Psyber-X: Joining Hands with Cast.Garden

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What is Cast.Garden?


Earlier this week, someone on our team suggested I look into Hive-Tube. I did...I found that there was a team, similar to the team at 3Speak, who wanted to make earning with your videos better on Hive. I communicated with @agorise to learn more. He and his team have created a way in which our YouTube videos can be syndicated with Hive-Tube. This means that every time we post a video on YouTube, it can automatically be connected to Cast.Garden. This is pretty amazing! We are now connected in this manner, but I did have some questions. Being that I (@bobthebuilder2) have 9 YouTube channels, I wanted to know about the earnings potential available through Cast.Garden and Hive-Tube in general.

Earnings Potential

The answer is that nothing changes with the earnings on Hive. There is still a 7-day window of earning potential. This means if I post a video on YouTube, it will transfer immediately to Cast.Garden, and you'll have 7 days to upvote/downvote it for its earnings potential before the earning stops. However, there is an additional way that Cast.Garden is different from YouTube...On YouTube, I need 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewtime in a rolling 365-day period to qualify to earn anything via ad revenue. With Cast.Garden, you can earn day one with 0 followers and 1 view, even if the view is less than 1 second-if you get an upvote.

Also, I earn nothing from communicating with my followers/viewers on YouTube, but I do on Cast.Garden and Hive-Tube. When I make a comment to one of my viewers on Cast.Garden, I have 7 days available for earnings on that comment. This earnings potential encourages me as a content creator to link to my audience on a personal level. This earnings potential doesn't happen on YouTube.

Why Cast.Garden Then?

We chose to syndicate with Cast.Garden for these reasons: 1) We want to encourage more content on the Hive blockchain. That's our home. 2) On YouTube, we can now advertise that we can also be seen on Cast.Garden (onboarding efforts). 3) Let's face it, the first 7 days that the video is available on Hive can be more than the first month on YouTube, earnings-wise. 4) We love our fans, followers, and upvoters! We look forward to keeping a close tie to you and how you feel about the work we're doing. What better way to keep a pulse on our community than to have a forum where we're encouraged to respond to other's questions/comments below our videos long after they've been posted?

We suggest that if you are a content creator, whether that be videos, podcasts, etc, that you take a look at Hive-Tube and Cast.Garden. We'll be posting videos periodically and we hope you will party with us regularly!

Come Join Us at Cast.Garden

Quality Example:

Here's the quality you can expect at Cast.Garden:

Are You Ready to Play?

If you're ready to play Psyber-X, there are 3 passes that will allow you that privilege currently. They are the Bronze, Silver, and Gold passes. With the help of @psyber-sects, you can use $Hive to buy 2 of the 3 passes (Gold and Silver). See the details about using $HIVE HERE


The Bronze pass is 1.5 avax to mint. It comes with a Legendary weapon and access to the pre-alpha/Alpha. There are a limited number of these passes, but this is a guaranteed way to get a Legendary NFT. @bobthebuilder2 bought one just for the weapon.


The Silver pass is 0.05 Eth and comes with 10 Psybercrates (During the current sale: $50 value), 2 Legendary Weapons (value depends on market), 1 Character (value depends on market), and access to play the pre-alpha/Alpha.


The Gold pass is 0.3 Eth and comes with 100 Psybercrates (During the current sale: $500 value), 1 Character, 3 Weapons, and access to play the pre-alpha/Alpha and recognition as a Founder.

Once purchased, notify us on Discord and we'll give you the instructions on how to download and play Psyber-X. We look forward to playing with you! If you are not able to buy any of the passes, LVL is available on the Hive Engine and in both the LVL:Swap.Eth and LVL:Swap.Hive Liquidity Pools.

Find NFTs and Psybercrates at the Psyber-X Marketplace.

The price is temporarily reduced from $20 USD equiv to $5 USD equiv.

See details here.

