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RE: [WE114] Weekend-Engagement concept

Wow. I've been lurking around this community since today. And now the topics are here. Tough topics to choose from I must say, but I'm definitely finishing one sentence here.

Quick question @galenkp how do you come up with such topics? Must be a difficult task for you.


I know right? I have been eager to see the topics for this week, and now they are here. They really are tough topics to pick from as they are all intresting ones.

I would like to finish a sentence, but I more interested in stalking someone's dream. I want to explore that concept. Sounds like the movie, Incepetion, and somehow like the new series, The Sandman.

I am also crurious to know how he comes up with such brilliant topics; topics that spur creativity.

Stalking? Nice idea trust me I've done that before because with the topics here you got to keep reading on interesting answers from people.
And how he comes up with topics are worth studying. If I could come up with topics like this then definitely I'm not going to run out of things to write here. ✌️

Really, you have written on dream stalking before? Well, it is finishing a sentence for you then.

Exactly the best thing with this community. There so many great topics that give very good ideas.

how do you come up with such topics? Must be a difficult task for you.

It's magic, and only other wizards can know my secrets.


Wizard Galenkp it is then

Some people say I look like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings...I'm more like Harry Potter though.


Would it be Galen the Gray? Galen the Green? 🤣

I'm a delectable mocha-colour so G-dog the Mocha.


Wizards. 😂
Mind if I join the coven.

Do you look like this?

I can probably get a makeover.

That'll work.