Weekend-Engagement topics: WEEK 188

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No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.

- Isaac Asimov -


You know when you have those amazing working weeks where everything goes right, you're super-productive and get so much done that you're ahead of the game for the following week? I didn't have one of those weeks, unfortunately.

It's the weekend though, that makes it all better, and I have some pretty cool stuff lined up, I may post about it at some stage, or not, and I hope you have something great lined up as well. Feel free to tell me about it below in the comments and if you want to maybe get involved with the writing topics if one takes your fancy.

If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • Are you triggered more by visual stimuli or by touch and feel? Explain your answer with examples. (Bonus points for posts about whether you like the light on or off during sex.) Remember to use your own photos.

  • What would you rather be doing instead of what you're actually doing this weekend and why? Remember to use your own photos.

  • Have you ever gained or lost something or someone because of a habit (good or bad) of yours? No fictional writing, this must be a true story. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Do you prefer to dress up or dress down, (dress more casually), on the weekend? Explain, and don't forget to use your own photos.


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Only original content is acceptable and no AI-generated text or images. Curation is based on quality, effort and personality and and all photos must be ones you own, not stock images.

Design and create your ideal life, tomorrow isn't promised - galenkp

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Any images in this post are my own.


Gonna shine a little light on this topic...

Should I mark it NSFW..?


Nah fuck it bro, no NSFW tag...it's decentralized blockchain after all. 🤪

Thaazzzzz Right...

Screw it I say. 😂

Yep...with the light on.

Damn, so many cool topics that I missed...again!!! It must be the thing that I always get ready my travel posts in advance which are posted every Saturday so from that point of view I feel like I shouldn't dig for topics to write about but not sure where you come from with all these ideas but they stir my imagination a lot!

I understand, many people like to stick to their own formula, especially if it works for them, when it comes to posting; it's all good, the topics are there each Friday for those who want to get involved, maybe one day you will.

Maybe! I plan to get back to my gaming posts starting with today so might end up re-scheduling all my posts. Would love to take part in your community for sure!

Happy weekend dear friend Galenk, I was just thinking what I wanted to do this weekend instead of what I'm actually doing since I'm on call 😊

On call.. well, hopefully they don't call! 😋

Have a good weekend.

Really hot topics but here is cold weather heheh.
Just thinking to choose one for writing.

Topics to keep you warm then. 😉

You've made it difficult for me today.... a lot... there are many topics and all of them interesting hahaha but the first one .... I don't think I can describe it... although I do like the light!🤣

Let's see which one calls me, let's see which one!

What you say at the beginning is the same for me this week and this weekend I want to catch up and rest a little bit.

I slept in this morning, just needed it after very long days during the week, at work and in general. I'm looking forward to a good weekend and what I have planned.

Good luck with the topics.

I think I'll do the same.... I've had a tremendous day! My water heater broke, imagine the flat flooded hahaha, what a day!

Have a great weekend!

Oh no...my brother has had a lot of trouble with his house hearing system...not so good when it's -25 degrees.

I have no hot water tonight hahaha and the weekend complicated to change it... so I'll manage hahaha, thank goodness it's not freezing but it's cold! Wet feet, wiping ... what a day....🤣

Cold showers...not enjoyable.

It's 13 degrees! Noooo no cold shower! I'm still cleaning and drying clothes, all the water fell on clothes in a wardrobe .... well a different weekend!

Hi Galen, the proposals are hot especially the preferences for sex and the style of dress.

Hot indeed...to match the weather...it was 37C here today!

Happy weekend.

So sorry, burning, Galen or maybe spicy

Yep, melting.

Jajajjaja 🫠☀️

I think weeks like that at work are pretty rare. More often than not you find yourself working for days on something that should have taken 15 minutes to do!

Exactly! That was my week...doing things that I should not have had to and going the hard way about it. 🙄

All topics are hot ones, hehehe

Hot AF. 😊

I really like @galenkp quote this weekend. Sometimes I think that most human beings do not think about the future. But, we must continue to try with our daily actions not to leave the world worse than we found it. Right?

I agree, it's all good and well to live in the moment, but the immediate moment has a way of moving into the future and that bears some consideration.

Your weekly challenge was surreal, this first option is very cruel to a lot of people. But since I'm here, let's go! This is my participation post: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@josiva/my-birthday-where-i-wanted. In my post, I am reporting on topics from various topics, including the first one (I want my extra points, lol). I wish you a blessed weekend my friend.

Thanks for entering and I hope you have a nice weekend.

