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RE: Azircon You're a Shame! Don't Vote Just Reblog If Hive Is Yours

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Hi @azircon! 👋

I don’t know you from Adam or Eve... but I was wondering if we might have some clarification on this downvote as it is highly contentious... 👇

Zeroing out original content isn’t a good look for new people on boarding the blockchain... and right now we could really use the collaborative efforts of everyone to scaleUP and market/brand Hive in the best possible light.

I look forward to hearing back from you,



If your going to defend people @wil.metcalfe maybe you should defend those that deserve it. Instead of supporting shady folk on the chain. Find some people that are actually good content creators. We dont need these kind of people to be represented as bloggers on the chain in good light.


Some people just need to be expelled from the community.


P.S. I should probably mention... I support tons of really great people on this blockchain... I think that you might be jumping to conclusions with those implications... (which I don’t appreciate by the way...)

If your going to criticize me at least give me the decency of being polite and checking the facts about me and my social activities on this blockchain. Or maybe ask me a question... that would give me a chance to give you an answer and save you from jumping to the wrong conclusions about me...


I do know @azircon and while I don't expect you to take my word for it (as with all things, DYOR), I can tell you @wil.metcalfe that in my experience @azircon is a voice of reason, and tries to find the solution that is not only fair, but is best for the overall well-being of the blockchain. I've even seen him champion people who (IMHO) may not deserve any compassion. And as I explained in my other reply to you, when someone is blacklisted for repeatedly stealing content, that doesn't mean they get a pass if they suddenly post something original.

Personally, I think it's the perfect look for new people coming in - knowing if they steal from other content creators, they won't be able to monetize their blogs is a good thing to know right out of the starting gate.

You think that's contentious - have you seen my account?... nuked on every post for the last 6 months? ..A shit show.

It looks like your new audience (you know the people you write for) has become 1 massive DV account and a whole bunch of little ones UPvoting because they want to see your content... is this what Hive has come too? And if it has... how are any of us ever going to promote it to new people on the social2.0’s ever again? Why would I bother sending people here where they are going to be attacked outright and justified for doing so? And then these same people want us to invest our capital and #BUIDL business’s here? I have got to have confidence before I do continue to do something like that... so again I ask... Is THIS what Hive has come to?

Or can we do better........

Unfortunately (as I've been screaming for 4 years!), DPoS itself allows for 'actions without ethics'.
Down voting (written into the code) is dependent -explicitly- on stake power.
Integrity and ethics can be conveniently abrogated in the name of 'code'.

Add into the mix some very immature players, and here we are...The longer I see it play out - repeatedly from the steem days - I see no fix.

The powers that be (mistakenly) think that everything is fine and no change is required.
All metrics would point to the opposite of that, but hey.

'Skin in the game' and greed, (while having some positive attributes) can also blind people to what is blatantly obvious - to those that take an objective view of things.
When those views are aired, they are pilloried.
Hive has many cult like features.

Will. I don't know what you are smoking but I like to have some of that.

Promote? What promote? We are organically growing right now. We don't need any promotion, especially from people like you. We are creating 10K new account/day! What kind of La La land you are living.


Now earlier, I politely asked you, don't worry about things that doesn't concern you

and I also said, you are an adult and I can't tell you what to do. But just be ready for consequences.

Lastly, and finally. We don't need you help. We really don't.

If you want to enjoy your time at hive, do so. If you don't want to enjoy your time at hive, don't! Just stop bothering me, Wil. Otherwise, I WILL handle you and that will be the consequence.

That’s a pretty unfriendly response sir. I would have you know... for months now I have been in the top 10 promoting Hive on Twitter (to name only 1 social2.0) for quite some time according to Lunar Crush. So I do my part to spread the word about Hive everywhere I go and I have been doing that ever since I started on Hive nearly 4 years ago. I am disappointed that you would resort to threatening me. Why? For asking questions? Seriously?

Now in response to the signUP numbers you graphed out. It is commonly known that those numbers were generated via Splinterlands signUPs... and they actually had to shut down their market place because those accounts were scamming the entire system to get their hands on free Hive via the gamification loop.

I’m not saying all of those accounts were created in this way... but I am saying that many of them have been brought into existence in this way and for that purpose.

We all know that most of the Splinterlands posts (although I love the game and what they are doing for Hive) are not accounts generating high value posts for Hive. Many of them are generating game outcomes and have little more function than that.

So this is my response and it comes from someone who is a responsible Hive owner and someone who cares about Hive and it’s social state...

I mean no harm to you and in fact would like to see you and your investment in Hive gain traction... if we can all be open and honest about what is happening and where this will take us... I think that it is clear to see that we will all benefit!

Thinking like an owner isn’t a passive thing... it’s about caring. And I care... that is why I continue to use my voice and speak... isn’t that the point in bringing this thing we all call Hive into existence?

To explore digital freedom and innovate further how social3.0 can impact the world for better?

I think so and so it is with this that I ask you to reconsider your stance... and please leave off with the threats. This does nothing to move your social capital and standing within the wider Hive community forward.

Everything WE ALL DO is public and here for all to see and we have a whole community of people who came to this place to think for themselves and to build their own dreams of a decentralized future.

This is our home... all of our home and so how we treat each other... it matters.


This is not a threat.

I am respectfully asking you to stop bothering me. I can ask that to anyone online. I DO NOT want to interact with you. This is my choice.


Certainly. And I respect the fact that your not interested in conversing with me further.

I think that you know my position and I think that I know yours...

I gave you my respect in attempting to convey my thoughts to you directly...

...and I’ll, with the hopes that something I said reaches you positively, leave off further discussions with you upon your request.

I wish you all the best and all the success that you deserve.



Hi to you,

I followed the comments.

Would you say that the experience here with actors who see downvotes as the means of choice teaches you that there are people who see rebuke or even punishment as totally legitimate means?

If you assume that you cannot overcome this conviction, that you cannot bring the other person who uses these means down to your level, what is the insight or consequence for you?

From my point of view, those who use DV-power would only take you seriously if you did not discuss with them but downvote them in turn. If you are weaker than them, they will not take you seriously. They will only take it seriously if they have to deal with a reaction similar to their own.

Either someone would have to find someone who downvotes with the same voting strength or a group of people who do this with stoic regularity and without much explanation. The rule of the game is quite clear: one only listens to the stronger and only bows to those who are clearly the stronger. Arguments are of little interest, it is really a matter of learning that one is superior or inferior (not my view).

Transferred to a street fight, such people who take a good beating would accept the thug and bow down. Where the thug is defeated, the rule of "the strongest wins" also applies here.

Your call for intellectual exchange ist not served. It is probably not even read. The expressions of respect in this direction could be seen as weakness, an encouragement. In my view, you have not only achieved nothing, but you have increased the strength of the person who sees you as an opponent. Either as an opponent who has already been defeated or one who is yet to be defeated. (No offense, I could be wrong with the analyses.)

Since all this can probably be perceived as a game at the same time, people laugh at each other when they are not angry with each other. The player mentality can be seen here on Hive and many online platforms, I think.

My question to you would be: If you were even in your Voting-power would you take up the fight? Are you "in" for those rules?

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Wil… why don’t you relax and enjoy your hive journey. Why meddle with complicated things that doesn’t concern you. Especially things like “new users” :)

Don’t worry about these things okay? Cheers! :)

I got all my posts for a whole week downvoted because I said "okay karen" to this psychic leech