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A couple of days ago I mentioned I created a new community called Train Spotting. I have written about trains from various different angles in the past, the train itself, train journeys, hikes and walks along railway tracks, stations, depots and museums etc. I've also seen quite a few others write and post about trains. However, I couldn't find any train related communities on Hive.

For some people, trains are part of their daily commute journey. For others it's their working life. Some people rely on trains as a connection with friends and families far away, and for some it's a way of traveling around countries or even across the world. And finally, I know there are many train fanatics who loves trains just because they are trains.

The Train Spotting Community is for every one of you.

What can you post in the Train Spotting Community?

It's pretty simple really, anything that's related to trains. With the definition of train being any vehicle that runs on a track, so that could be a train to carry people or goods, it could be overground or underground, so trams and subways are ok.

Let me give you a some examples of what you can write about...

Trains (of course) - old and new


Hikes and tracks I hiked along a railway track in Taiwan some years ago, it was a stunning hike

Train adventure - me catching the train to start my Machu Picchu trek in Peru

Depot - a unique fan shape depot in Taiwan

History - this section of disused railway track in UK that used to be vital for trade, the area has now been redeveloped

Signal systems - found on the same section of the disused railway


Museums - a great way to learn about trains, this one is in Japan

Bridges - this is Glennfinan Viaduct the famous Harry Potter bridge in Scotland

Local railway stations - everything station is different and their own story

Architecture - they come in all shapes and sizes and styles

These are just some examples of train related content based on my own personal image archive, but the list is endless. As long as it's related to trains in some way, that's fine. Be creative.

Community rules

All community have their own rules, and this one is no exception, but I don't want to over do them. The Train Spotting community rules are pretty simple

  • Any content that is related to train is permitted. A train is defined as a vehicle that runs on a track to carry people or goods
  • Original content only, no recycling or plagiarism
  • Abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly
  • Content can be written in any language but must include English
  • Engagement with fellow Train Spotter posts in the community is encouraged

Why should I post in the Train Spotting Community?

Good question. Let me give you a few reasons.

  1. There is no other community on Hive focused on trains. The Train Spotting Community is the best place to meet other train spotters, to share and consume train related content
  2. You get to see and learn more about trains from around the world
  3. It gives curators another place to find good quality content to curate as I will be moderating the community myself (for those who don't know me I curate for @pinmapple and @ocd)
  4. I will organise community contest with the aim of getting as much support to reward entries as possible

Hopefully these are good enough reasons for your to hop on board!! You can subscribe to the community here



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I'm down. I like trains.

Fantastic, thanks for your support. I see you started off playing Splinterlands, I love how we can get more people to venture out into the rest of the Hive eco-system 🙂

It all began with me buying some SPS on CoinEx, then Splinterlands, now I'm deep into HIVE world 😆 Honestly, it's the most fun, engaging and usecase-filled ecosystem I've taken part in personally. I don't even use social media, so this is my engagement with the public internet in a sense.
I'm totally down to see more trains, I still think they're underrated. Here in the U.S. most people seem to look at trains as simply old tech or nothing more than a method to transport large crates. In reality they are still developing and getting faster and more useful every day.

The new trains are really mega fast nowadays, I went on the bullet train in Japan it was an awesome experience, think it did well over 300km an hour and it was still spot on time.

Hive can really be what you want it to be, and you can be as passive or active as you want. I do quite a lot of stuff in different communities and when I want break I can always get people to cover me or just let things dormant. It's also opened a new world to me, as I was totally unfamiliar with crypto and gaming, still is in fact, but at least I tried!!

I have a friend who is obsessed. He might join hive for this!

Now that would be a true winner for me, to have someone join Hive because of a community I created 🏆

I may have stuff for this community as I live near a railway and take the train to work (when I am actually in the office). We even get some steam trains come through here.

I assumed you did not mean this.

Is that you making a dash for your train in the morning? No wonder you do so much running all the time, that explains it!!!

Choose trains!

Lol! Being Scottish is shite!

…when I first saw this post I thought, great movie, but worthy of its own community? Only the Big Lebowski could pull that off lol

Anyway, glad to see I’m not the only one who thought of the movie :)

Choose Hive, choose decentralisation!


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Very cool. Besides small scenic train rides I have only ever been on one real train. My wife and I took the train into Chicago a while ago. It ended up being a longer trip than I thought it would be. I really wish we had some of the high speed trains here like they do across the ocean.

I remember talking to someone in America on Hive the other year about high speed trains and think it was due in NYK sometime in the distance future.

It's really interesting to read about people's different train experience from the comments here.

That would be awesome if they could get something like that. I know that a couple of years ago they were talking about building a hyperloop. That would be amazing. Something like Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL in 45 minutes or something like that. Totally game changing!

I’m excited about this one as you’ll know from our separate conversation.

I'm so glad to drum up some excitement with a new community, nothing better than to get more engagement and meet new people

We need to get people like Paul Whitewick, Geoff Marshall and Tim Dunn on here!

You really do like your trains!!

Wow look at you. Quarantine has been good for Hive. Way to create a new community. How are you feeling?

I'm actually a bit gutted o didn't think if it before bas you was catching a lot more trains before I moved away from London.

