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There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more.

Lord Byron

I'm somewhat in love with nature and spend my weekends immersed in it mostly; I figured a set of post topics based on nature might be a great idea so take a look below for the topics and some of the benefits for getting involved with this posting initiative and I hope you'll choose to get a post into THE WEEKEND community.

Simple guidelines to follow

✔️ Use #weekend-engagement as the first tag of your post to be eligible
✔️ Must be posted in THE WEEKEND community.
✔️ Post directly into the community - Do not self cross post (Community rule)
✔️ Post in English (Use a translator if you like)
❌ Plagiarism won't be tolerated - Do your own work and credit photos
✔️ You have all weekend to get your post done - but follow the guidelines

Follow the guidelines above so you're eligible for the rewards and feel free to comment below if you have any questions about how it all works.

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Benefits to getting involved

  • Post(s) will receive upvotes from me (and hopefully others)
  • Some posts will be curated for @curangel rewards
  • Hive rewards sent directly to some at the conclusion of each weekend
  • Best/most liked post pinned to THE WEEKEND community
  • Top posts showcased on the winners announcement post
  • Showcase yourself to the community and build your account

🔸This week's topic(s)🔸

🔸Option one🔸

Tell us about one of your most favoured, enjoyable, beautiful or idyllic moments spent in nature - Where and when was it, what did you do there. Your garden, the woods, the seaside, tropical paradise or desert, a park in the city or the wide open plains; anywhere counts as long as it was a moment spent with nature.

🔸Option two🔸

Explain what aspect, animal, feature or terrain in nature you like the most and why: Clouds, forests, mountain peaks or plains, the beach, under the sea, arid environments, deserts, savanna, lakes, trees, flowers, mushrooms, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, animals, snow, ice, fjords, city parks and gardens...The choice is endless.

🔸Option three🔸

If you could transport yourself to any natural environment outside of your own country for a two week vacation where would it be and why. Who would you take with you and what would you do there.

Curation and hive-rewards will happen on quality original content so proof read, use in-focus and interesting pictures and generally take pride in your post. Your posts are a representation and showcase of you - Give people a reason to visit your post feed for a look.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

The image is mine and not yours


Awww !!! Nature and you

It's the topic that nature lovers won't want to miss for sure @dodovietnam, @crazy-bee, @dora381, @whynotcamp @sunnyvo @kimloan and @trangbaby ♥️♥️

I figured it might be popular. I hope to see some quality posts!

Remember no nudes.

Well it's not really nature then!

😀😀 Well-taken

let's go, bim bim.

Nice topic. thank you Trang, but I have no idea for this week. I wrote a similar post last week

Unless I do a memory lane wander I may just settle for popcorn and laughing over all your comments @galenkp! On the homestead weekends generally mean harder work than during the week

I'm happy to provide some laughs. 😊

More than just SOME!
Anyway I finally got mine written - rather different to the "normal"

I saw it already, thanks for getting involved.

Thanks for supporting the initiative.

Nice to be here with good people..
Thank you @galenkp

No doubt about this one in my mind, have a wonderful weekend G-Dog and here is the link....

I Am Alive!

Invite to @papilloncharity, @dswigle to come join in this weekend engagement.

Thanks for getting involved Joan, and supporting the concept.

Always fun to support, the group has grown giving great variety!

Happy weekend, I would love to be part of this contest, here is my entry.


Great entry, thanks!

Cheers Swigles!

:) still working.

I've got...(G-dog checks sexy-ass G-Shock watch) 7 minutes to go! 🤪

Another great topic for a great weekend

Amazing entries would flood here pretty soon. I am set to read the adventures.

Happy weekend, I hope you have an enjoyable one.

This is how I know it’s Friday already hahaha. Happy weekend y’all.

 8 months ago (edited) 

Lol, you'd not know it was Friday unless I did the #weekend-engagement topic huh? 😂

I actually thought today was Thursday. I had to check after seeing your post

Lol, well thank goodness for me! You'd be a day behind otherwise. ☺️

Literally haha 😆

Haha, my thought as well. When a lot of people - especially workers - can't wait for Friday to come cause it's weekend😄

Oh yeah, Friday at 5pm is the best!

