Finish The Story Contest Returns! - Week #69!

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A contest with a pot of 7 HIVE, 7 Hive SBI ? You're in the right place!

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Contest Info

Welcome, dear writers, to our 69th Edition through the playgrounds of the fantastic!

We, @marcoriccardi and @tristancarax, decided that this glorious creation of @f3nix could not be buried by the dust yet and had to come back to life, even if only for once or maybe twice.

For this contest, the rewards are:

1st place: 7 HIVE

Most Voted Story: 5 Hive SBI (a minimum of 3 votes is required to activate this reward... don't forget to vote your favorite one!)

Best comment: 2 Hive SBI (We are looking for an insightful curation comment. It doesn't have to be long or flamboyant)

The prompt is kindly provided by the imaginative and multifaceted @tristancarax, that let the imagination run free in the vast prairies of creativity, inspired by the purest and clearest spirit of the Bananafish.

In these painful and difficult times of pandemics, revolting nature and political jitters, we hope to provide a surge of fresh spring water to congested and overburdened minds, with a bit of literary escapism.

Given the sidereal distance in time of the last edition - almost a year! - we make a call to action, a mediumistic evocation, of the last knights who made the feat: @dirge, @raj808, @gaby-crb, @phil-glaz, @sarez, @mgaft1, @oivas, @zeleiracordero, @gwilberiol... nock if you are there!

Map of the Bananafish Realms from a squirrelly perspective!

by @brisby

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  • Use the #finishthestory tag.

  • Respect the dreadful 700 words limit! o_0 But 500 is mighty fine as well. (note by @marcoriccardi: that's the word limit of your ending, the prompt doesn't count 😜)

  • Help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility and consider linking back to this post in your entry.

  • Consider to post or share your story in the Bananafish Community.

  • Contest Prompt introduced on November 6th. Posts must be submitted, linked in the comments, by 12:00 Pacific Time Zone on November 20th. Posts submitted after deadline will be disregarded. "Sorry, but I've got a job!" (cit. @dirge)

Good luck, brave storytellers!

Brotherhood in Trouble

Here we were, in the bar with large sticks being pointed at us. Dun Dee and Jasper just snatch three large boxes of fries from the two families seated near the kangaroo statue. Luke, being the smallest of us four, snagged a couple of bags from toddlers, which were, presumably, filled with burgers and more fries; and I had enough drinks for the four of us.

"You know who we are," I squawked.

"We do," said a jittery human. "We told you this would happen if you come back."

I stood my ground by raising my chest in the air, ruffling my feathers. I stretched out my long neck and showed my sharp, strong beak to the tourists and workers. Showing them who was boss of this outback was of the highest importance. Little did the humans know of respect for other lives than their own. The time had come for a little lesson and the emu brotherhood was going to show the humans their power.

"You are on our turf, human," I said. I scratched my leg with the other foot. "You invaded our lands with your dwellings and forced us out. You owe us."

"It's the way of the world," a chubby-faced human yelled out. "Do you know how many of us have lost our homes?"

No! Not the pity card. Not the best time. Luke was a sucker for pity. He almost always felt bad for the other side, the human side.

"My mommy had to work two jobs to pay for what that jack-ass of a bird has taken from me," said a tiny human who sat by the waterfall.

I looked at Luke. He was cracking. I could tell by the way his knee shook, by the way his beak clattered together. He was about to drop the goods and run. Think!

"Any last words, birdie?" asked a slim human.

"Gentleman and Ladies," I said as I moved my wing over several spears and pushed the tips down. "There is no need to be hostile. The rule is you feed us daily - morning and night - and we leave you alone until feeding time. Easy. Simple. If our demands for respect are not taken into consideration, bigger things will happen. Scary things. Strange things. And you don't want these bigger things to happen because, if they do, you will be paid a visit from the great emu elder - and he does not take kindly to humans who disregard the sacred pact between human and emu."

Like the night inching its way into the light, the tips of the spears rose again and drew closer to me.

"What the fuck are you talking about," said a human behind a cash register. His eyes grew big like the moon and sinister like Chucky. "Good people. Let’s cook some bird to cover the cost of what we've lost. Sound like a plan?"

The whole restaurant said yes in unison, which made me shiver. It couldn't have gotten darker for us in the brotherhood, even if Alfred Hitchcock was hired to scare the piss out of us. Birds or not, in the eyes of humans, we were thieves. And thieves had to be dealt with.

[You continue...]

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Here is how this contest works:

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The submission deadline: November 20th, 12 noon Pacific Time Zone.



I LOVE @TRISTANCARAX'S opening, and will be participating in this challenge. I look forward to the other entries, having a good idea of who some of them will be. Let's do this people.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I like when I'm able to write like the above. It is the fun side of me. 8-)

I am very happy to see this potassium-loaded return. Of course, I join the call and invite a few good story writer friends to do so: @marcybetancourt, @agmoore, @acostacazorla, @solperez, @alidamaria, @oacevedo, @gracielaacevedo, @rjguerra, @bertrayo, @hlezama.
Greetings, boys!

Awesome! Glad you are back!

Hm... 700-word limit? What's written here is already 541. So I am left with only 159 words? Not much, considering such a verbose style. Or do you mean 700 words in addition to the prompt?

Already complaining about the word limit?! It's 200 more than I gave you, and you wrote a great story!

I'm going with 700 of your very own juicy words. Looking forward to meeting you on the battlefield of the great @bananafish finish the story show down.

Thank you, your ladyship! I was just clarifying. Some narratives require a larger development cycle. I can write a finale for this story and fit it in 159 words. But... hm... yeah... )))

700 in addition ;)

Yo baby!

So, let me get this straight. In order to finish the story, I need to create a post with only my ending and just link it to this first part? Or do I need to include the beginning of the story in my post as well?

You need to include the prompt and write something like *** my continuation *** and then your ending.

Yes, the part of the story that is shown above will be included in your own post along with your ending or beginning or you get really creative. Some contestants in the past have made the prompt the ending of the story. I once mixed in my story with the prompt like I was putting puzzle pieces together. Generally, though, you take the prompt and write the ending and create your post with both included. Most people show a divide so that other can tell where the prompt ends and your ending begins.


I see your story only in PeakD, not Hive, so I'm unable to upvote or comment.
Yes, @raj808 has tried to walk me through getting PeakD to acknowledge my passwords.
Somehow, no matter where on the internet I go, "Password Failed" keeps haunting me, and I have saved them in Google, and still - no, it's not that a space sneaked in during copy/paste.
Anyway. Your "Start" (vs "Finish") is clever and fun. I love the option of starting, rather than finishing - thank you Tristan for that!

Don't worry. I can feel pleased with what you have shown me around here. Thank you very much!

Howdie @bananafish I've come out of retirement for a new FTS 😆

The Great Awakening is a short story set in a world where animals can talk. The story follows the adventures of 3 Emu, exploring themes around how humans treat each other and their food.

Hope you enjoy my entry 🐄😆

Did I mention how much I love this?

....humans are hardwired to take. They know nothing else.” He ruffled his feathers in irritation. “The sooner you learn that the world isn’t fair, the sooner you’ll learn how to deal with it..."

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Ok people! Now that you graced us with your amazing stories, it's time to vote your favorite.

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