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Her pulse throbbed in her neck and crashed like waves behind her eardrums. Silently gulping mouthfuls of air, she panicked. He was coming.

She could hear the crunch of twigs beneath his quickened steps.

The pace slowed.
The sounds softened.

He knew she was near.

She was an animal being stirred from a hiding spot. Her eyes darted in every direction, as she strained her senses to detect his location.


He was only a few trees away!

She threw her hand over her mouth, hoping that her arm's swift arc through the air hadn't made a sound. Unable to trust herself to be silent, she pressed her palm against her nose and mouth with all her might.

Black spots began to appear before she realized her desperate need for oxygen.

Her eyes opened wide in realization. "The pond!" she thought in triumph. "He can't swim!"

The sound of his breath was close. Too close. She didn't have time to think. Just run!

Pushing off from the tree, she sprinted desperately towards the pond.
Fifty yards.

She could make it! He was faster, but she had the elements of surprise, adrenaline and determination.


She was going to get away! She would dive at 2 yards and she would be gone.

But at five - he reached out and yanked her arm back!

His breath came out in sharp bursts. His hand slid firmly down her arm to her wrist. He held her tightly, unwilling to loosen his vice grip.

"The pond?" He laughed hard, barely able to inhale between fits of coughing. "You cheat! You know that?"

She knelt to the ground in her own fit of laughter, knowing he had won her, fair and square.

"You're not supposed to be on the ground! I am." Shawn kneeled down beside her. "Now, Miss Sylvia. Let's do this again, shall we? I can have you IF I can catch you? You should know - the thought of drowning in that pond wouldn't have stopped me from trying."

Staring into his eyes and melting from his touch, she was breathless, glowing, and madly in love.

"I did catch you today, but only after you caught me years ago." The sparkle of a diamond solitaire shone between them. "Sylvia, will you be mine, forever?"

Capturing his lips between hers, her answer was muffled by the sweetest contract, sealed with a kiss.

I am new to the Ink Well Fiction Community, so I am sorry to say that I needed to go back to old prompts in order to find some inspiration. Quite likely that I'll return for more - so apologies, in advance if some of the community members find me commenting on old posts. I will try to follow you so that I can be apprised of your newest posts, to have more opportunity to meet and support you.

Today, I visited and commented on @ricardo993 with his Prompt #2 post and @kemmyb with her A Wish Gone Wrong post. Very enjoyable posts to read!

Cover Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


Wow! This is captivating! Right from the beginning of the story and with the title, you created such suspense that I became scared for Sylvia 😄😄.

As it turns out, it's a romantic play between Sylvia and her man. How lovely! I enjoyed your story.

Welcome to The Ink Well community and thanks for sharing your story with us. Looking forward to more captivating stories. 🙂

Thank you @kemmyb! I'm glad that I had you excited and captivated you. What a beautiful word to describe my story. I'm thankful for your visit!

I am very happy to welcome you in the Ink Well community. Oh, but the sense of betrayal! How you led us astray. We thought the damsel was lost. Lost yes, but only to love. What a charming twist. I look forward to reading more of your stories. We love writers here :)

Thank you! I actually came for the first time yesterday. I joined into the Summer prompt. It was called The Price of Sunshine, and I thoroughly enjoyed that bittersweet tale. I am glad you love writers, because writers love to be loved. 😁

Delightful story, @stormcharmer. You had my heart pounding in the opening! What a great way to start a story, and what a hilarious twist! Thank you for joining The Ink Well. Welcome!

Why do women love to make men chase? 😅
Thank you for the welcome to the Ink Well!

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I believe that I voted correctly! I hope so!
Thank you for the vote and encouragement 😅

What a beautiful story. So romantic.
And judging by the way the story started, i didn't see that ending at all.
Beautiful work here @stormcharmer, keep it up👍🏽

I'm happy that my story gave you a bit of a surprise! Thank you for the visit @bruno-kema!

You're welcome, i'm glad i read it😁

What a lovely introduction to the community. You tease us, and then reward us for sitting on the edge of our seats. This is a lovely twist on what could have been a cliche. Very nicely paced.

Any prompt that gets you writing is the correct prompt. As for comments, these are always welcome. Writers love feedback. There is nothing 'old' about a meaningful comment.

Thank you for posting this entertaining story in the Ink Well community.

Pleased to entertain you. :-)
Cooking up a cheeky one, maybe for tomorrow. ha ha!

Aww it was so sweat! I loved the survival state you put us in with the 🏃‍♂️rush just to realize it was actually not that dramatic.

I'm learning a lot of words with your writings, because you use a lot of well-thought adjectives

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I do love adjectives. Does it show? 😀
Oh look at that. I learned a new trick. I put a smiling face in my comment!

I love surprise endings in stories, but I can't do them too often or else my readers will expect them. Must keep everyone on their toes, mustn't I?

Lovely to see you, Crazy-Unicorn!

Yeah we can see that you love 'em!
It's true, you are clever to keep entertaining the readers.

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Will have another one ready for tomorrow, but it is perhaps an emotional one. I hope that I have a humorous one for today! I pray I can keep my Crazy-Unicorn entertained :-)

Thank you for engaging with the author!

My Crazy-Unicorn friend welcomed me a very long time ago when I first started here, and was kind enough to remember me when I came back! What a welcome!😀

Of course!

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I shall do my very best! Thank you for the acknowledgment