities like this adding value to hive then we would all be a lot better off from being early investors and adaptors. There are people on hive and leofinance with knowledge that i don't but luckily for us we have places to see this knowledge and even ask them questions to increase our own. That is something that you wont see form publications where as here you get that feedback and answers to further your own journey and progression in crypto.

That is something worth building on and hopefully we see more of these tools that have been build brought into the communities so that we can keep expanding our reach and bringing more people into the new systems. Someday the tools will be there to build a community by just formatting these tools in the direction that i want and then i can bring in the people that will stay and actually take part in it.

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Two things:

  1. there is a lot more development coming over the next 6 months. We will be far ahead of where we are now at that point.

  2. I think having very specific communities would do amazing. How about one for Real Madrid or Mancheaster United? I think as popular as those teams are, tokenizing the fan base could be enormous.

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I've always used a harry potter community as the best example of a popular niche. It has millions of followers who love to read, write and create new content on the subject. So many theories, discussions and fan fics that get created by a group of followers.

They would not however be a crypto group so if we were to in theory build a community like that it would need to be very user friendly with the right tokenomics to thrive. I have often though about it if we had the tools for everybody to create and moderate specific communities like this, only tied to hive at a base and token layer as the users would never need to see or hear anything about the blockchain running underneath the community to enjoy it.

I've been getting people into crypto since 2011 - before most people here had heard of it.

But I've never found a way to use crypto privately and decentralized. Everything involves a smart device, bank account, government, or corporation. I've tried to do without, and asked thousands of other crypto users if they know a way to use crypto privately, to no avail.

So even if I hadn't lost all my crypto holdings in the ever-shrinking steem/hive black value hole, I'd have no way to use them, since I refuse to use any digital currency that isn't private and decentralized.

Crypto is still video-game-gold for me.

I'm going to give it a shot! Post is coming momentarily.

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Count me in. I'll share my expeierence living on crypto this summer and what it has done for me as a blogger. I already participate daily in the comments (already have my ten for the day and am aiming for more) and made 70+ comments last week. I'm about to upload a different post soon, and will begin working on this one which should be up by the end of the week. Thanks for all that you're doing to increase engagement and exposure for the LeoFinance community. :)

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Seeing more of your comments around. You certainly are increasing in that area.

I look forward to seeing your posts.

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Remembering what it was like to have none on a post you worked hard on is a powerful motivator. :) The post I'm about to upload now is nothing special, I've cut down on the long epic articles due to feedback over on Hive. I do see and appreciate your support and am now looking for authors with no engagement who wrote something decent, in order to fill in where I can. Annnddd... I'm having fun doing it! :)

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I'm having fun doing it! :)

This is key. If it is work, there is no point to it. Engagement needs to be enjoyable.

That is why Facebook gets so much activity. While it is a cesspool, people like wallowing in it.

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Part of the fun is coming up with something unique to say that's relevant to each post. It helps me become a better blogger by expanding the "ideas bank" that I draw from. It was funny trying to figure out who was supporting the comments. I kept wondering where these odd LEO were coming from! Thanks. :)

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I kept wondering where these odd LEO were coming from! Thanks. :)

As one gets involved with more stuff on Hive, this happens more and more. Tokens come in from all kinds of places.

However, now you can see a monetary value to each of your comments.

Let's see Facebook match that.

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And you'll also look forward to seeing my entry on this. It's quite exciting writing on this initiative.

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I have made this translation to Spanish and also added my participation:

(también pueden participar en español)


Link the post.

I'm glad that everyone is so engaging in the comments.

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What an awesome initiative! There are so many stories of how lives are changing, from all over the world. I am really looking forward to all the post, and engagement that will follow

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Boom! There you go LEOs, the rules have been laid out. I will be keeping an eye out to as well for solid participates for me and my curation trailers to vote.

Bring on the awesome stories on how crypto has impacted your personal finances! I think everyone has heard enough of mine on the LEO Roundtable each week..hahahahah!