I'm feeling a lot better now, actually just tested negative two days in a row so officially I can't finish self isolation now 💃

I take the train whenever we go to Paris so I'll keep this community in mind. I don't go often but I'm sure I'll go again at some point.

I like your photo of the different trains standing in a row. I bet the pointy one goes really fast.

Thanks for the HBD by the way.

That would be great to see more trains from around the world.

I can't remember which train was which but I think the pointy one was the newest and fastest as the ones on the right are the old ones

I wish passenger rail was more of a thing in the US. Amtrak is sporadic here. My dad worked for the railroad as an electrician for decades, so my rail knowledge and experience relates mostly to freight. Occasionally we see oddities on the tracks here like Boeing fuselages and massive blades for power generating windmills.

It's really interesting just reading the comments on this post particularly from the folks in America. In UK commuting by trains is very common as it's much quicker albeit a bit more expensive than coaches (or the Greyhound buses as they're known in America?), whereas in the States it seems like there is much less passenger travel. Is that coz America is so big and people either drive or catch the plane?

The stuff you mentioned on the tracks sounds interesting, I never heard of them before, not sure if it's coz I'm not a train buff or whether it's an American thing. Either way, I'm always fascinated by the new stuff I learn on Hive from around the world.

America is very big, and while passenger rail was a big thing into perhaps the 1970s, cheaper airfare and better airports allowed faster travel across such a wide expanse to take over. Most passenger rail was (and is) shared with freight, and track for heavy loads is built differently. Dedicated high speed rail on a nationwide scale would be astronomically expensive, especially here in the mountains where trestles and tunnels would need to be built from scratch.

I took Amtrak back east to my grandmother's funeral mainly because I refuse to fly. I simply will not accept the TSA porno-scanners and gate rape security theater. Driving that far would have taken too much time. Train is the way I would prefer to travel if the destination rather than the journey were my priority.

I don't know what to think of dedicated subways and light rail. I haven't really experienced it. The crowds one sees on TV repulse me, not because of new COVID fears, but because I like my personal space regardless. I completely understand the convenience and opportunity of urban life, but I don't think I fit there.

Indeed trains are fascinating. ❤

I never understood the obsession with trains some people have, but sounds like a niche niche community. Good to have for when mass adoption arrives. I usually think of this video that's been spam reposted on Reddit in forever when i hear people are into trains.

Awwhhh, she is so cute😍

Trains are fascinating, although I'm not really a train buff, I really enjoy how much it brings to life. I didn't realize how much train related content had until I dug through my files.

Trains aren't popular in Finland?

Not much I don't think, they're a fast way for getting from one city to the other since we don't have autobahn and the highways usually have a 120km/h speed limit but they're known for almost always being late so people don't like them. Dunno what Finland is doing.

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Our mass transit train are usually pretty boring. What's interesting are sometimes the ad in the train station and in or on the train.

The Singapore MRT is very efficient, we in Asia take it for granted but, it's actually pretty unique for a lot of other countries. Ads on trains and in the station is an interesting angle as well, great idea!!

Yes, some of them are pretty cool.

Follow and get verified

I can't wait to hit the train station Soon
My country re-started the use of train after a very long time

And just a month ago (FESTIVE PERIOD) Train ride to any destination was Free for about a week... I'll also inform some wonderful personalities about this community so they'll share their experiences here too

Thanks for the creative thought in setting up this community
@khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Free train rides! That must have been major festival.

Look forward to seeing the Nigeria rail network

Great idea for a community! I don´t know why but many people seem to be literally obsessed with trains. I know a few who might join Hive just for this community :) I will tell them...

Wow! That's awesome news! Thanks for spreading the word around, it would be great to get more people on Hive

You have chosen a unique and good topic, I am really thankful to you for availing such opportunity for those who love to write and know about trains, new or old.

Look forward to see some contribution from you

Trains are my work :)
I am involved in developing brakes, doors and HVAC systems for trains. Next time I’m in the rail yard I’ll see what I can capture (without violating TA policy) to share with the train loving community here :)

That's brilliant, behind the scenes stuff, can't get better than that!

😁Cool! I don’t get out on the yard often but next time I do I’ll ask if I can take some pictures - now I’m looking forward to my next trip!

I must admit I love the whole ambiance of trains and train stations around the world, so different yet all on the same theme :) Awesome community!

Thanks @tengolotodo . Did you know one of the last long haul train rides I did was up to Scotland last year? The train on the community front page was the train I took 😃

Aha that is brilliant!

Not long after I joined Hive, I remember you posting about Edinburgh and a whisky shop on The Royal Mile and me telling you to beware the tourist traps in my home town :)

Ah yes!! You are absolutely correct! I remember now!

hehe I thought so😁

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Found this community through @coquicoin and @brittandjosie… they mentioned the community on a reply on my post about my AVE journey.
Great to find a community to share trains and train related subjects. I love traveling by train and do often. Will post here with new posts @livinguktaiwan 😊

Thanks for dropping by. Just saw your post about your travel to Madrid, would love to see more train travels in Spain or where ever else around the world you go!!!

You are welcome @livinguktaiwan 😊
Will post some more of my travels by train… Spain or anywhere else 😎 would love to share here.

Nice community ! I hope it will reach many followers !