Notable Posts:


Financial Links

Buying Level 1 (LVL)


Hive Engine

Buying NFTs

Psyber-X Marketplace

Myria Passes

Silver Pass
Gold Pass

Avax Passes

Bronze Pass


Psyber-Decks is a mini-game being developed to use Psyber-X NFTs. If you'd like to be able to play the game before anyone else, you simply need to buy 2 Psybercrates at for the Alpha testing access.

Social Links

Psyber-X on Pimp Media

PsyberX on 1UP Zone

Hive account @psyberx

Twitter account psyberxofficial

Official Psyber X Discord Chat

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image.png Cast.Garden Channel (Think Hive YouTube)

*There is nothing in this post that should be construed as financial advice. If you are looking for financial advice from a blog post, you're looking the wrong place. Talk to someone who has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for you if that's what you're looking for. Be responsible!

With permission from @agorise, check out these fellow artists on Cast.Garden:

@brianoflondon - @akatgif - @ashni - @unklebonehead - @steevc
@vimm - @dickturpin - @radiomansradio - @sevenoh-fiveoh
@cttpodcast - @dbuzz - @nodegree - @nicklewis

You can read more about Hive-Tube here


This is a really cool idea, I'm going to get signed up on this soon. I haven't put a video out in a while, but for the next time I do, connecting with something like this is a no brainer!


Hey @killerwot - got short films or music videos? If you're creating more content like that, I'll be happy to get it syndicated for you on no sweat. I'll make you a channel real quick. We're looking for more great Creators for the site right now since it has only been up for a few weeks so far, then we'll get it blasted out there to the fediverse.

CastGarden will stream it P2P with 320K audio and 4K video for you. Livestreams too if you want.

Ping me on or on Session at:

Peace, -ken

Tell you what, leave it with me and I'll get some stuff compiled, I was thinking recently of gathering every music video I've worked on and upload them to my personal channel, just as an online portfolio type thing, rather than have them all spread out.

Also, I stream and make gaming videos too after editing the streams down, I haven't done them in a while, I do have a backlog though, but I'm planning to get back into making them so I could get that up and running soon and get set up on

I recently got a new mic and camera too, as I have some ideas floating around, but, leave it with me and once I finish up some current projects I'll get back into it.

I'm going to follow you to stay in touch about this, thanks for reaching out.


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You got it man, I'll throw up a channel for you on as soon as you're ready, just ping me any time. Would love to see your work blasted out there :)

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It's so great to see so many Hive users leveraging the power of Fediverse syndication, P2P 320K and 4K video! Great work you guys are doing and thanks for the shoutout! ❤️

Note: We are giving free hosting accounts to some Hive users and Livestreamers on Cast.Garden right now so if you, or someone you know wants their creations blasted out there, just give us a ping in our chat room:

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I think they may have upped to over 100k subscribers to be able to monetize a channel (or more) now? YouTube. :/ But I stand to be corrected.

In addition... they've upped their advertising so much you have to sit through three plus ads per video at times. Seriously. Fuckin' ridiculous. And plain old greedy. But hey Google...

Thanks for the info.

I will host a show when I get a percentage of my shit together.

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So cast garden is live streaming for hive? Hows it different than @vimm ? Is it supposed to be more like twitter spaces or that one iphone app clubhouse?

If we had @tipcc and its yoitube tts and media donations working more often with more streamers we could be using hive and hbd and he engine token tips live on youtube

Does hive cast have vimm style donation via upvoting?

Also wow any animated gif of psyberx gameplay is so cool

Cast Garden and Vimm work on the same principle as far as I understand. Think of it as different stations on the TV with different programming.

If i have a founder nft and 600 lvl and was given airdropped crates etc will i still need a pass to play? Where csn i get them? Are they only sold in eth and will be in hive ane lvl later on psyberxmarket ?

You can buy a pass with LVL through @psyber-sects and it comes with goodies as seen in the end of our posts. As for downloading the game, we'll be giving away free keys to download from Steam soon.