Friday just begun.🤣🤣

Yes bro it's Friday🤣🤣

Your laugh made me laugh. 🤣🤣😥


Thursday is the new Friday.

My week end when btc week candle close

The candle is not going out. Maybe flickering for a second.

Good morning guys. This is another mind-boggling topic that could necessitate you to think deep into the most amazing experiences one has had or one intends to have in the nearest future. Nice one from @galenkp

Thank you champ, I hope you'll get involved.

I was just selecting pictures from park that i visit. Will post here.

Thanks for opportunity. Was not sure which community to post.

Awesome initiative. Great topic.

Edit: here my entry:


Great, take a look at the guidelines and get involved. 😬

This is awesome question, happy weekend everyone

 8 months ago (edited) 

Happy weekend to you too, I hope you have a really good one.

Yep, Is going well☺️

Good topics with lot of options given by you, in this way people can write easily.

I hope so. Thanks for stopping by. ☺️

Welcome 😀

Another nice topic here again,It going to be fun😁💖
happy weekend to y'al

Happy weekend! 😁

This is excellent, I'm so in!

Yay, thanks for getting involved. ✅

My pleasure. I do love the white checkmark in a green box for some reason, lol.

Well then, let me furnish you with another...✅

I'm getting addicted to these! No other emoji has elicited such a response in me, LOLOLOL.

I am dominated by one thing, an irresistible, burning attraction towards the abstract green and white tick.

Quote by Gustave Moreau, butchered by G-dog.

😂😂😂 simply beautiful!

I didn't think I could improve on the wise words of Gustave Moreau...Then, yep, it seems I can indeed.

G-dog and his fucken wise words. (Should write a book.)

So happy to be participating in the weekend contest again. wait for my entry, please🥰

I'll wait patiently. 😊

Thank you so much. I've joined. 🎉

Awesome this one is right up my alley! Will post some mountain awesomeness tomorrow!

I thought you'd like this one. I look forward to seeing your post!

Wow, weekend and fun goes side by side, it'll be a pleasure to let others know about my engagement with mother nature, looking forward to delivering an entertaining post.@galenkp

Happy weekend!

Nature gets us out of trouble once again! Thanks for the choice, it's like a gift now when nature is changing in some parts of the world, in my country it's getting ready for hibernation. I love the options, I'd love to write something for each one. I think it can be done, don't you? Make three posts?

You can do three posts if you like.

Thank you! I looked in the rules and guidelines and it looked like it was allowed. I asked to be sure, I don't rely very heavily on my knowledge of English and I wanted to be sure I wasn't wrong.

Thanks for asking, I appreciate you taking the time to clarify.


Hurray it's Friday, interesting topics on ground this weekend gonna be splendid 💯 hello boss @galenkp how is everything going with you? Hope all is well, please do stay safe and happy.💃👍

Got some nature lovers I will like to invite @evegrace, @zellypearl @etiboy56 @benson6 and @samostically

Thanks for the invite. Will love to participate in this


Will be waiting for ur participation🙏👍

Lol. I submitted my entry already

Happy weekend @galenkp and thank you for another beautiful weekend topic.

This your weekend engagement topics is the real Thank God Is Friday (TGF) to me.

Thanks funshee, happy weekend to you too!

Oh, yeah, Friday morning is here, hehe. I love this one. Hard to choose just one option. Let's see.
Have a nice weekend!

Hey! Yeah, I hope you have a great weekend also.

I want to invite @albuslucimus to the weekend community if he hasn't found it already! He's a new guy on the platform that seems to be off to a good start so hopefully he can give it a whirl and get involved in this shizz!

Can't wait to check out what some of the folks have already posted! I don't know what idea I like more, all have good potential!

Have a great weekend mate, I hope you find something enjoyable to do.

Nature posts, this better be good ❤️❤️🧡

Yes indeed.

This will create such interesting entries.

I hope so.

I'm in love with all the topics 😩, is combining all options in one post allowed? Happy weekend ❣️

You can combine them all.

