Weekend-Engagement topics: WEEK 200

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Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

- Winston Churchill -


If you'd like to get involved with the #weekend-engagement topics as hosted in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community then read below, and I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  • If you had to immediately dispose of three items you currently own which three would you choose and why? How would your life change due to their loss? Remember to use your own photos.

  • What makes you feel insecure and why? What makes you feel confident and why? Explain with examples. Remember to use your own photos.

  • Define the meaning of life as you know it or believe it to be, and what you feel "your purpose" is. Remember to use your own photos.

  • If you were stranded alone on a tropical island for the rest of your life (no chance of getting off) and could wish someone there with you but doing so would strand them there for the rest of their life also, (you both would die there eventually), would you do it and why, or why not? Remember to use your own photos.


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Design and create your ideal life, tomorrow isn't promised - galenkp

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Excellent topics, like all the ones you present every weekend. However, I would like to highlight the constancy, seriousness and the great variety of topics presented by you, which have already reached 200 weeks.
This variety has allowed us to find the way to participate, when perhaps, we did not have much clarity to do so.
Congratulations for reaching two hundred weeks bringing the most suggestive topics and helping our most creative banser brains. Happy weekend. Cheers and greetings.

Thanks mate, it's sometimes difficult to think up stuff my my brain usually delivers and option or two. #thanksbrain

Have a good weekend.

Another weekend is here friends. Let's get the groove started with these beautifully thoughts topics. I would like to get stranded on an island and at the same time, dispose three items that may not serve any good purpose to me again. Lets see what I come up with in the end.

As great weekend is Amy wish for y'all.

Get groovy.

Congrats on hitting that 200th post for this series! Awesome stuff.

Keep on rolling!

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It's been a long time coming...like, 200 weeks. 🤔🤪

🤣🤣🤣 so it's nearly 4 years straight then! 52 weeks in a year. So 208 is actually an even bigger anniversary.

Yeah, 2008...I'm not sure what I'll do for it; maybe #nudeweek208


The extra spicy challenge.

This is nice. Something shiny touched my eyes there. Hehe, happy weekend.

I like shiny things. Happy weekend.

Hehe, that makes the two of us. Have an amazing weekend.

congratz. We on the big week 200! Time to cook

Two hundred...it's a big number indeed...but not as big as 201. 😉

you know what i meant. 200 is like a milestone number but ya 201 is bigger :')

Lol, of course I did...not far off four full years of the concept. #week208

oooo thats 8 more weeks should be around june. I believe I started around week 130-145 somewhere. Time sure flies.

You're a veteran.

I'm below veteran but above private? not sure what ranking that is lol

Awesome topics👏
@galenkp at it again, kudos sir.
Congratulations on the 200 mark

Cheers, have a good weekend huh?

Congratulations, a great achievement to reach the 200th week where you offer us the opportunity to express ourselves to many people worldwide! The community is very active and enjoyable.

Here is the topic chosen among all those mentioned, something philosophical but I think it fits with what is the meaning of life, by the way highly recommended the movie of the Monty Phyton: :


Thank you for helping us grow at Hive. Have a great weekend.

I was introduced to Monty Python when I was a young kid many years ago...still love it now! ✅

Robinson Crusoe was one of my favourite books when I was a student, it was fascinating and I read it several times, there was so much to learn from it. It's an interesting topic, who he condemned to be on that island with me... that's what I was thinking about. I like all the topics anyway!

I wonder which one will call me ....

Glad to read you.... Have a good weekend Galen, hope you are doing well!

We'll see which you choose all in good time I guess.

Have a good weekend.

Have a great weekend Galen!🤗

Galenkp is back with the 200th weekend engagement topics. Congratulations on hitting the mark, mate.

Cheers 🥂

I was thinking about what would come after 199...now I know, it's 200!

Have a good weekend.

Oh yeah. And 201 will come after that😉

It's another beautiful weekend 💃. Happy weekend beautiful people. Wow! I can't believe we are at week 200 😲

Happy weekend to you too!

Visiting Tropical island sounds interesting but being stuck there for the rest of my life, hmmmm. Maybe I should go learn one or two from Moana, hehehe.

I don't know what Moana is, although we have a beach suburb called Moana here. I've been there, quite nice.

Happy weekend.

Moana is an cartoon movie acted on a beach and I yes, I know about the Moana beach too.
Happy weekend too.

Very thought provoking topics as usual, I'm still studying them to know which one I'd write on.

Study away!

Hi, Galen, we have reached the 200th post of the weekend commitment, I feel honored, and happy this day, for it.

I wish You peace ando love This weekend 🌹

It doesn't get better than this...except when I reach week 201. Lol.

Then it's good news for everyone, the purpose continues, thanks Galen way to 201 and... 🌹

You must be highly sound mentally and rationally to think out these topics weekly and able to judge them rightly. Keep up

Some may beg to differ, but it seems my brain works well enough sometimes.

happy anniversary 🙂
To attack the next hundred!

It's a nice round number right? I'm looking forward to week 208 though, four full years. #week208.

