The Purpose of The Human Life Journey Is Now To Heal. Breath Is A Bridge To Your Deepest Self.

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Regardless of what people have thought along the way, the state of humanity and the Earth is now so broken and inharmonious that it is accurate to say that the purpose of the journey of human life is now to heal. Regardless of what may have once been thought to be the purpose of life on Earth, there will not be a life on Earth for much longer without dramatic shifts in thought, behaviour and the forms that life is taking here.

There are those who will say that this imbalance is all part of the plan and that their chosen religious meal ticket allows them to bypass any learning, growing, healing or balancing because if they die they'll be just fine. These people will get what they are asking for, sooner rather than later - purely due to the death dealing effects of their own denials.

We have free will and Earth is a free will place/environment, but only a small percentage of us have yet made the relevant connections and are truly healing anything deeply enough to change our destiny. Our memory/consciousness/awareness/alignment problems have become so widespread (and defined to be 'normal' by many people) that most of society is now designed around ideas that are actually pointing people in the opposite direction to real healing! We are effectively programmed from birth and re-programmed daily by other people to point our focus away from keeping the balance and towards the denial of access to understanding the purpose for life on Earth.

There is no way to 'know your purpose' without choosing first to align to your own healing journey, since our faculties are dulled without healing longstanding injuries. You need sufficient consciousness to be able to hold enough relevant information and understandings to be able to comprehend the depth of the situation.

In those consciously choosing to heal and align, initially a great deal of anxiety and fear may surface. Those among us who are heavily intent on denying their true nature and also intent on stalling human/collective liberation will attempt to pressure you to not deviate from the limiting conditioning which has subjugated both themselves and you forever. Fear may say that we must not deviate from the norm and that these voices in society are evidence that this is true - but this is fear acting as part of a locking system that prevents change, regardless of what is actually true.

Even mainstream and standardised thinkers tend to have noticed by now that most of most people is at this point unconscious, meaning 'unknown' and not understood. Anyone who is claiming to know all about the purpose of humans, you and your destiny - who does not know of the conversion of unconscious self into conscious self and who cannot demonstrate at least some of the unusual ability that is within the unconscious human levels, put simply, cannot know who we are and cannot know the potential for our destiny.

So how do we find the truth of these things? It is our own task to learn about our own internal world sufficiently that we know more and more of who we are and why we are as we are. In this journey of 'knowing thyself' and in simultaneously choosing the sustained intentions to heal, balance and evolve, we open doors in the present and in our future which cannot open any other way. These doorways of opportunity allow us to enter alternative realities which provide new puzzle pieces and gradually we can know for ourselves and in ourselves the full truth of who we are.

While ideally this can be achieved without input from other people, it is also true that some people hold rare puzzle pieces and that it is helpful for us to consider them and perhaps integrate them when we feel the need to. My writing on these topics is always an offering of some of my puzzle pieces for those who are wanting to learn and take greater responsibility for life on Earth, but I offer them without force or pressure. Ultimately, my request is that each person increases their own level of personal responsibility and they never try to shoulder such things on to others.

Breathing & The Unconscious

The topic of 'spirituality' is a very interesting one, not least because so many people use the term in different ways. You can ask 10 people what 'spirit' is and receive 10 different answers. Definitions are key. The word 'spirit' stems from the Latin word for 'breath', there is a breathing of energy, a cycle and flow, which breathes life into the material worlds. Who is doing the breathing exactly? Answering this is an early requirement for healing to take place effectively.

Many have understood the value of differing forms of breathing and using them along with specific intentions to create states of being that achieve certain goals. Typically this has been called 'breathwork' and can be found in yoga schools, meditation classes, therapy rooms and various other spaces. This remains a somewhat unknown topic in the mainstream society, however, since it draws people out of their humdrum existence and into the mystery of the self. Since much of society has been constructed to try to exploit people's ignorance of themselves, this is a big 'no no' for TV/media advertisers and therefore the topic is unlikely to reach TVs, Newspapers and other established forms of information sharing in any meaningful way.

There is such denial present among the population that there are entire corporations and governments that are destined to continue shaping life on Earth in a totally self destructive way unless healing accelerates now. Large numbers of people continue to build vast wealth off the backs of the rest of the people which can only take place if those people remain in the dark as to who they are and what they are capable of. Make no mistake, this is as much a case of deliberately engineered enslavement as any other in your history books.

Why is breathing so powerful? Isn't breathing just a simple process? Well, yes and no.

Breathing is a bridge within self which we can use to connect the conscious self to the unconscious self. The conscious self is the part of you that you are familiar with, that notices and feels noticed. The unconscious self is the opposite, the parts of you that you are not familiar with, but which exist none the less. Do you know how your heart beats? The process and intentions that keep it beating? Do you remember what you felt when you were 6 years old on the first day of July of that year? These pieces of information are part of a vast array of information that is available in your unconscious self - the unknown parts of you.

