Blindness (WE86 post topics: Imagination.)

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My response to "Weekend-engagement topics week 86: Imagination"

It is for everyone and you also can join the challenge here. Thank you for a time as this @galenkp.

Today's Topic:

Imagine you are suddenly made blind between one second and the next. How would it change your life physically and emotionally? What would you miss and do you feel there would be benefits. How do you feel you would cope with the loss of vision?

I told sir @galenkp this is a tough one but I think that is why we humans are imaginative. A writer is not just one person but a multitude of persons trying to be one person. I always have that imaginative strength to put myself in other people's shoes and feel what they feel while expressing it through words. It's easier to feel heartbreak and some other things but blindness is a tough one which is why I took it on. I've never had anyone around me with this, so I am relying on my imaginations to do the job for me as expected.

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The sight is a powerful and important part of the body. It helps us to observe, see, judge critically what's in front of us without anyone deceiving us into believing what is already obvious.

Losing the sight would not just mess me up physically but emotionally too. There would be insecurity issues playing through my mind and it would be hard for me to trust those around me to get things done the way I would have wanted. It would be emotionally draining because I would have to rely on the help of others and what if they are not ready to give it? What if they are making faces and I wasn't able to see it? What if I've suddenly become a burden to them thinking they are helping me but they are emotionally drained too as a result of hinging their lives around someone who relies on them for everything?

Physically, it would be tough, having to get by places with my shin or the stick. Not having an idea of what where is, and trying to get things done can be frustrating. I would be tired quickly. After all, I would be exerting more energy than necessary because I am trying to convince myself I can do it.

I would miss the ability to watch my favourite team play football during the weekends and the Champions League in the week. I would miss the sight of the rain because I would rely solely on my ears to feel the rain. I won't be able to see my dogs run around me, I would miss the gift of nature that soothes my soul effortlessly. I would miss seeing the clothes I want to wear and the combination I would love to rock, I would miss seeing how good I must have looked in the outfit I picked for the day, I would miss driving around to get my favourite smoothie at the supermarket. I would solely miss identifying people and relying on my ears and sense of smell would be the closest I can get to those I truly love. I would miss seeing how their faces evolve.

The good thing about it is that other senses of my body would be heightened. I would smell more, ear more since the focus has been taken away from the sight. I can smell people from yards away while also hearing people from a distance. It would lead to me learning about new skills where I can read with my fingers and speak it out loud with my voice. Those are the benefits of it and also I get extra attention (even though it's hard to tell whether it's pity or care).

I don't know how best I would cope with it because there would be so many things I would miss seeing and doing. I won't be able to kick my football nor would I be able to watch my team play or watch how they celebrate but I can listen at least. I am the kind of person who can adapt easily even if this would be frustrating at first I know it would be mixed emotions for me but with the love, care and support of family, I would do okay.


For one to imagine losing his or her sight is frightening and horrible.

May we never witness such, this topic requires very deep thought.

Amen. Yes, I was really cracking my head and them imagining those in it.

Sudden blindness must be exceptionally scary, claustrophobia would set in panic stricken before any other senses kick in of taste, touch or sound.

Imagination would have me bouncing off of walls! Well written you took a brave step responding to sudden blindness something we are so reliant on.

Thank you so much. Indeed it is scary and I just had to stretch my thoughts. I appreciate your support. I am happy.

Not a thought to enjoy, even imagine 😄 have a great day!

🤣🤣🤣😂😂 that's right. Enjoy your day and the week too. Thank you.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow ain't you full of surprises? I can't thank you satisfactorily for this encouragement. I am motivated to keep doing this. God bless you @olawalium

That's what life is all about. Just keep at it and I am so sure the rewards will come shortly. I am happy to keep encouraging you till that moment comes.

Thank you. I will chat you to know about the Ecency points thing.

Glad you've sorted it out now. Just seeing this before seeing your chat.

Thank you.


Thank you.