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Doing this now with LeoFinance and 3Speak now.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to our community

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Greetings. I sign up, I will try to do something good with a lot of spice, as I like every time I do something on the subject of cryptos, although it is a new world for me, I try to do my best (write about it) because they are already about 3 to 4 years in our ecosystem and I'm still around here, my family is testimony that this technology is the future of the world, because throughout these years here, we have survived thanks to the marvelous chain of blocks and its coins of new generation (I always thank for that marvelous idea of ​​creating this, our world on the Internet) and Well, I will try to capture all the feelings that money brings me when thinking about the future, this one that those of us who are in it already live . A great friend invited me to write publications at https://leofinance.io/ he has always had great faith in its growth and I finally listened to him and yesterday I made my first publication and I am pleasantly surprised that the community leaves a good amount of comments (at least for me that I know few people here) I always walk in the games, testing and testing all the ones that come out and that leaves me very little time to comment and respond, but today I have done it to all that they have commented to me and the truth has caused me joy to comment, because I saw that they were interested in what I wrote, it seems like a great community, I hope to continue creating there, at least one publication per week.

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my family is testimony that this technology is the future of the world

Absolutely Love it! I have a family member in mind... I can't wait for them to see THIS!

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This is fantastic initiative and I will participate.

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Challenge is accepted and truly was missing such initiatives around. Engaging the community members need to be done through contents and thematic content creation so this was goes right to our root and what cryptocurrencies represent to us. So, let me start creating something on this.

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So many are joining, tomorrow you're going to see a bunch of posts :)

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Thank you for the opportunity, and I look forward to participating. Is Leo Finance strictly for finance-related topics? I felt dumb writing that question, but I had to ask. I'm so STEM-related that I have some fears about venturing out of this niche. However, I'm attempting it soon enough.

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Is Leo Finance strictly for finance-related topics?

Finance or cryptocurrency.

Hence the topic of this initiative. Anyone writing about their experience with cryptocurrency is touching upon the major focus of Leofinance. It is seeking to be a mecca for crypto related content.

What better content is there than people sharing their personal experience with crypto? Especially since it is shared out to other platforms like Twitter, there is a chance non crypto people happen upon it.

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Thank you for the clarification. I will be happy to participate and learn as I go.

I am definitely ready for the challenge because to tell the truth, crypto technology and blockchain have changed my life, to the point that I live entirely from them! And I always say it, they are the future of the world economy, so, from now on, I am working on my publication.

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Really nice iniciative!! this will be my next article, right now I can't make many comments because I'm pretty busy with my business right now (something that I will be sharing in the article because it uses Blockchain as the main structure to be working), ut I will try my best!

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I'm definitely going to participate in this. Thanks!

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I'm up for the challenge. Since @trumpan brought me here, I think my comments have risen to about 10-15 a day. Thanks for doing this challenge an bringing more focus on this cool community.

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We appreciate all you give to Leofinance.

It is great to have newer members focusing upon engagement also.

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To readers:

If you like to have a video chat on this topic let me know.(want to create video content)

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yes that is a great idea @nonsowrites.

More quality video is needed.

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Yeah, I could setup a video chat for 3-4person and we can all discuss. Nice easy to share our experiences. Any interested party to mention me.

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I was waiting for a @theycallmedan and @leofinance content and it happened! Hell yeah! hahaha!

Great contest topic by the way! Crypto finance have affected peoples lives a lot including mine so I bet we are gonna read some awesome posts and watch some awesome videos!

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I was waiting for a @theycallmedan and @leofinance content and it happened! Hell yeah! hahaha!

You wait is now over.

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Ten comments a day could make poverty go away! I'm already doing it and now I'll start working on this story of mine.

Good luck to everyone - these stories are what the blockchain needs right now!

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Ten comments a day could make poverty go away!

LOL. I like this. What a sensational motto. I will have to remember this one.

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Haha, the new reality of after-covid life.

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If you dont mind, I will use that in some posts about comments and trying to get more involved.

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It would be my pleasure!

Haha. Love the "ten comments a day could make poverty go away"... well that could anyway really be the case. :D

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Muchas gracias por brindar, valiosa información!

Love the initiative! Look forward to exploring andinteracting inand through #leofinance!

How has Crypto and Blockchain Technology Impacted my/our Personal Finance? by @teikn

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Hi @theycallmedan.

With this initiative, many users who follow you will find out for the first time about the existence of Leofinance.

I know many users who always follow your challenges but are not like writing about crypto & finance.
It will be a real challenge for them, but that's what it's about, right?

Education about the scope of cryptography in our lives.

Excellent initiative Buddy, I hope to participate.

Ps: I loved the engagement request and the comments. Unfortunately, this type of request only unleashes a series of "compulsory comments" where there is no real feeling of engagement. Well, this happens in most cases. I am sure we will find real valuable comments.


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Unfortunately, this type of request only unleashes a series of "compulsory comments" where there is no real feeling of engagement. Well, this happens in most cases. I am sure we will find real valuable comments.

