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RE: Weekend-engagement topic week 28: The gift

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For @galenkp I would give a Phalanx


Cause what says prepared better than an automated air defense system? On a more reasonable note, a bottle of Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon because it's one of my favorite sipping whiskeys and they make it a little ways down the road from here.

@dandays would get the Lego Chess Set


Figured that would go well with some kush and then we can finally get down to playing a game or two.


Best Christmas present ever, and I promise not to operate it under the influence of Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon...Or do I? I'll be honest, I've already started preparing a spot on my roof for it...It's going to be epic!

Nice chess set too! I actually didn't realise that one existed to be honest. I'm sure dandays will enjoy it.

Thanks for joining in mate and thanks for my Phalanx CIWS.


Hell, the best part about automated is that you can drink the whole bottle and it will act sober!

To be honest I wouldn't have known about it if my roommate hadn't found it and bought it. We've only played one game with it but since most of the decorations in the house are lego sets it fits in well with the decor.

Lol, I had thought about going with a Barrett M82, have you ever played with one of them?

Hmm, Lego house decor? Sounds like my type of environment! I'm going to look out for that chess set though as I've been teaching Faith how to play. It would be cool to have a Lego chess set.

Hmm, the Barrett M82...Yes I'm familiar with it but never had the chance to operate with it. I know how lethal they can be and to be completely honest I would have been completely content with one of these weapon systems as my virtual Christmas gift. Although now I have my Phalanx I think I'll be happy to keep it...One never knows when one needs a completely over the top level of defence upon ones roof. 😂

If I can remember I will take a few photos and show you, I'm not at my house currently. How's the teaching going? One of my first official jobs in high school was teaching grade school kids how to play chess. It was an experience to say the least.

I have a friend that has one although I've never fired it, it's a bit of a rifle.

Hmm, the chess-teaching...Well, damn it, but she beat me not so long ago...And has not let me forget it. So, the teaching has gone well. Unfortunately she will probably only ever get about as good as me but she shows good aptitude and, like me, has a killer instinct. She can be quite brutal at times. Here's a funny story...She suggested we spice it up with a game of strip chess. Well...It didn't go very well. 90 minutes later there I was fully clothed after winning, and there she was with one sock off...We sort of gave up right about then. Strip chess wasn't a great idea. 😂

I'd jump at a chance to bang away on an M82 for a while. I've fired a single shot 50 BMG (The Barrett M99) but at $12.80/round (Hornady) I only shot 10 rounds which was good, but not quite enough. Just sort of whets the appetite I guess.

Ahahahaha. A phalanx for GKP. Perfect.

And the chess set for @dandays and the chance to play. Perfect.

For my friend @coloneljethro I'd give more time and money to travel and take more great photographs. Also a size XXXL tungsten jock to protect his obvious over sized ball sack when covering the demonstrations in Louisville.

I figured the legos would get @galenkp's attention too. My roommate actually has the set but we've only used it once.

Thank you @bigtom13, think I'll get me a gas mask and hit the road!

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That mean I gotta share my chess board with him?

Nah, he'd probably want one of his own to put together anyway.

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'check pass mate pass'



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Haha i actually want this Leg chess-set now...
(slowly clicks to Amazon)

It's fun! My roommate has it, we've got a little use out of it :)