Today Wasn't Too Shabby of a Day...!!!

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I'm trying to maintain a better sense of gratefulness for days when nothing noticeably bad happened directly to me or a loved one. It isn't easy because there seems to be at least one malevolent soul out there in the world who is acting in a manner resulting in indirect harm. (Like politicians, for instance)

Politicians here in America mostly seem to be suffering from a severe, untreatable and incurable psychological illness of sorts. Unfortunately, it isn't the type of malady which directs them to the edge of a tall building's roof-top, where the sidewalk below is verbally beckoning, "Try to fly..."

OH COM'MON... Don't chastise me for having such morbid thoughts... I know ALL of you have similar fantasies too- at least occasionally😎

Most of you Brits would LOVE to see ole Boris flapping his arms high above the Terra Firma, possibly atop the Tower of London, then leaping to a fate you'd probably not care to closely examine...😫 Or perhaps it's Tony Blair you'd rather see pretending he's a kite, as you observe him taking a running leap from the highest bridge spanning the Thames?

I Know how you guys think over there across the pond... Your bizarre, raw humor is legendary around the globe; at least in areas that receive BBC reruns of shows like Benny Hill, Monty Python and the like...!!!

Getting back to my original reason for this post...

Ahhhhhh... SCREW IT...!!! What's the point of trying to appear intellectually gifted on Social Media where everyone knows it's merely a stage for fakery... Here on the Blockchain, it's even worse! Our whole persona is permanently recorded in an immutable fashion, which can easily be found down the road and used for blackmail or coercion or BOTH...?!?!?!?

I'm skipping outta here for now my friends. Maybe I'll see you again next time we pass this way?

Till then... stay happy, safe and well fed.



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Benny Hill was a hoot to watch.

Yes, I agree. He gave me many a belly laugh back in the day.

I'm humming the theme song now... !BEER

It 'is' a catchy tune...😎

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I don't think wishing to see politicians jump off tall buildings is a bad thing.

Smacks of being optimistic daydreaming, if you ask me!... and daydreaming is gooooood.

They should have one of two choices in todays world. Either stop being a politician, or... jump off a roof😎

...the height of the roof also needs to come into serious consideration ...

Yes... It has to be of adequate height and it can't be a school, while students are in session.

if it's high enough - schools are very apt - it's some of the best education for potential control freaks , that they could have!

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It would be really bad if the roof was a basement roof and the drop was only a couple feet.

that would be illegal!

They got laws for everyfuckinthing.

I hope I'm dead before anyone I know goes and reads my old posts here...🙄

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If you're not dead before then... it might kill you to know some old posts were read...!!! I hope not though😎

Funny. Eh, you ever wonder about your experience here and find yourself uncertain whether or not you're gonna regret some of the content you've released?

When I was in England @angryman, I was overwhelmed how familiar they are with American politics compared to me. I was always, "yeah, I don't know.. never hearda the guy."

However, I know zero about their politics over there and care about this much except for the fact Boris Johnson was born in New York City—Brits don't seem to know that. 🤔

edit I forgot...

You've probably explained it to me before but I need help more help. I've searched online and can't understand wtf I'm reading. How do you align your images left to right of text?

Tell me real simply, por favor, I perform better with pictures. You know how German Shepherds are eerily smart dogs and you're just waiting for the time they talk English? Eerie smart. Ok, just kinda make yourself believe you're explaining it to a German Shepherd, you know they'll get it, you just have to talk reeeeaallll.. ssllllloooowwww...

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div class="pull-left">INSERT IMAGE HERE</div

Use < > brackets at beginning and end of the above html code line. I purposely omitted them for display reasons.

Also, you can highlight photo and section of text in the above post then 'right click' scroll to 'inspect' and find the code under 'element' for viewing as well.

div class="pull-left"> image.png</div

I appreciate the picture. Thank you. I'm not following the 'element' part. I'm going to try that alignment though now that I understand. I'm assuming "pull-right" when you want the image on the right.

Thank you sir!

 5 months ago (edited)

Yes... class="pull-right"> for opposit placement.
You may need to add < p> at beginning of paragraphs that sits along side the picture or partially wraps it and < /p> at end. Otherwise paragraphs may not 'space', unless your writing app. does it automatically in < html >

Good luck... you'll get the hang of it😎

You know you just confused the shit outta me right?

Uh-Oh...!!! I probably included too much jargon in my reply?
Here's how my response should have been left (alone)

Yes... class="pull-right"> for opposite placement.

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Thanks @ecency every little bit helps😎

I like your sense of humor, and what a creative post too. Politricks here in Suriname are joke too. !wine

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Thanks for the complimentary note @justinparke. Political office seekers seem to be the type who are of a low to moderate IQ level, yet think they're genius'... regardless what part of the globe they infect👺