It is the delicate balance of quality versus quantity. We see a lot who just throw up a bs comment to get upvotes. Those tend not to do well.

But those who take the time to write something pertinent to the topic, can get a nice reward.

We had a number of articles where the comment sections essentially become articles themselves with people write hundreds of words comments.

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I totally understand you.

In my community Project Hope Community we always try to promote true commitment among members.
We highlight the importance of a valuable comment since in many cases, it is capable of complementing the content of the post.

I have noticed that on Leofinance, also that same philosophy is maintained, for which I have felt very satisfied to interact on this platform.

I am convinced that this initiative will be a total success.

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We tend to get what we incentivize.

Thus, if we upvote those comments that are pertinent and show the intention of the individual of adding to the article, then we will get more of that.

Those who post "spammy" comments who are regularly ignored will tend to fall away. This is especially true if they are doing it manually.

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Those who post "spammy" comments who are regularly ignored will tend to fall away.

I agree, experience has taught us.

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This is a great idea and will be happy to support it.

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This ones going to be fine I think collabs are needed with the various dapps abd then combining the efforts with traditional social I’ll set up my post a little later

Hahaaaa i fucked everything up! 😂😂😂

Comments have made Leo a busy place right now and it is just so good to see. 10-15 comments a day is not difficult as that could just be replying on your own posts.

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I missed this initiative before posting my personal experience on Leofinance. Cool initiative. Let's engage.

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Repeat the post.

It will be out secret. 😁

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Shhh I can trust you, right? :)
I did change the tags to refer to the initiative.

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I look forward to seeing the posts that come out of this. I have a feeling there will be a great deal of people picking this up and running with it.

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I have a feeling there will be a great deal of people picking this up and running with it.

That was my thinking.

We could see a lot of posts on Leofinance with people detailing their experiences. After all, anyone who is on Hive has first hand experience with crypto, no matter how limited.

I look forward to some of the stories, especially the ones where lives were genuinely changed because of crypto.

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Awesome initiative.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Great initiative I am in on this!

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I'm glad to see this initiative on Leo. Video is not my thing but I'm going to share my story with whoever is interested and read other users post. It's nice to look back and see how far we've come.
Each story is different, therefore it's fun.
I've been spending a lot of time on Leo lately, learning and engaging.

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I have had a lot of experiences so far here that has impacted my finances and I can't wait to share them.

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Thanks for the initiative champ! What a great time to have all set to push to bloody ship around! Good to see you Dan! Sending love from Venezuela!

A delightful initiative, I will definitely take part in it. I wanted to clarify a little, 1 article per participant or can be more than 1?

Восхитительная инициатива, обязательно приму в ней участие. Хотел немного уточнить, 1 статья на одного учасника, или количество статей может быть больше 1-й?

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@bhoa you should try this

I will

Wow. Since I started using this interface this is the first initiative I have come across and I won't think twice about joining it because Blockvhain and Crypto has really impacted my life in so many ways
Thank you for this initiative Sir @Theycallmedan

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i will definitely take part in it both by writing a post as well as commenting (last week i was in top 11 (7th place according to leo.stats with 134 comments) so i am all in!

I can't post it though on twitter as i don't have an account and don't use traditional social media anymore!

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I'm not a fan about writing text, but I can try to comment. Currently I am more in d.buzz, short texts are easier to interact.

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This is a good initiative, thank you so much @theycallmedan for this awesome initiative. Although I have written a little about how crypto has impacted my life in my previous post using the Leofinance interface, I still hope to write this contest.

For the 10 comments, I am up to the challenge.

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I could not experience much to join this initiative, I owe a lot to the blockchain and the cryptographic world, they are basically the sustenance of my home!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I will be encouraged to participate. It looks pretty good and to learn more than anything else.

Terms and Conditions may apply


Checking to see your LEO wallet, I'm not too interested in other Coins

OK COOL! 2.5 Million HIVE is a good upvote!

...welcome @theycallmeDan!

LEO needs moar Whales, BTW...

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wow im surprised I was the only comment!
came here to show I just bought 130+ Hive in LEO on https://hive-engine.com very simple process once you have that Hive Keychain Chrome extension

i just wish there was a leo mobile app. i recommend Good Barber or Andromo to make one free!

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nevermind- just saw the comments had not loaded lol

I will definitely join this initiative!

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Leo is perfect because it shows how advertisements can make a demand. Maybe the demand is not that big, but it will constantly grow with Leo.

There are 3 pages