This is an engaging story @ubani1. We are all curious to discover the mystery of the soup lady. The end is not surprising. We wonder what consequences there will be now.

We thank you for engaging meaningfully with your fellow writers.

Hello @ubani1,
I leave the story worried about our curious protagonist. If the soup maker has such powers, can she use them against people? Will our dear protagonist be punished for learning the secret? What will happen on next market day? The mystery is tantalizing.

The scene in the cabin is well drawn, as is the atmosphere in the marketplace. You did a good job in drawing us into the mystery of the soup.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for sharing with us❤️ good job.

A story made on the ancient fantasy of the magic table. it is a complex tale with elements, ethnic, mythical and magical, Good work, @ubani1

Fun story, @ubani1. I can almost smell that soup!

I wonder what the old woman would have said to the boy if he hadn't run off. It's always a good idea to run when someone who is conjuring things with weird magic calls you "my child" and urges you to come closer.