Frighteningly I almost understand the above! ;O)

My bad, I left out the banjo.

Ber n'neer neer ba da b'nAaaanng! On that note, I think I'll stick to emoji's. 🎼. 🪕

Ah that's better, I can talk emojis!!

Oh nice! A familiar 😁 on the dumbcunts 🚢.

We are all being dumbcunted!! Lol

Ah that's better, I can talk emojis!!

Hahaha and now after that attempt of the birthday boy to try ink a witness with such a funky song by Marvin Gaye. I guess it is also in order throw in here more dumbcunts to Funkysize a bit more and inspire to an old Scottish chap so he can try to do something similar in his new garden deck for family & friends. :D

Haha, that's a fantastic rendition. I could get up to that sort of nonsense in my garage!!!