Breathing can either be conscious or unconscious. You can 'put breathing on autopilot' and not consciously think about it, or you can consciously focus on breathing and then choose how to breath. One key power here is that the breath allows you a way to differentiate between conscious and unconscious awareness/process within you. By deliberately choosing to breathe in particular ways, you start to notice more that you can switch between unconscious, conditioned and routine patterns into deliberately decided upon patterns which create change within you. This is an early step towards liberation.

Many patterns within us are set on autopilot. The more patterns within us that become unconscious in this way, the less power we have to be free. Contrary to conditioned 'popular' opinion, habits are always destructive - there are no 'good habits'. Habits always rely on unconsciousness, which means you are not fully free - by definition. If you feel you lack the power to be fully conscious and to not have any habits at all, you are probably right at this point, but this is because you have lost power due to the habits and is not because you cannot reclaim the necessary power/presence to live that way.

The more you are free to choose in your daily life, the more alternatives can be created and the faster evolution will take place. Speeding up at this time of acceleration is natural and necessary. The fear that AI will 'overtake' humanity is somewhat legitimate, but mostly only because people are so unconscious, trapped by guilt/fear and choosing the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! AI cannot love, cannot feel and therefore cannot access 50%+ of the information in reality - so it follows that becoming more conscious, feeling more and coming into greater presence/balance is the way we avoid the problems of AI.

Note: This means we don't use or need AI too and does not mean we can 'be smart enough to get away with AI if we just become conscious enough'. Why would you need artificial intelligence if you had enough real intelligence? You would not. This is similar to you not needing or benefitting from most 'fast food'.

Breathing Deeply

Aside from being the most important of bridges, breathing also floods the body with energising oxygen, which in turn helps the entire body to operate and move correctly. This not only aids the body in staying healthy but also helps us to process pain and emotions that surface in response to our thoughts and experiences.

Many people are 'shallow' breathing because their emotional system is locked and blocked by guilt, fear and due to internal fragmentation caused by unhealed trauma. Healing this without drugs or even without outside help is totally possible, but requires a lot of dedication/focus and the right intentions. Knowing the causes of why we are intending to hold our lungs and breathing cycles in this way is necessary in order to change the patterns. To know these things we must learn to uncover unconscious beliefs and conditioning , plus the associated emotions. The emotions need to be lovingly and freely express/released in order to allow blockages to clear and the stagnation/locks to be replaced with free flow of energy. Emotions are 'energy in motion'.

Spirit does not just mean 'breath', it is also a state of mind/being and the spirit of health must always include self acceptance as a key aspect. Most of our problems stem from a lack of self acceptance in one way or another. We are mostly unaware of this, however, because the lack of self acceptance is also denial which leads us to become less conscious. We are essentially blocking out our own nature/essence/being because we don't like parts of ourselves, then losing power in the process - resulting in lacking the capacity to undo all of this or even notice it.

As we continue this process it becomes not only possible to heal physical injuries and diseases at their root cause (thought/emotion) but we gain a much wider perspective of how life is being manifested. I have spoken on this before and this is beyond the scope of this post, but suffice to say - as usual - the mainstream has things exactly backwards. We are not 'meat machines' that happen to have worked out how to think, on the contrary, we are formless thinkers/feelings who have taken form and become dense enough to be called physical (for a while).


The more you explore this topic in this way, the more you will discover the untruths you have been holding on to, which previously you believed to be truth. You will find how they have shaped your experience from within your blind spots for as long as you have been human and will be able to join some of the dots together which map out how this problem has shaped all of human experience.

While the majority of 'scientists' accept that most of most people is actually unconscious, it is extremely rare to hear of any discussing the implications of this and how to use it to heal. Instead, they have focused almost exclusively on expensive technology and external activity. Even small steps you can take in the form of internal experiments and journeys will take you to a place where you can understand that attempting to change reality with such a focus on the external is doomed to exactly the type of failures that our world is already full of.

You have the power to create huge waves in life in the ways that you prefer, first you must notice how much you have been holding yourself back while using excuses to explain away your lack of personal power.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Thanks for sharing @ura-soul I especially liked this little nugget

Why would you need artificial intelligence if you had enough real intelligence?

I have tried in many ways to heal my own personal traumas and to shed all the programming and conditioning that I have absorbed throughout my life. I know I have yet to truly heal and become at one with who I really am, but I believe I am close.

I think the harder one tries to be free within, the harder it becomes. Sometimes I personally wonder if trying to obtain inner freedom or "enlightenment" is egotistical and maybe trying another route would be more successful.

Like when you try to focus so hard on something you actually end up missing the whole point.

I think my inner freedom can be simply switched on like a light, I just need to find the switch.

Thank you my brother, keep up the good work.

