Be Kind Anyway (or Carry On, Rednecks!)

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You know what I love most about us flyover folks? (For non-Americans, flyover country is the area between New York City and the West Coast elite--where the Americans live who grow food, build cars, and otherwise do real stuff instead of talk on TV all day about how awful other Americans are.)

If somebody ends up in a ditch, decent folk show up with a truck and pull them out. If a tree falls across the road, everybody nearby with a chainsaw just shows up and deals with it. If somebody dies, a bunch of women will show up with casseroles, clean the bereaved family's house, and watch the children. If your neighbor is out plowing snow, he will do your driveway while he's at it. He will do it without asking about your religion or "pronouns" or party affiliation. Because he sees you as a human being, like him. He probably even believes you are created in the image of God, just like all other people on earth.

Gasp! The Horror! This was too much for a fancy leftist hater who had her driveway cleared by an industrious neighbor. The toxic kindness was offensive to her, despite being convenient. Because to her the whole world is full of people who either are like her or who must be utterly destroyed before she can be happy. What a wretched life she must live!

Keep being kind, my redneck friends! In the words attributed to Mother Teresa, "Be kind anyway." Kindness may be unappreciated or even resented, but it is never wasted.

You know what else flyover folk often do? Pray for people who are wretched like that reporter. They are unhappy because they don't know the One who loves them and wants to redeem them and give them a life of purpose and joy. They are trying to substitute a political ideology for the Living God--which is rather like substituting rat poison for a balanced, healthy meal.

Have a fabulous day and be kind to one another! Be the redneck who pulls someone out of a ditch or returns their shopping cart or bakes extra cookies to share.


I read about this nonsense and it’s sad. I’m looking forward to when we can get out of the area we are in. Our immediate neighbors are good people but there’s so much hate and negativity around it’s depressing. People fighting their neighbors just because they are unhappy with themselves. The sad part is they ruin it for so many others. What many don’t realize is that without the true friendly people, workers, farmers and all those deplorable’s the country and world are nothing.

Bless your heart! I see you are in Boston. I spent 6 years in Chicago (real culture shock for a girl who grew up in woods and cornfields and church)--Evanston, actually (hubby got Ph.D. in engineering from Northwestern after we graduated from Purdue.) That was the first time I realized there were actual communists living in America (in Evanston--some even in churches.) NC was decent until we became a battleground state and the carpetbaggers set out to destroy us. Unless we can impeach Gov. Cooper, the carpetbaggers will win.

One of the things I found when i moved to the equivalent of flyover country here in Australia was that politics was so low down on people's priorities -that it just didn't matter.
Real people care about their neighbor and their neighbor's neighbor. They haven't got time for virtue signalling . Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Politicians of all hues are viewed with suspicion until they prove that they're genuine and genuine isn't standing in front of a TV camera and delivering a 30 second sound bite. Genuine is caring and being available.
Rednecks (for want of a better word) are real. They don;t pretend to be perfect, they don't proclaim to be good. They just do what has to be done.

We do need a better word than "redneck" but I don't know what that could be. Glad Australia has normal flyover people, too. !BEER

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We are blessed to live in an area in the "middle of nowhere", where neighbors do those kind things for each other. I love to see everyone pull together when a crisis arrives. A recent severe windstorm took down trees all over the neighborhood, and men just grabbed their chainsaws and went out there and got the roads clear. It was great.

You mean they didn't require to be compensated by the government, waited for the storm to be over for a few days and then strolled over? By golly arrest those criminals!

For sure! Thanks for taking time to read and participate in free speech. !WINE

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Yes, that is how life is here in the South outside the big cities. !WINE

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