Have a great weekend. ✅

Let's do this guy's!!!

I think it's an excellent idea @galenkp

I have quite a lot of material on nature. Argentina is a country where nature is omnipresent and therefore I'll try to publish some material.

I also have material from my several years spent in Europe.

Greetings and have a nice WEEKEND!

Thanks for entering and have a good weekend. 😊

 8 months ago (edited) 

I Got Options..!

"🔸This week's topic(s)🔸"

"🔸Option one🔸"
"🔸Option two🔸"
"🔸Option three🔸"

But right now it is lunchtime and I am 410 miles from home...

Hotdog Time!!



It's funny, I just woke up from a nice 6.5 hour sleep and my first thought was hotdogs. Then I open Peakd and there they are.

The universe provides.

At first I was like...

Yeah Buddy..! G-Dog gets me...!


Then I was like...

Wait... G-Dog is pokin' fun at me... LoL

example of hotdogs in your head...

I really have been thinking about a WE post while rolling home... Dense Fog Delay.

SamSam will be in the post of course. She is my Wild Animal...


Lol, that Sammi gif.

Hello hivers, how are you doing? Its weekend once more.. yipeee..
Have a great weekend.. My entry by the way :)

I hope you have a great weekend, also thank you for getting involved with the #weekend-engagement post topic. 😁

Hah - you are right, at first glance this is a much easier topic. However, on second glance - now there are too many choices - LOL

Choices can be good but as you say can also complicate matters...Hmm, maybe I should just do one topic prompt next week?

No, I think generally three choices are really good as it will be pulling in more people. It is just this particular week with the topics, then again I could always answer all three.

Hopefully, I'll get around to it today - I want to! - but I went to the tech toy store yesterday and am in the midst of building a new PC for the hubs 😄. I need to finish that first but then...

There's no obligation, if you feel like it then no worries, if not then also no worries.

Nice topic!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I like it, a lot :)

Made my post and actually pretty excited about sharing my passion for the rock with you guys: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@plint/nature-climbing-into-the-sky

It's about one of my favorite climbs up Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain.

An awesome Post Plint! Thanks for being involved.

It was a pleasure, thanks for this topic! Always love writing about mountains :)

No need, I check the community every hour or so. I wouldn't have missed it. Thanks though.

I might drop an entry or read through others

Here is the post for my challenge this week. Thanks for hosting a great contest


You didn't post it into THE WEEKEND community so it's not eligible for the prizes. You need to follow the guidelines mate, I don't write them for the fun of it.

Oh, I put it in the community for the weekend. I don't understand why it's not in there

Nah, you didn't.


If you did the tag would look like this.


I understand the reason, I wrote it on my laptop and saved the draft and then used it to post again and forgot to double-check. Sorry, I'll join next time

It's ok, there's always next week. I've got a good topic arranged for next Friday.

I appreciate your generosity. Thank you

Great...You should try and make your titles far shorter and more catchy. Long titles aren't very interesting.

Excellent theme this week. I love nature here my entry. Have a great weekend.


Yehey! You did it again sire @galenkp! This week's topics are incredibly interesting! This is going to be really fun :)

I think I just found today's topic ❤️ This one is going to be fun 🙌



You're welcome.

Hi, Hope you are all having a good weekend.
Here is my post about this weekend topic.

Here is mine, using option three ❤️

I already had this post in mind for something that I missed, so the choice was easy :)


Thanks for this great initiative :)



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Te Mata peak in Hastings, NZ was a place I spent most of my weekends.

Nature is a friend.png



Am happy I participated in the contest this time smile 😊 @galenkp

Ah, thanks...The weekend topic for this weekend closed a few hours ago and I've announced the winners already. Thanks for having a go though.

ah, I just wrote down, but never mind, maybe I'll come for the next one.

Ok, maybe I'll see your post if you decide to join in next time.

thanks for letting me know, i'm late in posting it,. this is my failure 😁🤟

I always put a countdown timer on the topic announcement post so take a look and you'll see how long you have.

It's okay friend.
This is my mistake, just ignore this post