I appreciate the opportunity my friend.

Very interesting topics I must say, a good way to start the weekend. Yay🕺

Have a good weekend.

Hello! Your own photos can be very daring. That's allowed on this page hahahahahahaha ... (joke)

Lol...yeah it could be interesting right. Thanks for your post, I saw, read and liked it.

The topics are hot, just thinking of which one to write on.

I'm sure you'll work it out. Happy weekend.

Definitely, with the light on, there's no argument about that.

It's another weekend and hmmm that first topic, let's see what I come up with later in the day.
Happy weekend

Light on or off...that is the question. 😉

Yes, I know😄

Let's see who answers. If any.

Alright then .

I can't wait to read through your post when you are done writing..I hope the light are turn on . 😊

Heheh let's see sha. Still busy packing for school

Happy Sunday, so I answered the first question, though I kinda opted out, but then decided to still post it. Hehe

Ok, cool. I hope you've been having a good weekend.

Interesting topics but the first one tho😁

Lol...well, why not have some fun right? No one will probably do that but it's out there, and amused me for a few minutes.

Yeah, I'm so answering this question💪

I did it 🤣

I'm sorry you didn't have a positive and productive week, but there are days like this, I hope the next ones will be more profitable, greetings!

Hi there, thanks for your message and I hope you have a good weekend.

Jumping right on this.

I hope you have a soft landing after you jump...and a good weekend.

Excellent topics to develop, greetings.

Cheers, and I hope you have a nice weekend ahead.

Hello @galenkp. Very good start of the year and good health and success in this 2024. Excellent topics this weekend, I decided to go for the last one.


A pleasure and an honor to post in the community. Happy weekend.

Thanks for your entry.

An interesting theme is back to color my weekend this week, thank you brother @galenkp, I will participate in this contest

Good to know you like the topics. I'll look out for your post.

Hello Galen! Hope you get to do the pretty cool stuffs you have this weekend.

These are interesting topics and I love that it has to be original photos. I would love to take part in this, though I have some stuffs to attend to this weekend.

Will see how it goes. Cheers 🥂

I'd not expect someone to put their real life on hold to do one if my own topics - just go and have a good time this weekend in the real world, there will be other opportunities to get involved with my topics in coming weeks.

Yeah, sure.

Do have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks 👍

Lol, want some hot write ups in this cold weather 😉

A good choice of topics, will make my presence sure 😊


Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know.

The first topic though😂

Seemed like the right thing to do.

A new Here
I will like to participate on topics

Fair enough. The rules are in this post and you might like to read the rules the weekend experiences community has also, that'll ensure you get it right. The posting guide is pinned at the top of the community feed.

These topics are intense bro hahaha, the truth is that I like all of them, I will see if I choose one to join the initiative this weekend. You really know how to make us think 🤣

I'm glad you like them. Hopefully you're having a good weekend.

Very interesting topics, don't even know the one to write about. Okay! I have seen 1

Ok, cool.

Hi @galenkp can I make topic one a creative nonfiction?

No, real-life experiences.

Serious hot topics


Cheers, thanks and I hope you're having good weekend.

@galenkp @galenkp Will i get kicked out of the community if i include some erotica in my story?😁
Or is just that, a little eroticism, what the topic is looking for?

Nah man, go for it...I'm the owner and admin of this community and am giving you full permission. 😉

I won't exaggerate 🙂
Without explicit words and images, I promise 😇


I did it

@galenkp Let me know if I've gone too far, so I can delete the post so I don't get arrested 🤣

Great entry...no arresting will happen, just a curangel vote.

Although I'm a little distracted to write at the moment, watching the AO tennis tournament 😀

I've been watching the AO also.

I had to leave the apartment. Did Djokovic finish the match?

Against Dino Prižmić? Yeah, he made it through.

Hi, I would like to spend a weekend in Curaçao, I am working to make it happen. Thank you all for your support


Thank you, it's an amazing place by the look of your post.

It was a pleasure to write on this week's prompt.

My Submission: https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@minhajulmredol/keep-it-simple-s79db7

Thanks for letting me know.

Topics here are always thrilling and Thought-provoking. Here's my entry @galenkp


Well done.

Great, thank you.

Your are welcome. Happy day dera.

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Just like that. The weekend is here once again. Time to dress down and wear comfort fits. I certainly have something to write about from the topics, that have been lined up.

Yep, it's here ate last. Have a good weekend.

Thank you. All the best in all that you have lined up for it!