Filth From The Eagle's Eye. (An Original Poetry)

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From the eagle's eye,
far above lofty heights,
the stench of laxity,
blinds even the blinded one,
in self righteousness,
we're wallowing in filth
like swines in suit
swimming in pomposity
as goodness withers
and evil is sown like a seed

Our world is tainted,
and we have not the faintest idea,
the air we breathe,
is our demise,
for disguise is the beauty
that kills from within
showers of muck,
splatters on gushing rainfall
as window panes
are sullied by "brown-ness"

In the light of day!
our handiworks are like clay,
a pure blemish
to beautiful tender buddings.
inklings we have not,
to endless fights
and nature is bested
like a beautiful bride's virginity.
from the eagle's eye 🦅
the taste of defeat
is loudly ringing!

With grudges in my voice!
annihilation is on the cusp
like the reaper is come,
we welcome darker days
with smiles on the face
and we have not the faintest ideas!
our world is sullied
raped by sleeping men
in the brightest of morn

Poetic Analysis And Literary Appreciation

Filth from the eagle's eye is a poem that raises awareness on a decaying world. The first stanza suggested that our activities, that is, the human activities somehow seems to be destroying the world and it is paradoxical that we seem to know this yet we claim not to know this. The poet persona wrote from an eagle's eye point of view and the reason why he did was because the eagle's eye covers a wider range and it is believed that the it is also an unmistakable point of view which will actually have an unadulterated account or report of how truly our world is filthy.

The poem goes ahead to suggest that our negligence might be our biggest undoing and the brightest of imageries was showcased in stanza three as well. There was a suggestion that filth would elevate a certain images especially if window panes are blemished by soot and rainfall splatters dirt and man's handiworks keeps Killing the natural order that should herald cleanliness.

The poem is a four stanza piece, a free verse in nature and it didn't really rhyme. It aimed at using metaphorical and similical expressions to paint certain images which should be conveyable to the readers. The poem seems a little satarical and it's antithetical in a few lines. It criticises the activities of humans and how this negligence might be an end to the human race.

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