#week208 see you in two months🙂
Until then, regular weekly topics 😀
I think I'll write about Robinson this weekend.

You will indeed.

Good luck with your write up this week. That's my favourite question this week, the dilemma of making ones life better but condemning someone else in the process. A bit like that movie Passengers.

My friend, you are incredible, have the imagination to create so many topics. I wasn't sure what I would write, but I couldn't resist the idea of kidnapping my wife to a desert island. I know she likes the city, lol if she dreams with the kidnapping, I'll sleep on the couch today. Here is my participation post: https://ecency.com/hive-168869/@josiva/contest-week-200-abandoned-on

Being the only two people on a secluded tropical island with my partner sounds like a great idea...I can see why you like the idea with your own wife...I hope you enjoy the couch this weekend though.

Boy, I had an accident during the week and had to pull out my toenail. I have a medical certificate, a week off work, I took advantage and went traveling, yesterday I spent a king day with my wife and son. Today and tomorrow is that day when I stay at home with the couch, movies, netflix and nothing to do. In short, 100% in the Hive.

Pulled a toe nail off? Fucken ouch!

Well, rest up and enjoy some Netflix.

Thanks for the strength.

I have a question: can post in 2 languages or just in English?

Nope, just in English, dual language posts are muted without warning in my communities.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. One person tried to harm me by saying they could, I'm glad I asked.

I wish you an excellent weekend.

Happy 200th bro!

Funny, You don't look that old.

Lol, I feel it at times though.

Happy 200th week, there is constancy and perseverance here.
Looking forward to celebrating week number 500, some fireworks for that.

500? That's a big number, a lot of weeks...it's possible though. 😁

👌 These are Deep and Thought provoking!
Well done for this wonderful mental composition. You are great 👏 and you are good at what you do. I like looking deeply and critically on men of excellence, I think you are one. Your feat is worth emulating. I'll try this out and see whether I could the evaluation of an icon.
Thank you for putting our brains through useful and rational exercises

Thanks for your kind words, I hope you have a nice weekend.

Awesome topics👏
@galenkp at it again, kudos sir.
Congratulations on the 200 mark

200 weeks? 😱

I insist, you are awesome!!

The ammount of commitment required to present ideas to all of us for 200 weeks is astonishing. Congratulations and thank you x 200!!

I'll go now and get ready for this weekend 🤗

happy 200 weeks! You deserve a badge!!! Well done for being consistent! Your work has certainly paid off.

Cool topics this week again. Really getting the peeps to dig deep! I would say I would participate but I'm running thin with time, we'll see what happens. The tropical island thing got me though... But I have questions.

Are there other people on this island? Besides the person you will bring? Like Natives? Or are you completed alone and will probably end up making a Wilson? Also how are you?

Nah, no badges required...coffee and donuts are welcome though.

In respect of the clarification you asked for...

"If you were stranded alone on a tropical island..."

That's from my post. I put the word alone in italics to stress the fact that there was no one else on the island.

I hope you're doing well and life is on track.

I guess fasting brain misinterpreted this. I thought it meant like alone, without your crew. This is a difficult one now. I'm for seeing an Adam and eve situation here!

Yay for Adam and Eve style island! Hang on, the Americans would probably make a reality show out of this!

Cheers, I appreciate it.

This weekend,you are serving us hot meal hot hot.
I such going to do it the weekend way disposing things that do not add value again to me is such going to work out for me


Good evening! Here's my entry for this weekend's engagement 👇


Ok thanks, and have a good weekend yourself.

You're welcome 😊

Wow Galen, how do you come up with these brain racking topics? Really impressive.
Happy weekend😊

Well, I ask my brain and it always seems willing to provide an answer. #thanksbrain

Of course

It comes in handy sometimes, my brain I mean.

I think you mean most times or rather all times

These are all exciting topics 😊

Cool, thanks.

Hello friends, here my participation, I hope you like it:

Thank you.

I'm quite busy with this past days or on the coming days due to work loads., nice topics which relates much.

I really like this week's topic

Oh that's good, I'm pleased.

Thinking quickly.. I would take my staunch enemy into a battle without escape since at the end of the day who dies first would be the winner or we would end up making peace, who knows..

Now, seriously it's always hard to choose just one topic; congrats for the #200!!!

There's still time to get involved so if you manage to find a topic you like please do so should you be inclined.

As usual, amazing topic, and it is week 200 already. Wow! That is good to know. It is surprising how you ain't exhausted of beautiful and thrilling topics over the weeks.

I love to discuss any of the topics. Let me quickly get my pen and fingers working before time runs out of me 🥰

Happy weekend once again

Yeah, time flies right?

200, huh?
We've come quite some way. You're doing well, Galen. Kudos.

Been a while around here. Glad I didn't miss this one.
Here's my entry though; https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@supernova004/out-with-these-three

Happy weekend!

Yep, 200...all available to view if you have the time to scroll back on my feed.

Hehe, here is my post.
Of course I chose the tropical island stuff 😁


congratulations bro for the 200 themes and for all the ones to come.

Good vibes to you. Greetings!

No worries, have a good week.