Hey Mark, you are welcome.
Yes, there are numerous traps and simple pitfalls along the way. I was first triggered to notice some of this through reading Zen Buddhist writings years back, though really it isn't necessary to go that route - what is needed is careful logic that doesn't jump to conclusions. Our minds are often conditioned in ways we don't notice or feel to skip over details for our own reasons. One of the details is in the idea of 'trying'.

Depending on how we personally define 'trying' it might be the case that we are creating extra 'overhead' in our internal processing that holds us away from power. If I find myself trying then I know I am missing something. The idea of 'action without action' (Wu Wei) is helpful here. Often we can do more by not doing than by doing. Within that is the understanding that the universe and creation are moving and doing in ways that serve us, even when we are not. Sometimes we need to be free not by doing, but by stopping doing. This is also wisdom gleaned in meditation, in that the more we 'try' to stop thinking, the more we are actually thinking about stopping thinking. The answer is to operate from an 'earlier' or deeper part of our process to simply stop doing the thinking, rather than to try to add more thinking in that stops the thinking. Doing this requires us to bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious self.

As far as I am aware, there is no way to do this without using feeling. Feeling is a key part of the feminine principle and is like an internal womb that holds our thoughts. We are typically very polarised towards masculine and so this way of being seems foreign to begin with. None the less, feeling is the entry point to closing the gap between conscious and unconscious.

Ego is simply the part of us that knows who we are. When we do not understand how to be empowered, we tend to give the Ego more tasks than is healthy. Such people tend to try to trade on their identity, rather than offering something helpful to the community. To me, it's not egotistical in a problematic way to choose freedom and understanding (light) - it's actually a necessity for my survival. The majority of 'teachings' on these topics are reversed away from reality. So many people teach that we must 'destroy the ego' and so on - even adding in the contortion that the ego is an enemy and will try to defend itself by claiming that you will die 'too' if you kill your ego. The reality is that ego is just the part that knows who we are, so killing ego means being unaware of who we are - which may well lead to death, but will certainly not be an act of enlightenment.

It's true that we can hold incorrect ideas in our egos and this is common. The solution is to heal, balance and evolve - being willing to let go of errors, rather than attempt self destruction in the name of purity!

I highly recommend the books by Ceanne Derohan on the topic of free will, they are by far the most detailed and in depth on this topic that I know about. Once we understand the mechanisms at play within us which enable free will and learn how we have become shut down by guilt, limiting free will - it becomes far more possible to liberate self. In fact, it is impossible to liberate self without these understandings!


Ah ha, yes! Wu Wei. Action without action. I like it

I agree about 'feeling' and that it is perhaps easier for the female of our species but only because men have been conditioned to 'not cry like a girl' and 'be a man' I read a book by Jason wilsson, Cry Like A Man, that helped me understand this more.

Yeah, I get what you are saying about the ego and think we touched on this before at some point. I don't think it's bad to have an ego. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that my previous attempt to heal or obtain enlightenment have been fueled by my ego which is why it failed.

I will look up those books by Ceanne Derohan, thanks for the recommendation and this interaction my friend.

Peace x

Women are generally (not always) literally 'made' of more emotional essence (yin) than men (yang) are, so even when men become very emotionally liberated, they are likely to still be less emotionally present than an equivalent and emotionally liberated woman. None the less though, yes, both men and women have been hugely controlling of their own emotions and so even a man who frees a small percentage of his emotional body will seem more emotional than most women at this point.

I'm not 100% sure I know exactly what you perceive your problem was with ego and enlightenment - but it might help to look at the definitions of what enlightenment is. Many people think of enlightenment as a rarely attained and mysterious goal that equates to immortality and the ability to know all things etc. :)

In reality, enlightenment is a process of increasing personal light, which means 'understanding more' (accurately). School children are on a path of enlightenment (assuming they have good teachers and are actually learning). There are certainly pitfalls and traps that relate to self judgement and lack of self acceptance which suggest ideas like 'I shouldn't be enlightened, I'll just seem pompous' and 'being enlightened means the person thinks they are better than other people' etc.

Since the majority of people have so heavily limited their own expansion, awareness and light level, it doesn't take much to reach the point where you are moving beyond the majority of people. Allowing the heart to have a voice and to provide a balance is needed in order to stay grounded and to not judge other people as 'less than' or other such ideas. The heart and loving light can always find balance when needed - we just tend to hold judgements which claim this isn't needed or useful. So many judgements!

Great post! It was quite fortunate I saw your post as I wasn't going to spend time online. The night is still young here so I am going to try a bit of drawing. I'm no good at drawing, but for the time being it's a way to engage my unconscious. As you say, we need to heal ourselves if humanity is to survive.
As for breathing, I'm doing daily guided meditations and I've discovered that I prefer those that focus on breathing. Feels like I'm doing something right, something that is good for me.