Personal library short stories/ Biblioteca personal de cuentos cortos/ by @gilliatt

in The Ink Welllast year (edited)

Hello friends from hive, today we were tidying up the house a bit, to present this humble personal library, to which we will soon be adding all the content, (even some musical themes) for now, a sample of our work in the #theinkwell community, #cervantes, #literatos, #poeticuniverse, thanking @ocd, @shanibeer, @jayna, as always, that without their unconditional support, it would be impossible to continue.

Here you can acces to my Poems library



Hola amigos de hive, hoy estuvimos ordenando un poco la casa, para presentar esta humilde biblioteca personal, a la que pronto estaremos agregando todo el contenido, (incluso, algunos temas musicales) por ahora, una muestra de nuestro trabajo en la comunidad #theinkwell , #cervantes, #literatos, #poeticuniverse, agradeciendo como siempre a @ocd, @shanibeer, @jayna, que sin su apoyo incondicional, seria imposible continuar.


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Amazing, I would like to make one. I loved the design, it's a good way to attract more readers to the stories.

I'm glad you liked it, successes.


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